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  1. Help needed

    Hey, thanks it worked. So throughout the quests I don't really remember them teaching that you can literally pick up bodies into your inventory, I might be wrong and have missed something. But I was literally just dragging his physical body around with the grab button. Also, wanted to say thanks that you're still supporting this mod, and working on it. Your dedication is really cool to see, especially with the work you guys have done on this project. Anyways, thanks for the help, got it done now.
  2. Help needed

    Basically, I wish there was more extensive help and hints on the hint thread, because there have been multiple quests where I've gotten no use from them, and have just been stuck there for a while having to scour through forum posts to see people with similar issues. These posts don't even describe it that well. The quest I'm currently struggling with, is the nosy guard. My problem lies in the fact that I don't know where to hide him. I've tried hiding him in two spots that to me seem like they'd be the chasm that is mentioned in the letter, but there was no journal update with either of them. I tried hiding him in the well first, then I tried hiding him in the cave that is filled with water. Considering how long it takes to drag his heavy corpse around, I'm not going to explore every inch of the cave till I find the exact spot. So please, update the threads so these specific details are mentioned somewhere. And someone please tell me where I need to hide the nosy guard...