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  1. Random Stuffz

    Incoming. To your bunkers
  2. Recipes

    I feel like sharing my recipe for stew.Now, I use venison since I've got a freezer full of it but just about any meat will work. None of my measurements are hard numbers, they're all guesswork. :PYou grab your meat, toss it into a pot. Take your broth (I use beef) and fill up the pot just enough so that the meat is covered. Take some flour (about two palmfuls (that is, enough to fill the opening when you cup your hand)) and toss it into the post. Then you get a large onion and cut it up. Not into tiny pieces but the pieces are about an inch across. Toss them into the pot.The seasonings are all based on taste so the amount can vary but the types of seasonings I use have gotten good results consistently.Grab some steak sauce and pour into the pot. Same with Worcestershire sauce.Add some parsley, thyme, rosemary, sage, lemon pepper, Everglades seasoning, and basil to the mixture (around a teaspoon of each).I use two whole cloves and two bay leaves as well.Then you let it cook all day long. I personally use a crock pot for the task.About 2 - 3 hours before I take it off, I toss in some corn (if I've got any), some peas, and carrots. Along with some gnocchi. Sometimes, I'll use standard potatoes. If I do, I toss them in in the morning with the rest of the mixture.Just thought I'd share that.
  3. What are you listening to right now?

    We're missing this little gem... The idea is pretty simple: you post what you're listening to, be it a song, sound effect, the ancient Pharaohs putting a curse on you. You get the idea. To start: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zf8aBFTVNEU
  4. PrgLnch: Yet Another Game Launcher

    Okay, I'll keep thinking on both things and keep looking for answers for the GPU stuff.
  5. Random Stuffz

    Here it's just been hot. And my AC has been on the fritz. Last night, it was actually cooler outside than it was inside!
  6. Random Stuffz

    How do ships in science fiction series not run into planets when they decide to travel faster than the speed of light? Or asteroid fields? That scene in Star Wars made no sense! The Rick's would have pierced the hull, depressurizing it, and sucking them all out! We would have had a vacuum sealed, bearskin rug!
  7. Kitties!!

    Well I disagree with them letting their cats run loose all the time! I'm honestly tired of the corpses they leave around.
  8. Star Trek Online

    So, yeah, Borg engines look awesome: And, by far, one of the best ways to make energy credits in game is to farm kit modules. They go for a lot and are pretty easy to get.
  9. Star Trek Online

    So I figured it was about time I started a proper thread for this after playing for about six weeks now. The game is basically just that: it's Star Trek online as an MMO. Unlike many MMOs, it focuses a lot on the story side of things as opposed to just running around completing random quests (it does have those, however). It is free-to-play with an optional subscription. Its free-to-play model, however, is one of the best out there in that the subscription really only gets you convenience features such as extra inventory slots, character slots, etcetera but a lot of the players go with a sub anyways as it helps to support the developers. It's community is relatively small for an MMO but it's got a strong one. For instance, we had a pretty detailed discussion of Lego sets in-game today. The game also does microtransactions for a lot of the stuff you get with the subscription, which is nice for those that want to do things ala cart and as they need them (saves some money every month, too). They do sell other stuff like ships and extra companions but you can ignore the real money side of things for the most part (I do recommend buying the $5 Energy Credit storage boost if nothing else if you forgo a subscription) for two reasons: you can buy many of them from other players in the in-game exchange with in-game currency and they also tend to do giveaways every few months. Here are more details on the F2P model: http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online/news/detail/3026713#Free-to-Play Matrix They regularly update the game and do so about once a week so they're still actively maintaining the game. It does have a few bugs but these are mostly minor annoyances such as some consumables being unequipped when you change a zone. Not too much of a problem once you become aware of them. The game does have a guild system (they call them fleets) but I haven't gotten to exploring this side of the game yet (you need a total of five players to make one and I haven't gotten around to joining one). If anyone does decide to join me (hey, these are better with friends!), I do have some tips: you'll want to save your energy credits up for the better shuttle when you get to that point and try and spend as little dilithium as you can (some of the giveaways are raffles and you can buy more raffle entries with dilithium, which is mostly important for very-late game gear so I recommend saving it up until you reach that point to maximize your raffle chances). I also recommend doing the achievements as they provide bonuses such as extra damage and things. I can craft a lot of basic gear if anyone needs me to outfit them (it takes forever to level up crafting but it's like that for everyone). Main site is here: http://www.arcgames.com/en/games/star-trek-online It's a very fun game!
  10. Win 8.X CS Black Screen o' Misfortune

    Yay! That is strange, though. Very temperamental!
  11. Kitties!!

    I like that idea!
  12. PrgLnch: Yet Another Game Launcher

    Okay, so we can extend my map idea for the sets to contain a map with the running programs as the key and the values being a mutliset, holding the window positions. Not something we can do ourselves, of course, but it's definitely something to keep in mind as a request for the windowing people. Reading GPU configs: we found that the documentation was lacking, didn't we? Or did we want to try another approach?
  13. Kitties!!

    I did but I like having the deer in my yard.
  14. PrgLnch: Yet Another Game Launcher

    The window positions resetting is innate to Windows, actually. It doesn't save the configuration for each resolution, instead it's per user account at a global level. It'd be nice to have the behavior of the former (I'm not sure Linux even saves them per resolution), though. Maybe something we should request from the people of their respective OS? Edit: For the implementation of such a thing, it'd simply be a stack: On resolution change, push current positions into stack. Push the new positions on to stack for the new resolution. On changing back, pop the current ones off the stack and push onto another stack. Pop the old ones off the stack. It could be done with temporary variables but a stack greatly simplifies the code and makes it much cleaner. In essence, it's basically the same deal but looks nicer. Or it could be done using a map of sets. This is probably the better way in case there are many resolution changes while the windows are open.
  15. PrgLnch: Yet Another Game Launcher

    Where do we stand now? Not sure if we were still testing things or not.
  16. Kitties!!

    Yeah, that doesn't work here! I throw out my peels in my garden for compost and they still come! I can try foil, thanks.
  17. Gaming monitors: 4k TV or UWQHD monitor?

    I would just run those in a window instead of fullscreen, myself. It's not ideal but low resolutions don't usually stretch well too much above 19 inch diameter for close sitting or 32 inches for distance (things tend to look strange and the artifacts are more visible). Do you have some that aren't DOS games but below 800x600 resolution?
  18. Confusing issues, need help.

    Yes, that's it.
  19. Kitties!!

    I still have an issue with them hanging around my doors and windows, is there a way to keep them from coming too close?
  20. Kitties!!

    Question: how do I keep the stray cats around here from taking a dump right in front of my front door....?
  21. Cross Platform Apps

    I'm also going to put Calibre out there. It's a great tool for managing e-books, especially those in the public domain. It can convert them to many formats, supports a multitude of devices, and can download the missing metadata for them (especially handy for the Project Gutenberg ones since they seem to exclude the basic metadata for the majority of their offerings).
  22. Recipes

    Yes! It's very soothing! The blend I buy uses orange blossoms (I think)! I can get the list of ingredients in a bit, I'll need to dig up the package.
  23. Random Stuffz

    And speaking of Furbies, ever notice how much they have in common with Gremlins? Which, in turn, share feeding habits with Tribbles? Which, in turn, have a lot in common with mold spores?
  24. Win 8.X CS Black Screen o' Misfortune

    Yuck, those can be nasty. Very hard to recover from those types of issues.
  25. Random Stuffz

    They need to release a Furby Development Kit. That would be fun (and possibly annoying )!