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Kael Talleday


Age: 22, though he may look only around 18, as he is quite 'boyish'.

Gender: Male




A Guitar. While used primarily for his profession, he has been known to assault people with Guitars in the event of a brawl. He always seems to have one strapped to his back, or with him, and can be electric or Acoustic depending on the day.



He is a lithe individual; Lean muscle and could be considered almost skinny. He has a pale complexion, tawney biege in colour, with a variety of scars on his body-- many nicks and scrapes upon his forearms, with a few burn marks upon his chest and lower torso. With shaggy, shoulder legth, unkempt hair, it is undyed and a mahogany brown hue in natural colour, with a matching tuft of hair on his chin. He stands at 6'2", and has light green eyes-- He is caucasian.


Always possessing a smile, or a goofy grin that seems to be permanently etched on his face, he appears to be a friendly person upon first glance, with somewhat handsome features. Apart from the light scars on his body, another definitive marking he posseses is a tattoo, above his right hip, of a small tribal sun.


He wears odd clothes, and could easily be considered a bohemian. Prone to wearing novelty items, such as NES controller belt buckles, he has a tendancy to stick out in a crowd. His most common outfit would comprise of a vintage Cheap Trick concert t-shirt, a studded/novelty belt, and dark, dirty jeans which more often than not have holes in them. He always wears dark brown combat boots and a necklace with a shark's tooth on it.



As can be guessed at first glance, Kael is a friendly sort of individual, despite some of his past. Some may consider him a modern 'hippy', though a more correct term would be bohemian. He's generally optimistic and happy-go-lucky, and is not judgemental in nature. However, he does not accept religion, and quite often comes to argue the case if he is presented with a religious view. He also loves cats, and would quickly come to blows with somebody over a cat's welfare.


As a recovering user of drugs, though still prone to a habit of smoking, he does have a deeper running personality than even he tends to realise. He can easily go into mood swings, becoming angry or short with people over simple gestures, though does not tend to hold any grudges that arise from such times. Music is his reason for being, and as an aspiring musician, he relies heavily on his guitar to express himself and calm down, if need be. He will often seclude himself from others to think, and play guitar; Some people may consider him rude at some times, because he will continue to strum along in conversation. He also tends to be a bit inappropriate, saying whatever is on his mind at the time without considering the consequences of doing so. He is also quite forward with his sexuality, and if in the mood, finds it hard to see if his company is not wanted.


He is also very philosophical, and simplistically minded. This added to his childish behaviours and ego-centrism, can grate on peoples nerves from time to time, as he may pop out with a random proverb, or speak cryptically.

At other times, he's very laid back and casual, and this shows in his mannerisms and speech. He also tends to use furniture incorrectly; He will sit on the floor rather than a chair, sit in the chair upside down if he does, and will often sit on table tops and counters. This may be a factor of his upbringing, as an addition to this trait is that he can sleep anywhere and on anything, implying that his comfort level is extremely ranged.


Of course, he is gifted with musical ability, also; he is very dextrous, which has served him musically, criminally, and even romantically.

Unfortunately, he has a fear of needles, and will avoid them at all costs. Luckily, this fear may have contributed to his recovery from drug use, as he never progressed into harder substances.

He also has a weakness for women, and bends easily to the charms of a pretty girl.

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