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Cade Bower

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Name: Cade Bower

Age: 14-15

Occupation: Exorcist of the Black Order

World: D. Grey-Man, OC


Knight's Oath:

A Cavalier's Hat that becomes a Sword and Shield when activated, granting Cade the strength, speed, and agility a trained Knight would have in battle.





Cade Bower, youngest son to Jeromia 'Poe' Bower was born in a small village somewhere along the British Isles. At his birth, there was a terrible tragedy one that would haunt him for the rest of his life. Due to reasons beyond control, after Cade was born. His mother bled out, and passed away the same night. Since then, his father never forgave him for it despite it not being his fault. There were many times in Cade's life his father thought about giving him up for adoption, but each time he convinced himself otherwise. As he grew up, his father's distaste for him became more and more apparent, and the lack of respect drove young Cade to feel inferior, not to mention the constant torment by his older brothers Allen and Edgar.


As Cade got older, he began acting out of anger towards other children, getting into fights, stealing money, toys, and anything he could do to gain his father's attention, even if it was usually bad. He tried everything, from beating the other children until they were bloody, using his own appearance to intimidate and scare them. Of course, his father didn't take too kindly to this insult to their family name, and would punish Cade in various ways, from forcing the boy to work on a neighbor's farm, to making him chop -and- carry firewood from the forest back to their house(which was a good mile or so distance), he even made the boy help out with the local church with various things. This is where Cade began to learn the teachings of God, and started down his path to redeem himself in the eyes of God, or lest he burn in Hell.


It was however, a good deal of time before Cade finally acted on said teachings. By the time he was twelve, he began getting more and more interested in the stories of the bible, wanting to experience such adventures. More importantly, it was what made him want to become a Knight, despite most Knight Orders had long since disbanded after the 18th century. So he began taking up reading more and more, and going outside less and less. The next two years, were probably the quietest of his life, though the more he read, the more he realized how bad he had it. So, on the dawn of his fourteenth birthday, Cade left. No note, no warning. Taking nothing with him, but a day's worth of food, the clothes on his back.. and one thing. A hat. His father's hat, to be exact, a simple leather cavalier's hat with a feather in it. Nothing special about it, but it was symbolic.


It wasn't very long at all, did he have a run in with his first Akuma. Cade was travelling to a nearby village when he was approached by a kindly old woman who seemed lost. Of course, for Cade, being new to the whole traveller lifestyle, easily felt sorry for the woman. It was then she transformed, with the thought of an easy meal not to mention the innocence Cade had in his possession. Specifically, the hat. Unbeknownst to him, however, in the distance General Froi Teidoll was busy admiring the scenery. He heard the boy's screams, and came to the rescue, destroying the Akuma with ease. He questioned why the boy was out this far away from any town, and wondered why he was alone. At first, Cade didn't want to say anything. He was scared, he'd never seen an akuma before, and not to mention the idea that someone could have so much power to destroy such a monstrosity.


Though, Teidoll insisted, offering the boy a warm fire for the night as well as some food. Relucatantly, Cade agreed, he'd since run out of food having not expected he'd eat as much as he did. The night was a mostly silent one, on both sides. Though one thing was certain, Teidoll was interested in the boy for one reason. The Innocence that he held within the hat. He explained to the child, what the Akuma was, a creation of the Millennium Earl as a weapon against God. Cade was confused, having been raised with the idea that Satan was God's greatest enemy. He knew the stories about Satan wanting to take over Heaven and bring about the Day of Judgement.. but he never thought that someone would go through the trouble of trying to -destroy- God. God was God after all. Creator of everything and the almighty force in the universe.


This was soon backed up by the explanation of Innocence, and the Exorcists of the Black order who's sole duty was to protect Innocence, and destroy the Earl's minions. That was what intrigued Cade, it was like the stories of the Knights who crusaded across the Holy Land in honor of the Pope to destroy those who would spread their heresy of God. It was, however, much different. It was told that the Exorcists have battled the Earl for centuries, and that Cade had the poetential to become one, if he wanted. At first, Cade was hesitant, the idea of Exorcists was one he could easily get behind. Though the thought of his dream to be a 'knight' was still fresh in his mind. Teidoll, however, offered to allow him to travel with him for a month in order to give him a taste of an Exorcist's life, and if he wanted, learn how to use his Innocence in battle.


Without much of a destination, Cade agreed. And for a month, he travelled along with General Teidoll, he learned to admire the man's sheer idea of the beauty of the world. He wanted to be just like him. So at the end of the month-long trial, Cade agreed to travel to Vatican City, and join the Black Order and become an exorcist. Though, his dream of being a Knight wasn't fully realized, Cade knew that at least.. as an Exorcist he could live more for people, then for himself, and he'd return home one day..maybe. Before he departed, Teidoll gave him a list of locations to find him, should he be in need of formal training as an Exorcist and said that he'd be happy to help in any way he could.


And so, Cade's journey to be an Exorcist began with his trip to the Black Order, where he was immediately welcomed among the ranks as a new family member. He was sent on his first mission a few days after, along with his newly created Knight's Oath in the form of the original cavalier's hat.

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Guest Dark_Ansem

exorcist at this young age? the boy is brave. does he plan to join the vigilants of stendarr?

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No...Besides, Allen in D. Gray-man was 15 when he joined the Exorcists. And there's another kid, who's -9- that joins the Exorcists. XD

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