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Guest BonJiro

Son Goku

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Guest BonJiro

Name: Son Goku (Original name; Kakarot)

Born in the year 737 Age, SGC. Current age: 14



Allegiances: Saiyan Army, low class (737 Age),

pupil of his adoptive Grandfather Son Gohan,

Student of the Turtle School of Martial arts under Master Roshi



Plesant, happy features, though perhaps a slightly blank look to his face.

He has extremely spiked jet black hair which shoots off in various directions.

He commonly wears a light orange gi, with no undershirt, that bears the symbol of the Turtle school on the back.

He also carries a wooden staff strapped to his back.

He possesses a tail like that of a monkey.


On the outer reaches of the galaxy, the Saiyan race met it's end at the hands over the overlord Frieza, who saw fit to eliminate them and their world. The planet Vegeta destroyed, only a handful now remain, chosen by the overlord himself to live.


Save for Son Goku who, before the planets destruction, was assessed and assigned to the infant eradication program, and sent to a far off planet to purge it of life and ready it for sale. Because of this, he was able to escape the planets destruction by mere minutes, jetting safely away across the stars.


After crash landing on Earth, Goku was found as a baby by Gohan in a forest on the Paozu Mountain range. It was there that Gohan gave the child his name as Son Goku, and adopted him as his Grandson. At first, the infant was violently ill tempered, and belligerent toward the kindly old man, which prompted Gohan to take greater measure with the boy. It was quickly obvious the the child possessed great strength, evident when he was able to pull a boulder behind him in order to get to a cookie, having been tied to it.

One day, following this rowdy behaviour, Goku fell into a ravine and suffered extreme head trauma, very nearly dying. However, when he did awaken after a short coma, he had lost all of his Saiyan temperament to become a kind and curious boy.


Unfortunately, Goku unwittingly crushed his Grandfather on a night of the full moon, following the giant ape transformation prompted by lunar light, as is a trait of the Saiyan race--orphaned, he kept a treasure of Gohan's ear to him; an orange or with four red stars. He believes his Grandfather's soul resides in it.


Following a chance meeting with a girl named Bulma some years later, he discovered that this was called a dragonball, and accompanied her on a quest to recover the others, which would grant a wish. During this time, he came across and fought a number of opponents; as well as meeting and making many allies.

Upon the first days of his travels, he met Master Roshi by returning a lost turtle to the sea, and was rewarded with a Flying Cloud, Nimbus--Only the pure of heart may ride it, and so, Bulma's heart not meeting requirement, it became the boy's instead.


After a long quest through the desert--meeting along the way a shape shifting pig, a desert bandit, and a few others-- he found himself at Fire mountain, where Goku then met the Ox King and Chichi, his daughter. After much hassle, the fires of the mountain were extinguished, and Goku learned Master Roshi's signature technique, the Kamehameha ki attack.


Following that, Goku and a band of his friend chased the last dragonball down, successfully thwarting a world domination attempt by one Emperor Pilaf, who had sought to use the wish to accomplish this. It was here that the Great Ape transformation resurfaced, and thereafter, Goku's tail was cut off for a time.


After finishing this quest for the Dragonballs, Goku left Bulma and the others in West City, and took off to become a student of Master Roshi's, training on his island.


Eight months later, during which time Goku's tail grew back, the 21st World Martial Arts tournament occurred and saw the participation of the Turtle School students, and their (disguised) master. Concluding after a close match between Goku and Roshi--who entered under the identity of Jackie chun-- Goku lost, and became runner up.


Since then, Roshi instructed Goku to go out and see the world, so with that in mind, Goku has since set out to find his Grandfather's four star dragonball, which was lost after Pilaf's summoning of Shenron.

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Oh dear God in heaven.


*head asplode*


I'll switch you over to the Inn group. :D

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