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Tanith D'Avor

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Name: Tanith D’Avor


Gender: Female


Race: Half Human. (She’s not sure what the other half is.)


Age: Unknown.


World: Mirsh. (Based off of 3rd Edition D&D)


Appearance: Tanith has very short darkish hair and light blue eyes. She’s got a scar over her left eye - she’s very proud of it, and how she got it. She’s fairly tall for a mostly human woman, closer to a man’s height than anything else. She’s too thin by half, and doesn’t enjoy most company.


Equipment: Tanith wears a lot of dark clothing, a leather vest, and a dark tunic cut close to her body. She uses dual daggers that hang at her sides, with ebony handles. She also wears a wide leather choker around her neck, she says it’s to hide a scar from an assassin but refuses to show anyone the skin beneath it. She has matching cuffs around her wrists that hide throwing daggers.


Occupation: Thief. Assassin. Mostly a thief. She’s a jack-of-all-trades.




Coming Undone - Korn

Six Gun Quota - Seether

Anaesthetic [For the Pathetic] - Psyclon 9

Broken Promises for the Broken Hearted - She Wants Revenge

When You’re Evil - Voltaire

The Dark Secret - Rhapsody

Castaway - End of an Era

Soul Sucker - Ozzy Osbourne

Love you to Death - Kamelot

Darkest Days - Stabbing Westward

My Little Box - John Frizzell




Lady of War


Badass Damsel


Bounty Hunter


Hitman with a Heart


Black Swords are Better


Throwing your Sword Always Works


Jerk with a Heart


These are all pretty self explanatory. :P

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Darkest Days - Stabbing Westward


I'm impressed! :beerchug: I'll leave the approving to one of the Inn regulars. :D

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I tried not to go too weird with the music, I listen to pretty strange things sometimes. But I played Tan during my YEAR LONG D&D game and I really missed her. So I figured, why not? :D

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Bring her in through the Coatroom and let the madness begin!

Edited by Morrigain

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