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  1. Random Stuffz

    So, uh, yeah: one of the mission objectives was to have a chat with the wisest Tribble. This game can get weird at times.
  2. Windows 10

    Looks like the service didn't get purged fully. Have you tried going to Admin Tools -> Services, tracking down the service and going to its properties to locate the executable path, and then forcefully purging the service from the system?
  3. Games on Sale

    So that's what it means! Thanks.
  4. [RELz] SKSEQuasiDebugLogTest

    I know it's not ideal but have you looked at reinstalling Windows or doing a repair? Sometimes Norton can mess up important system files.
  5. Movie Quote Game

    Bonnie and Clyde?
  6. [RELz] SKSEQuasiDebugLogTest

    Scratchpad time! We're probably going to want to run the files through IWYU to help with the include task. Edit: What is IPrefix even for? It looks like it's supposed to be the standard API include? If so, convention usually names them <project>.h. For example, OBSE would be obse.h Edit 2: It may be better for ITypes.h to use the standard typedefs instead of defining its own. cstdint has the uint32_t etc so the typedefs at the top of the file are a bit redundant. This would aid in reducing duplication.
  7. Games on Sale

    It's on the GOG Connect page. It says you can only connect one Steam account so choose wisely. Does that mean choose wisely on the account to connect or choose wisely as you can only import one batch of games? It's not clear to me! Also: they've got Banished on sale right now.
  8. Movie Quote Game

    Off with her head! Wait, sorry, that's the Queen of Hearts!
  9. Random Stuffz

    For now....
  10. [RELz] SKSEQuasiDebugLogTest

    I'm not sure all those includes are necessary but we'll find out! It's erroring with those loops? typename shouldn't be needed there as it's for declaring templates. That looks like a bug in VS.
  11. Games on Sale

    What does it mean when it says to choose wisely?
  12. Random Stuffz

    I'm going to be putting a proper thread together at some point but, if anyone is interested, I just hit the mark to let me make a fleet in STO (their version of the guild). These games are more fun with friends!
  13. [RELz] SKSEQuasiDebugLogTest

    It could be that VS 2017 changed how the inclusion works due to people abusing the automatic inclusion. It'd be best if the files did a #include for each header they used, though. I'm still doing a preliminary analysis but I'm seeing lots of data types being used that aren't the base ones (int, long, etc) with the headers not being included. Including the headers would help the codebase a lot with maintenance and other things.
  14. Games on Sale

    Today, we've got a few things: 1) Dead Space is free on Origin 2) The King of Fighters is free on GOG 3) GOG is also running a Chinese New Year sale and has a lot of non-Chinese New Year related games on sale (weird, I know)
  15. [RELz] SKSEQuasiDebugLogTest

    It's basically VS 2017 but without the build tools and a lot of other stuff. I think it's better to call it a Sublime clone. I'm okay with either or.