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    I'm a tattoo artist... so naturally, tattoos would be a biggie! Otherwise, I'm what we call here in the hood, something of an "art-junkie". ---Don't hate lol I'm' not alone in accepting that title. In fact... I'm so very far off from alone, that "we" even have our own 3 day gallery event to sell our artwork for charity once a year. Other art forms: graphic (I know... duh Punk'n lol), functional sculpting with bones/pelts, and creating awesomeness from uselessness!

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  1. Another newbie here... :-D  I'll make sure to update my profile as it'll be (for the most part) permanently over the weekend.  Hope everyone is staying safe and COVID-Free out there!  TGISkyrim!!

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      Welcome aboard!

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      Sorry to be late to the party - welcome to TAL PunkN.

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