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Guest TenarianTristan

Aleithan Klian;

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Guest TenarianTristan

Name: Aleithan Klian

Specie: Klian (artificial construct of Mr. Black and his "older brother" Dace Klian); Marid.


This young man sports dirty blonde, almost brown, hair haphazardly cut and ridiculously unkempt. His eyes, striking emerald green, are set in a round, boyish, face. A straight nose, thin lips and low-cheekbones offer a rather juvenile appearance, despite appearing to be in his early twenties by stature and voice. He is of a slim build, thin but clearly toned arms and legs hang from a rather bizarre collection of clothing he always seems to wear. Loose fitting board shorts, no shoes, a white singlet are all hidden behind a bright yellow and orange hawaiian-styled shirt. Atop his head, black with a white band above the short brim, is a top hat.


- The Cane of Nixth: An otherwise useless cane carved from oak and completely unadorned... aside from the talking, oaken, gargoyle which graces it's head.

Abilities: Aleithan can control water in any form with an enormous degree of force through willpower over a distance of ten feet. Outside that radius the strength of his control rapidly diminishes to non-existent by fifteen feet.

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