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  1. What makes TWMP Skyrim Improved so unstable?

    Hmm, good theories. In that case, I suppose it may be more stable to place things into a separate world space (a shame), or contain all the landscaping into one .esp. I have a long way to go in learning.
  2. Every time I install/use TWMP Skyrim Improved, my game becomes more unstable and crash-prone, especially in Skyrim. Even as I download plenty of patches or engine fixes, I still have trouble with the province. As a budding modder, I would like to ask all you experts what makes this province mod so unstable, compared to other province mods such as Iliana's Elsweyr the Deserts of Anequina or Valenwood Improved, which have far more objects in them. I really would love to work and make Skyrim Improved more stable, or at least keep my mods from falling into the same issue, if possible. P.S. I have similar stability issues with argonianlord's Black Marsh Beta, especially in the "Eastern Blackmarsh" worldspace. Why is this so unstable, especially if it's in another worldspace?