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  1. TES Community - Modding History

    Thanks Leonardo, that's very useful, especially the link to MMH. :)We prob. move the thread because it's also useful for MW in general.
  2. sandor's Stube

  3. Screenshots!

    Near Ustengrav.
  4. I thought it would be nice to share this info. Silgrad Tower's Oblivion version has been converted to Skyrim (thousands of custom models), there are some model issues which have to be fixed. Many thanks to Ornim, happychappy & zilav! All the interiors, child WS' and the main height map (4 quads, no activator bug) have been ported over, except for Reich Parkeep & Steadhelm, not present in our Skyrim version. There's still a lot of work, checking every interior, once we're done around 800 interiors will be ready and linked to the exterior world (finished layout). A few screenshots of our conversion: Soluthis Temple Child worldspace (has to be linked to the main worldspace hence the water) Soluthis Temple (0501) Silgrad City 0102 Silgrad City 0101 Silgrad City 0101
  5. No landscape LOD in my worldspace

    Sent a PM.
  6. No landscape LOD in my worldspace

    @Envy123 Because of a server problem the PM, my last post in this thread and yours (if you replied) went missing. I got it working, I'll post he files and explanation asap. The LOD texture you sent has to be regenerated.
  7. No landscape LOD in my worldspace

    The LOD files have to in these folders: OblivionDatatextureslandscapelodgenerated50335443.32.32_FN.dds/ 50335443.00.00.32.dds (for every height map (HM) quad one). The FN file is generated with the LOD mesh. OblivionDatamesheslandscapeLod50335443.00.00.32.NIF (for every HM quad one). Since these files aren't in the folders you uploaded, the LOD won't work. The ID 50335443 has to correspond with the WS as described in my post above. Can you check, if the fles are generated? I'll send a PM.
  8. No landscape LOD in my worldspace

    I checked the esp's, to recap. Mod Index (MI) == is the load order, Oblivion is always 00. DesertRegion3 is dependent on DesertRegion3_California Border.esp & ElsweyrAnequina.esp (I need that file too, screenshot). It has two WS's (DR3's) in mod index 02 & 03. MI 02 means you made it without loading the DesertRegion3_California Border.esp. The DesertRegion3_California Border.esp has one WS TESAnnwyn. WS DRArthFrontWorld 02D4F7AE (HEX) == 47511470 (Decimal) --> Converter So your LOD files (meshes, textures) have to start with 47511470, the esp has to be loaded in MI 02. WS DR3Arizona 03000ED3 (HEX) == 50335443 (Decimal)So your LOD files (meshes, textures) have to start with 50335443, the esp has to be loaded in MI 03. To avoid that problem it's best to shift the WS to MI00 with TES4Gecko, load order independent.
  9. No landscape LOD in my worldspace

    Hi Envy123, Plz upload the LOD files as well (meshes,textures, DistantLOD). I'll check your files and reply asap.
  10. Morrowind Quiz [Spoilers]

    At sun dawn Fire Stone illuminated the sky, where to look for the gold key?
  11. Morrowind Quiz [Spoilers]

    If you like I could post another question.
  12. Morrowind Quiz [Spoilers]

    Thanks AndalayBay for sending a PM. The answer: 1 Ä 685 (Book of Poison Song III) in Barysimayn (Book of Poison Song VII).
  13. Morrowind Quiz [Spoilers]

    Where and when decided the several houses of Morrowind to build the city of Vivec?
  14. Last week I did some modding for the Black Marsh project and that reminded me of the unfinished ReadMe (has to be updated). Finally found some time to explain the new functions added by Steve (SACarrow) and finished part 1.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FiyRQ6KeNbM