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  1. Dreams

    Last night, the pizzas ate you.
  2. Star Trek Online

    They're running an event through May 17 where, if you create a character during that time, you'll gain account wide rewards for just playing through the main story with this character. Pretty nice, to be honest.
  3. Random Stuffz

    Oh, now I know what you mean! I think laser scanning may work for finding some stuff but I'm not sure how the water would affect the reflection of the optics (I'm not well versed on the equipment used in laser scanning). It would also be fun to use it to hunt for Atlantis.
  4. Games on Sale

    Sorry, keep forgetting about it.
  5. Windows 10

    Yeah, it's possible on the latter. I'm running the RC for it and the hotkey works fine here. I did read in the logs that they made some changes to that feature for the Spring update.
  6. Random Stuffz

    What's a bathyscope? Never seen that term before.
  7. Games not on Sale

    And Steam is giving away Eador. Lots of giveaways!
  8. Games not on Sale

    Humble is giving away Satellite Reign.
  9. Random Stuffz

    https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/mbxk4y/a-new-study-suggests-there-could-have-been-intelligent-life-on-earth-before-humans While potentially possible, it's improbable that it would occur without leaving behind evidence. I also wouldn't call it a study as most sites have been calling it, it's really just a theory someone decided to publish. I like articles like this but not because they're accurate! I like using them to front my own similar theories that include some evidence! One such thing that would remain would be geological samples, such as evidence of extraction or even fossils. Those things would still be around. If so, then the place to look would be a few hundred statute miles off the coast of the continental plates and about half a mile or so under the bedrock at that (that's my very rough estimate of how the flows would be affected over that period of time but may be way off). I'm not discounting the theory but these theories are near impossible to prove at this point due to technology limitations (we have no way of going to the bottom of the ocean, let along digging that deep). However! One thing we can do is drag a spectrometer around and take the readings, see what comes up. Speaking of which, I would love to take a spectrometer to various UFO sites along with some Geiger counters and metal detectors and see what they come up with. If I get chased off, I'm probably on to something.
  10. [RELz] SKSEQuasiDebugLogTest

    Yay! Easy fix!
  11. [RELz] SKSEQuasiDebugLogTest

    Hang on, try this: srcFile[i] = reinterpret_cast<Byte *>(f[i]); Or similar. The key is to cast it to the Byte pointer. Pointers can be really confusing. Sometimes it takes a lot of trial and error to get the right combination. For a binary file, you want to make sure you pass binary as the open mode (b in C or std::ios_base::binary for C++ IO streams).
  12. [RELz] SKSEQuasiDebugLogTest

    Are you making your own FILE struct or are you using the one from stdio.h? Also, you could try doing static_cast and seeing if that makes a difference. It isn't always clear which cast is the proper one so I normally just stick to C-style casting, even if it's considered bad form.
  13. Random Stuffz

    The idea is to carve the planet in two! As the old saying goes: people like big trucks and cannot lie.
  14. Random Stuffz

    I think I need a comic book subscription.
  15. [RELz] SKSEQuasiDebugLogTest

    I'm still not sure what I should be looking at.