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[RELz] Generic Signs

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Generic Signs



Download links:
The Assimilation Lab
TES Nexus
I discovered that many of the little shops in Black Marsh, one of the other projects I'm working on, didn't have a sign, so I created a set of generic signs. These signs do not have any text, instead they use the standard symbols Bethesda uses for the different kinds of vendors.

Set includes: Alchemy, armour, books, general goods, inn, magic, smith, stables and tavern. It also includes a rough blank sign. There are three versions of the inn sign: one for hanging, a large one that sits on the floor or ground and a dark one on a long pole that you'd put in the ground. See the screenshots on the download pages for the complete collection.

Meshes have been optimized with pyFFI.
This is  a modders resource. It doesn't replace any of the original game signs, it's for people to use in their mods.

Shivering Isles. The dark inn sign is from the Shivering Isles so you need that to supply the textures. If you don't have SI, you can ignore that sign. I don't think I use any other textures from SI, but I can't say for sure.

Do what you like with it. This is a modders resource for people to use in their projects. I'd appreciate mention in your credits.

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