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  1. Crash on level up - Manual installation error?

    Nevermind, I solved it. It was a case sensitivity issue with the Prefabs/prefabs folders in 01 Core and 02 Vanilla. Combining them solved it. Thanks anyway!
  2. Hey, I am running Oblivion on Linux via proton and I'm having some issues using this mod, the biggest of which being the game crashes whenever I click level up in the character menu. There are no mod managers I'm aware of that work well on this setup so I've been installing mods manually, and I'm wondering if I installed Oblivion XP incorrectly since there are no manual install instructions in the bundled PDF. In short, I extracted the contents of "01 Core" and "02 Vanilla" to the Data directory in the Oblivion install. Is this the correct way to do it or is there something else? I'm not using any custom UIs and the only other mod I'm using is the unofficial Oblivion patch. Thanks!