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    I'm a tattoo artist... so naturally, tattoos would be a biggie! Otherwise, I'm what we call here in the hood, something of an "art-junkie". ---Don't hate lol I'm' not alone in accepting that title. In fact... I'm so very far off from alone, that "we" even have our own 3 day gallery event to sell our artwork for charity once a year. Other art forms: graphic (I know... duh Punk'n lol), functional sculpting with bones/pelts, and creating awesomeness from uselessness!

About Me

Although I may be a Walrus... I'm still a GIRLY-A-F-Walrus!  You can't see from your PC but I dot my "i"(s) with mini hearts. So naturally, I'd be interested in (if not obsessed with) all things shiny, pink, and pretty-smelling.  Fluffy puppies are a definite bonus as well as pizza and inspiration.  It's a strange one to list, I know.  Just can't fathom writing an "About Me" without mentioning it. Oh....and, of course, an additional 100Pts will be awarded to the player that can provide me with some 'o my fave Loca Moca Monsters! Winner brings the most of the chocolate-caffeinated nectar of the Gods!  But in all seriousness (AS IF --:frantics: LMAO) my interests are few but epic in my own eyes: my amazingly smart 'n talented sons, along with the awesome fur-babies that are pre-op[human] --or so they act-- and I could never forget my irreplaceable significant-other. If we're talking about "things" that make me --- well ---"Me" but lack a heartbeat, then count-in all mediums of art; from simple for-fun's-sake type graphic art to designing tattoo flash as well as custom pieces. I'm also working on creating my own custom fonts that I can use in my SSE mods... as well as general use for myself. 

Not sure if I mentioned my addiction to SSE yet or not... aka "Punk'n Land", aka "SkyCrack", aka "MOOOOVE I CAN'T SEE SSE"... definitely my go-to escape. Occasionally I'm found in one of those "other" moods tho: that's my cue to play Minecraft (I'm geek-sheik...HAHA), COD-BO3/MW3/WW2, Witcher 3, Conan Exiles, Gary's Mod [have but haven't had a chance to play since my oldest works ALL THE TIME], Goat Simulator, and I can't help but love Perfect Dark!  However, during the frequent power outages that plague this city, the only way to go is with "Cards Against Humanity".... and Hide 'N Seek with the dogs... HIL-ARIOUS! :rofl:

I'll top off my short novella with a cautionary tale of intrigue, horror, and long lost love:

     Once upon a time,  Skyrim seduced a princess named Punk'n into joining the dark side. That is until one fateful day, she was introduced to the mysterious traveler who called himself Mr. Modding. This cool dude opened up many possibilities for the bored Princess and paved the way for her to gather up all the strength & energy she would need in order to take over the entire dark side and become it's most amazeballs ruler EVER... FIN.... Or maybe it was just a bird...FIN AGAIN... 

Hehehe!  Did I fool ya?  I doubt I will fool many since most people would've given up mid-way thru the first paragraph of my "about me" rant.

--- so.... if you haven't noticed yet (somehow), I'm weird. Most people tend to like it.  Some, it has to grow on 'em. Very few find that I'm a little too freaky to bother with. And then there's the minute population that believes that a person can only be funny/silly/weird/quirky/artistic/outspoken if they're either on drugs or sleeping with the Devil.  I can't say I've done either to compare them to my natural state of "Being Me", but when people are born this amazeballs; there's seldom ANYTHING within the Universe either negative or positive that can compare to all that is Punk'n. That's why I'm always babbling on in hopes of finding more of "my kind" to get weird with me in a FUN way I promise!! HA!! But, for good measure, I'll assure all that my "quirky side" (to put it plainly as possible) is as natural as the grey hair plaguing my poor little head ---



Another Punk'n Quote (April 2020):

"Forgive me, Father, for I need to slay some dragons and run around the world half-naked with my bow, my pack-mule lizard hybrid wench, and my half human-half cat 'lover-boy'... but  I promise I'll make time for 'ya next week Padre!"