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Guest Columbarius

Cailte MacRonain

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Guest Columbarius

Name: Cailte MacRonain


Gender: Male


Race: Elf


Age: 26


World: Eberron - Sharn


Appearance: Cailte is shortish at 5’6â€, slim but, as they say, wiry. His most prominent feature is his hair, which has so many feathers braided into it that he appears to have a crest of feathers instead of hair.


Equipment: Cailte either makes his own equipment or is supplied by the dwarves who live in the lower reaches of Sharn. He wears a long grey and blue poncho belted with a long rope wrapped around his waist which he uses to climb Sharn’s towers. He carries a pair of climbing picks and a very short dwarf-made bow.


Notes: Living as a vagrant high in Sharn’s towers makes Cailte a highly skilled climber, to the degree that he feels much more comfortable on narrow ledges and high overhangs than a normal building. Large flat spaces make him uncomfortable. Is also very knowledgeable about the animals resident in Sharn, and worked for house Vadalis for a time.

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Hello, good sir! I do believe I know you from somewhere.


The bio looks good.




Go ahead and bring him into the Coatroom whenever. :D

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