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Visceral Moonlight

List of Modder's Resources

Recommended Posts

I'm going to go ahead and post the list up here as I work on it to help folks. Don't want to post it up yet on the other sites since it needs a lot of fixing.


Table of Contents

(Highlight the section ya seek, then hold the Ctrl button and press C follow by F; click "Next"):

Scripting Resources



Clothing & Jewelry

Tilesets & Architecture

Statics and Furniture


Beauty, Races, and Faces



Okay, all the links to the Nexus and TESA are now fixed. I've locked the thread for the time being as I work out the organization. Feel free to throw up a separate discussion thread if desired. :)

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ADCK's and LHammonds' Kynareth Armory

Aknevrec's Elven Armours

alexscorpion's Elven Elite Armor - BROKEN LINK

alexscorpion's Sneaking Gear - BROKEN LINK

alexscorpion's Templar Armor - BROKEN LINK

b3ars' female dwarven cuirass resource

BlueShiftSolo's Aegis of the North

b5icepick's The Normans

Crimson Covenant's Stendarrs Hammer

Crimson Covenant's Medieval Armors

Dall's Black Baron

Dall's Black Legion

Dall's Black Paladin

Dall's King

David Whitefang's Gladiator Helmets

DavidWhitefang's Mystic Battlelord Great Helms

Dragonblade86's Ravengold Armor

Dragonblade86's Thoth and Magnir

Dragonblade86's Wooden Elven Armor

Dume's Black Plate Armor

Edocsil's Imperial Scout Armor

Exnem's Female Eyecandy Amazon Armor

Exnem's Female Eyecandy Stealth Armors

Exnem's Female Eyecandy Warrior Armor

Fearrabbit's Morrowind Style Legion Armor

Frankpants' Assorted Armors

GeneralGarand1's Ranger Outfits in 6 Colors Resource

GenZel's Mostly finished armor and weapon meshes - BROKEN LINK

GM58's Dark Dreugh Helmets

Ghogiel's Armor Resource

Ghogiel's Dreugh Armor Resource

Ghogiel's Samurai Armor

Ginnungagap's Hlaalu-Armun Helmet

Gizmodian's Masque of Aeternity

Hel Borne's Chitin Armor and Weapons

Hel Borne's Valsgarde Helm - BROKEN LINK

JazzJR's Teutonic Knight Armor - BROKEN LINK

jojijo's Morrigan Armor Set

khugan's Dark Crystal Armor Adaptation

Koreant's TQ Helm

LHammonds' Dark Tower Shield

LHammonds' and ThreeDees' Mandalorian Armor

LHammond's Mesoamerican Shield Resource

LHammonds' Oblivion Armor Resources

LordFrostcraig's Inquisitors Robes and Vampire Armor - BROKEN LINK

LordFrostcraig's Knight of Order GND Replacement - BROKEN LINK

MicktheMage's Dragon Shields

Nicoroshi's Dreadweave Armor

Omegacron's Tool Belt Mesh Resource - BROKEN LINK

pale_rider's Armor of Dragon's Nightmare

pale_rider's Armory of the Berserker

pale_rider's Armory of the Divine Guardian

pale_rider's Dragonhunter Reloaded

pale_rider's Dragonslayer Armor

pale_rider's Paladin Equipment

PJfrison's Armor Set

PJfrison's Armors: New and Updated

Razorpony's Akatosh Armors

Rebel O Conner's Seamless chainmail texture resource

Ronyn's Brigand Armor Resource - BROKEN LINK

Ryu Doppler's Armory

Sahardoom's Hellspawn Armor and Blades

Sasquatchewan's Spangenhelm

Sinblood's Finger Armor

Sparkleman's Mythic Dawn Robe Armour

StarX Witch Hunter Armor

StarX Witcher Based Outfit

TodaY's Requests and Resources - BROKEN LINK

trollf's Armamentarium

trollf's Armamentarium - Armors

trollf's Daedric Armor Retextures

trollf's Divine Shields

trollf's Frost Atronach Armor

trollf's Mehrunes Dagons Outfit and Axe

tttttt's AC Wrist Blade Model - BROKEN LINK

Wikinger9048's Medieval Armor Resources

Xzibition and JDFan's Imperial Roman Helmet - Modder's Resource

Zenith92's and JDFan's Hircine Helmet

ziitch's Bracer Base as Shield

Edited by deaths_soul
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Corthian's Akavir Japanese Archery Modders Resource

da mage's Ripthorn

Dall's Black Bow

Dall's Fireglow

Dall's Fireglow Axe

Dall's Fireglow Blades

Dall's Fireglow Sword

Dall's Gladius

Dall's Master Oni

Dall's Nica

Dall's Nosferastu Bow

Dall's Rakssha

Dall's Shadow

Dall's Xenia

Dragonblade86's Boneshard Sword

Dragonblade86's Dwemer Katanas

Dragonblade86's Glass Weapon Extension

Echonite's Animated Staffs

Evandar's Prince Nuadas Weapons Modders Resource

Exanimis' Requested Weapons

Exnem's Zorlack Armory

Ghogiel's Jian

Ginnungagap's Haelia Latta Sword

Ginnungagap's Morrowind Daedric Crescent Blade

Gizmodian's Slitterblade - Talon of Wood

Gizmodian's The Relics of Fire and Ice

GOOGLEPOX's Welkynd Weaponry

gorgonzolla3000's The Forgotten Signs: Pegasus

Hel Borne's Ashandarei Polearm Weapon - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Aiel Spear Resource - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Ayleid Longsword - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Blackiron Weapon Set - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Boning Knife - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Crude Glass Knife - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Daedric Fearblade (Malacath Scimitar) - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Daedric Slag (Boethia) Axe - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Elven 'Sunbreaker' Shortsword - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Hammerfell (Persian) Long Axe - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Morrowind Style (Legacy) Dwemer Weapons for OB - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Morrwoind Style Wooden Staff - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Spear Set - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Unicorn Dagger Resource - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Wand/Foci Resource - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Weapon Resources Part 1 - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Vampire Slayer Sword - BROKEN LINK

ihateregistering's Black Lightsaber

InsanitySorrow's Dark Katana - BROKEN LINK

InsanitySorrow's Demon Sword - BROKEN LINK

InsanitySorrow's GW - Crystalline Sword - BROKEN LINK

InsanitySorrow's Katana Resource

InsanitySorrow's Ice Brand - BROKEN LINK

J3X's Additional Staffs

J3X's Daedric Chainsaw

J3X's Daedric CutCut Claw Thingy

J3X's Daedric Gear Hammer

J3X's Flails

J3X's Rotating Mace

J3X's Unenchanted Staves

Jaysus' Ancient Han Blade

Jaysus' Blade of Judah

Jaysus' Black Soul Blade

Jaysus' Gungnir's

Jaysus' Harmony Island

Jaysus' and Exodus1161's Bloodwave

Jaysus' and Exodus1161's Wolf Blade

Jaysus' and Laigne's Moonblade

Jaysus' and Meykeru Sensei's Heaven and Hell Blades

Jaysus' and Naminea's Blossom

Jaysus' and Sabat9's Painweaver

Jaysus' and Talos II's Witch Blade

JazzJR's Silversword Witcher - BROKEN LINK

JazzJR's Teutonic Weapon Pack - BROKEN LINK

John's 300 Weapon Pack

John's Akaviri Ji - BROKEN LINK

John's Bezier Sword

John's Naginata - BROKEN LINK

Johnn123's Akaviri Blades Resource - BROKEN LINK

jojijo's Dark Flame Sword and Shield

jojijo's Dragon Claw Sword and Shield

jojijo's Frostmourne and Lich King's Helm

jojijo's Morrigan Swords Axes Hammers and Shields

jojijo's Sigil Maces

Kaytavo's Sword

Khugan's Blackened Steel Ninja To

Khugan's Forged Steel Daggers

Lemunde's Alternative Glass Weapons Resource

Lemunde's Crystal Ogreblades

Lemunde's I'll Cut You Up Pack

LHammonds' Daedric Trap Weapons

LHammonds' Hellbent Sword

LHammonds' and Jerros' Riddick Sabre Claws

LHammonds' Stargate Ori Staff

LordFrostcraig's Aegis Hammer - BROKEN LINK

Lord Banewrath Sunblade's Elite Steel Swords Resource

Lord Banewrath Sunblade's Elven Longsword Resource

LostInGeneral's Unholy Edge

Maafiaman's Epic Shop

Madcat221's and RDJeke's Ayleid Meteoric Iron Weapon Resource

McMuffin's Blackthorn

nick_op's Dwemer Syringe Arrow

Nicoroshi's Akorithis Jade Bow

Nicoroshi's Blakeleys Lachrymal Bow

Nicoroshi's Bow of Ash

Nicoroshi's Bow of Bones

Nicoroshi's Bow of Daedric Blood

Nicoroshi's Bow of the Drow

Nicoroshi's Bow of the Hunter

Nicoroshi's Bow of the Mongolian Horseman

Nicoroshi's Bow of Robin of Locksley

Nicoroshi's Bow of Thorns

Nicoroshi's Charon's Call Battleaxe

Nicoroshi's Daes Raken Swords

Nicoroshi's Doomshard Modder's Resource

Nicoroshi's Dread Doomshard Bow

Nicoroshi's Dreadweave Axes

Nicoroshi's Dreadweave Bow & Arrows

Nicoroshi's Ice Bow

Nicoroshi's Kynareth Archery

Nicoroshi's Mirage Bow

Nicoroshi's Obsidian Axe

Nicoroshi's Quinga Bows

Nicoroshi's Scimitars

Nicoroshi's The Bow Called Doomshard

Nicoroshi's Talon of Akatosh

Nicoroshi's Wulfharth's Fury

Nicoroshi's Wyrmfang

OdysseusB's Dwemer Revolver

Petrovich's GP Desert Wind

RDJeke's Art of War Weapon Pack

RDJeke's Two-Handed Maces

Redfender's Green Destiny

Reeke's Unique Weapons for Modders

Rinzei's Crystal Staffs

Rinzei's Sword of Unknown Origin

Ryu Doppler's Fenixhart Sword Resource

Sahardoom's Dwemer Plasma Blades

Se7enraven's Nemakki Arrows

Se7enraven's Nemakki Knife

Se7enraven's Yajuta Naginata

Sinblood's Necrostaff Modders Resource

Sinblood's Orthae Sword

Sinblood's Soulshade Sword

Sinblood's Warhammer Staff

Spyro1201's Rough Holy Hand Grenade Model

StarBoi's Keyblades

StarBoi's Tools of Kagrenac

StarX Katanas

StarX Heron Katana

theAshLad's More Cutlasses - BROKEN LINK

ThrillKill's Divine Swords

throttlekitty's Climb and Coy

throttlekitty's Rapier Set

throttlekitty's Swords

trollf's Armamentarium - Katanas

trollf's Armamentarium - Staffs

trollf's Farmers Strike Back

Uglulyx's Hook Handled Sword

VagabondAngel's Divine Knight's Weapon Set

VagabondAngel's Glamdring Rip-Off

VagabondAngel's Snaga Battleaxe Rip-off

Vason's Nordic Weaponry

Xzero87's Shikomizue Cane Sword

ZuSkunk's True Chrysamere Modders Resource

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Tilesets & Architecture:

Alasdair's Nordic Tomb Tileset

Alonso's ObsidianResource

Aurygas Akavir Fuyohin Island - BROKEN LINK

Barabus' and Razorwing's Crypt Set

Ceano and AxlRock's Clean Ayleid Ruins

Ceano AxlRocks and The Vyper's Clean Drow Ruins - BROKEN LINK

Cello978's Dungeon Maker - Aylied Ruins

Cello978's Dungeon Maker - Caves

Cello978's Dungeon Maker - Fort Ruins

cgnexus' 20 Rock Photo Texture Resource - BROKEN LINK

Coffinbag's Chorrol Lower House Interiors

Cow1787's Nordic Palisade Tileset

Cpocurtis's Basement Chorrol Retexture

Cpocurtis's Hill Fort Retexture

Crafttype01's CraftsDoor

da mage's Mine Rails

da mage's Red Temple

Demonmaster's Anima Cyrodilii - Tenebrare Tileset

Divine Heresy's DM Barn Resource

Disturbed's and mr_siika's M.E.R.P Cave Pack Modders' Resource

Dracula420's Dried Up Lakebed Landscape Resource

Dracula420's Organic Looking Landscape

Dracula420's Veiny Landscape Resource

Dunmermaiden's Ice Palace Modders Resource - BROKEN LINK

dunmermaiden's Darkfang Fortress - BROKEN LINK

Dwip's AFK_GardenPaths Resource

Edocsil's Doubled Inn Upper Floor

Edocsil's Single Column Resource

Fearabbit's Forts of Cyrodiil Resource

Fearabbit's Leyawin Lighthouse Resource

Garnet's Colorful Basement

Gildur's and Demonmaster's Anima Cyrodil Tileset

Gildur's minerails

GOOGLEPOX's Black Gold Tower

GothFreak's Egyptian Stuff

Growlf's Beveled Pyramid Resource

Harushimo's Dragon Path's Cavern Kit - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Ayleid Architecure Resources

Hel Borne's Elven Tomb Resource

Hel Borne's Bravil Castle Tower Interior Resource - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Bruma Floor Resource - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Dungeon Pit Hole Resource - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Imperial City Storefront Resource - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Kvatch Architecture Resource

Helol and Oblivmonk's Simple Lighthouse - BROKEN LINK

jbvw's All New House

JonSatriani's, Plangkye's, and kalikut's Telvanni Tileset

Lady Li's Pareti

Lady Li's Wall and floor extended textures

Lady Nerevar's Snow and Ice Textures Resource

Lemunde's Easy Construction Meshes

Mannimagnus' Vines

Meister von Cyrodiil's Woodfloor Resource

Metallicow's New IC Resouces BYFFI

Meo's Basement Addons

Meo's Castle Carpets - Resource

Meo's Castle Skingrad - Resource

Meo's Celtic Tombstones

Meo's City Manors - Resource

Meo's Fortruins Renovated

Meo's Labyrinth Garden - Resource

Meo's Modular Fireplaces

Meo's Settlement Resource

Momos Skyrim Ruin Tileset

Meo's Window Boxes - Resource

ModdersHappy's Pier

ModdersHappy's Nord Ship

ModdersHappy's Rocks - Natural Bridge

Momo's Cloth Resource - BROKEN LINK

Momo's Frame Houses Resource

MrMcCrab's Bridge Resource - BROKEN LINK

mr_siika's Jurad City Tileset

mr_siika's Griffon Fortress

mr_siika's Necropolis Tileset

mr_siika's Underground Dwarven City

Naruyamatoko's 38 New Floor tiles

Naruyamatoko's Modders resource-Retextured ayelid ruins set

Nicolai Dutka's Drow Ruins Interior and Exterior Tileset

Nicolai Dutka & The Vyper's Drow Tileset Master File. - BROKEN LINK

Nikoli Grimm's Rope Fence Resource - BROKEN LINK

Oblivimonk's Lighthouse Home

Oblivimonk's Town Inn Set

Pandur's and Ronin's Japan House Modders Resource

peecee's pcs New Ayleidcaves

peecee's pcs HD Stone Texture

Phaerus's Turil Church 01

Phitt's Old School Dungeons

Psychotic's Ice Cave Tileset

Raistlin2002's Aezarka Meshes Resource

Raistlin2002's Aezarka Texture Resource

Razorwing's Agora

Ryu Doppler's Extra Sewer Chip Pieces Resource

Se7enraven's Custom Huts - BROKEN LINK

Se7enraven's Dome Huts

SilverDNA's Ayleid Ruins Jungle Resource

Sjors Boomschors' Farm House Extension Resource - BROKEN LINK

Sjors Boomschor's Arcane University Tower - BROKEN LINK

Sparkleman's Burned Farm Resource

SpeedyB's TJB Dwarven Tileset

Standalone's Camoran Paradise New Mesh Resource

Stars2heaven's Cave Floor and Ceilings

Stroti's Skull Island modder resource - BROKEN LINK

Stroti's new lighthouse

stroti's Skull Rock

Stroti's small outdoor rock cave resource

TESEurope Project's Skingrad House Retex

TESEuropeProject's Village Homes Pack 01

TheMagician's Farm Resources

theuseless' Obsidian Interior Castle Tileset

Trademark's Portals and Gates

Vyper's Ayleid Tileset Expanded - BROKEN LINK

Vyper's Tainted Wayshrines - BROKEN LINK

washington's Balcony

washington's Flag Rope

washington's Old Bridge - Modders Resource

Washington's Morrowindesque Houses

WhoGuru's Burnt Ayleid Ruins and Lava Falls Resource - BROKEN LINK

Wormheart's Working Gates

XPerience101's Highleaf Estate

Zardalu's Tamriel Barad-Dur

Zenman's Ayleid Ruins Renewed

Zenman's Ayleid Ruins Renewed Green Marble

Zenman's Ayleid Ruins Renewed Green Tint

Edited by deaths_soul
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Statics and Furniture:

Addiktive's Desert Land Textures and Rocks - BROKEN LINK

Aisis's Anvil-style Furniture

Aisis's AST Painting Pack 01

Aisis's AST Painting Pack 02

ALAnonim's Resource The Stove

AlbiTheReal's Treestump resource

AlienSlof and Tanya's Limeroth Tapestry

Alex Stoian's Modern House Retexture - BROKEN LINK

alonsomartinez's Dremora Statues Resource

Argomirr's Resources

brutal7's My Bed

Carah's Persian Rug Modders Resource

Carah's Quilts and Wool Blankets

Cpocurtis's Outdoor Campfire Resource

Daleth's UCFurniture Packs 1 and 2

David Brasher's Static Weapon Modders Resource

da mage's Centaur Statue

Darkrider's Celtic Decor

Darkrider's Mage Portals

Darkrider's Morrowind Tapestries

David Whitefang's Large Globe

David Whitefang's Large Nirn Globe

David Whitefang's Nirn Globe

David Whitefang's Piano Improved

David Whitefang's Piano Lid Open Improved

David Whitefang's Pool

David Whitefang's Scales

David Whitefang's Small Globe

Disturbed's Rohan Flags

Der Kriger's Mounted Heads

Dominick Cryomonde's Khajiit Skull

Dragonblade86's Banner Resource

Draken's Creepy Fallout Paintings

Dunmermaiden's Thrones and Clutter

EbeneezerSquid's Vendors Tables Modders Resource

EbeneezerSquid's Sun and Rain Shades

Edocsil's Oblivion Outhouses

EFG's Tapestries

Firespark's Animated Flag Resource

Greds Static Weapons and Shields

Gizmodian's Bramblewheel Resource

Gizmodian's Demon Banner Resource

Gizmodian's Gothic Resource Set

GOOGLEPOX's Evil Elven Galley

grond's Modular Cupboard Resource

gwmyers's fullbarset

gwmyers's ICDragonThrone - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Alchemist Sink (Furniture) Resource - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Alchemy Wall Chart Resource - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Bust of Boethia Resource - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Empire Enchanting Altar Resource - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Empire Throne Resource - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Filled Bookshelf Resource - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Filled Chest Resource - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Glass Display Counter Resource - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Imp Statue Resource - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Lumber Pile Resource - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Map Frame Resource - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Orc Skull Resource - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Pelinal Statue Resource - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Simple Wall Shelf Resources - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Upper Class Bed Resource - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Upper Class Weapon Rack Resource - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Zenithar Decor Resource - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's and Ranokoa's Functional Alchemic Sink Resource

Horinf's Necro furniture and clutter


InsanitySorrow's MW Painting Resource - BROKEN LINK

J3X's Moving Book Walls

jcd14's Marble Pedestal

JDFan's Bunkbed Resource for Oblivion

JDFan's Filled UpperWallShelf03 Modders Resource

JDFan and PacificMorrowind's Vampire Skull

Jorge's Toilet Resource - BROKEN LINK

Kalikut's Beds Resource

Kalikut's Upper Class Wood Furniture Retexture - BROKEN LINK

Khugan's Palisade Walls

Khugan's Torture Devices

Kielanai's Taiko Drum Resource - BROKEN LINK

Korana's Christmas Resource

LauraCroft's Boxwoods

LauraCroft's Climbing Plants

LauraCroft's Lauras Ferns

LauraCroft's New Flowers

LauraCroft's Rugs

Lady Li's Canopy Beds

Lady Li's Gobelino

Lady Li's MetalReliefs modding resource

Lady Li's Pavimento

Lady Nerevar's Lady Ns Paper Goods

Mannimagnus's Birthsign Tapestries

Mannimagnus's Welkynd Statuettes Resource

Meo's Armors of Cyrodil for Dummies

Meo's Ayleid Clutter Resource

Meo's Boiler - Resource

Meo's Bits and Pieces

Meo's Canvases and Frames - Resource

Meo's City Maps

Meo's Framed Butterflies - Resource

Meo's Globes Resource

Meo's Open Books Resource

Meo's Room Dividers - Resource

Meo's Series Booksets - Resource

Meo's Static Dishes - Resource

Meo's Winecellar - Resource

Metz' and Disturbed's Weapon Displays

Mike Priest's Modders Resource 1: Creature Figurines - BROKEN LINK

ModdersHappy's Tree Stump

ModdersHappy's Well

Momo's Basket Resource

Momo's Blacksmith Resource

Momo's Cart Resource

Momo's Crane Resource

Momo's Crate Resource

Momo's Farm Resource

Momo's Fishery Resource

Momo's Hanging Cloths Resource

Momo's Icicle Resource

Momo's Ivy Resource

Momo's Palm Ressource

Momo's Rock Resource

Momo's Vase Resource

MrNiCo's CrystalStone Resource

mr_siika's Elven Ships

mr_siika's Emporer's Tomb

mr_siika's Market Resources

mr_siika's Rocks

Naruyamatoko's Modders Resource- Ayleid Furniture

Naruyamatoko's Modders Resource-Regality Furniture Set

Omegacron's Armory Clutter

Omegacron's The Poor Mans Clutter

Omegacron's Static Scroll Sets

Pendraia's Penssacksofveg

Phaedra's Flower Resource Pack 1

Phaedra's Flower Resource Pack 2

Phaedra's Painting Resource Pack

PhantomVoid's Retextured Curtains

Phitt's Fishtanks

Phitt's Gallow Modders Resource

Piet's Furniture

Puff's Ye Olde Jacuzzi Hottub Modders Resource

Qarl's Blood and Shadows

Qarl's Webs

R3NNW's Shield/Bow Rack

Razorwire's Animated Torture Devices

Reaper9111's Gallow Resources

Rebel O Connor's Bathroom Resource - BROKEN LINK

Siegfried's Tree Resource

SkandarGraun's Diverse Alchemy Apparates Modders Resource

Spoons74's Gallow Model

Storm Raven Library Productions's Buddah-s Sample Pack

stroti's cactus resource

Stroti's complete bath meshes

stroti's filled Mage desk alchemy furniture

stroti's new furniture

Stroti's new furniture II

Stroti's new globe resource

Stroti's new ic wallshelf

Stroti's new lights burning hand

Stroti's new lights for millionaires

Stroti's new lights IC library lamp

Stroti's new lights skull candle

Stroti's new meshes bank vault

Stroti's rustic pieces handpump

Stroti's rustic pieces scarecrow

Stroti's rustic pieces treebench

Stroti's new statues

Stroti's new stove

Stroti's new vinyard winemaker

Stroti's rustic pieces

Stroti's second small outdoor rock cave resource

Stroti's static Carriage Resource

Stroti's static Carriage Upperclass Version

Stroti's static Gramophone Resource

Stroti's static machine parts

Stroti's static meshes Horse Statue

Stroti's static meshes Marketstand

Stroti's static microscope resource

Stroti's static meshes Printingpress

Stroti's static meshes Sundial

Stroti's static telescope resource

stroti's ram on stick food resource

stroti's static food resource

stroti's static skeleton chest resource

stroti's static skeleton resource

Stroti's Castle Furniture I

Stroti's Castle Furniture II

Stroti's Castle Furniture III

Stroti's kitchen tools

Stroti's Masterpieces The Sovereign Bed

Stroti's new meshes blacksmith tools

Stroti's static lowerclass crockery

Stroti's static meshes bakerman is baking bread Oven

Stroti's static meshes Handcart

Stroti's static meshes Outdoor Toilet

Stroti's static meshes Oven

Stroti's static meshes Saddle

Stroti's Static Meshes Spinningwheel

Stroti's static meshes steerwheel

Stroti's static meshes Wheel

Stroti's static meshes workbench

Stroti's Static Weapon and Shield Resource

Stroti's washing meshes

Tarnsman's Harpsichords in Cyrodil

Texian's and godhugh's Animated River Meshes

Texian's and godhugh's Animated Water Meshes Shoreline

Texian's Static Water Meshes

throttlekitty's, WillieSea's, and da mage's Real Water Mesh

trollf's Canvas Galore

trollf's Paintings Galore

TTemplar's Market Stall Meshes

Valkyrie's Flower and Plant Collection

Vagrant0's Chain Pieces

Vereta's Resources - BROKEN LINK

vfb's and Contributors' Manticore Statues

Visman's ThatchBasket01 Claw

Warmstar's Mermaid Statues

Washington's Graffiti

washington's Haystacks

Washington's Morrowind Drinks

washington's Mr Whitey the Snowman - Modders Resource

WhiteWizard's Rugs and Tapestries

Wiccad's Septim Portrait

WildKarrde's Potbelly Stove

WhoGuru's Resource Collection

Xiamara's ConvertedBarabus' Cooking Range Oven

Xiamara's Full Wine Racks

Xiamara's Manor Bedroom Set

Xiamara's Pillow Mesh Set

Xiamara's Sofa & Chair Set 1

Yevic's Middle Class Canopy Beds

Zimnel's More Curtains

Zimnel's More Sofas and Chair Sets

Zinmel's, Argoniano's and Kalikut's Tablecloths

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AlienSlof's Dogs - BROKEN LINK

AlienSlof's Extra Horses Pack 1 - BROKEN LINK

Always Z's Mimics

Always Z's Skeleton Horse

Aoikani's Creature Statue Resource

Aoikani's Silver Dragon Resource - BROKEN LINK

b3w4r3's White Deer

CorePC's Boar Addon

CorePC's Fat Belly Minotaur

Cryonaut's Subspecies Variety Pack #1 - Canines

da mage's Dwemer Animunculi Resource

da mage's Living Snowman Resource

Dall's Black Horse

Dall's Paladin Horse

Dall's Stallion

demonizzer's Golems Galore

Dianne's Pile Of Skulls Resource

Dominic Cryomonde's Improved Skeleton Body

FERRY and uk47's Tyrannosaurus Rex - BROKEN LINK

Ginnungagap's Bloodmoon Spriggan Resource

Ginnungagap's Flame Spirit

Ginnungagap's Skeleton Helmets Resource

Grimdeath9740's Lore Creature Expansion

Hel Borne's Argonian and Orc Zombie Resources - BROKEN LINK

InsanitySorrow's Black Troll - BROKEN LINK

InsanitySorrow's Brown Troll - BROKEN LINK

InsanitySorrow's Ice Troll - BROKEN LINK

Jara's Vampire Goblins

J3X's Atronach of Order

Lucien Fairfax's Fomorian - Monster and Modders Resource

Malo's, elevon's, mikal33's, and AlienSlof's Spider Creatures

mr_siika's Bats

mr_siika's Durzog

mr_siika's Farm Animals

mr_siika's Foxes

mr_siika's Prehistoric Animals

mr_siika's Rabbits

mr_siika's Ravens and Vultures

Ogramirad's Tiger

Phitt's and Koldorn's Loreless Creature Pack

RK912345's Dogs Modders Resource

Ryu Doppler's Weapons Troll

Saidenstorm's Custom Creatures - BROKEN LINK

SB and Disturbed's Fish Life A Modders Resource

Semtex's Minotaurus

Sjors Boomschor's Clear Stream Fish - BROKEN LINK

Sjors Boomschor's Saltwater Fish - BROKEN LINK

Tarnsman's Wogs

TheMagician's Shrieking Bolete

Wix's Cyclops

xzibition's Minions and Two-Armed Mehrunes Dagon

Zal Balk's Disc of Tzeentch

Edited by deaths_soul
Updating broken links

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Aegishjalmur's Cucumber

aellis' Local Maps

AiiNZ's Ambient Sound Pack 1

Alasdair and Other's Miscellaneous Skyrim Gubbins - Includes shields, furniture, rugs, etc.

ALAnonim's ResourceOrangeTree

Alathan's Dwemer-Aldemeric Fonts

Anoriel's Crossroads Manor

Arthmoor's Painting Resource

Assassin_456's Medieval Resources

brutal7's Ayleid Potion

BurleighBear's Catapult

Celticdog's Resources - BROKEN LINK

clintmich's Awesome Book Resources

Crimson Covenant's Flora Pack

Crimson Covenant's Resource Pack 1

da mage's Numbers Resource

Dall's Horse Saddle Accesories

Darknight74's New Disintegration Visuals

Darknight74's Snowflake Frost Damage

Darkrider's Violent Storms - BROKEN LINK

Disturbed's Tree Resource Pack

Dragonblade86's Book Resource

Dragonblade86's Guardian Alchemy Set

Dragonblade86's Map Resource

Dragonblade86's Starchart Resource

Drake the Dragon's Wings Resource

DTOM's Verona House: Bloodlines (resources)

Echonite's Tents

Edoc'Sil's Chainmail Texture Resource

Edoc'Sil's Crowd Control Rope Resource

Edocsil's Cleaning Bucket and Mop

Exnem's Runeskulls

Felic's Placeable Oblivion Symbols

Fusey's Fruit Machine

ghastley's candle

ghastley's Filled Alchemical Apparatus

Gildur's Atmospheric Clutter

Greve Ekberg's Head of Scourge - BROKEN LINK

Hel Borne's Free Mesh Resource - BROKEN LINK

Hoots7's Defiant Battleship

infmaniac's Large Island Resource

Illiana's Desert and Arid Regions Generator Modders Resource - BROKEN LINK

InsanitySorrow's 2005 Sonic Screwdriver - BROKEN LINK

InsanitySorrow's Classic Sonic Screwdriver - BROKEN LINK

InsanitySorrow's Mark I Sonic Screwdriver - BROKEN LINK

IsontalonAntti's Risumaja

JazzJR's Fluffy Tail Resource - BROKEN LINK

Jured's Wine Arrangements

kalikut's Cauldron Resource - BROKEN LINK

Keshyngul's Modder Resource Book

Kevnage's Lorefriendly Landscaped Lands - Valenwood Flora Landscaping

Khugan's Crown Jewels

Khugan's Dragon Statues

Khugan's Dragon Torch

Khugan's Gold and Silver Bars

Kielanai's Taiko Drum Modders Resource - BROKEN LINK

KoniptionKreations - Resource Pack 1

Lady Li's Dainties

Lady Nerevar's Book Jackets

LauraCroft's Ferns Vol 2

LauraCroft's Lauras Soulgems

LauraCroft's New Pearls

Lazaru's Undead knight and medieval weapons

Leo Gura's The Lost Spires (resources)

LHammonds' Buddah Statues

LHammonds' FishyStick Resource

LHammonds' Lamps of Oblivion

LilaMue's Copper Dishes

LordFrostcraig Resource Pack

Maddog's Fantasy Mod

Mark Quinn's CM Better Wine

MarkQuinn's CM Better Wine - Shivering Isles

Meister von Cyrodiil's Hanging Heads

Meo's Paper Spetims and Bank Furniture - Resource

Meo's Potion Replacer and Resource

Merilia's Blue and White Porcelain

Metallicow's Book Resource

Metallicow's Goblet Nif & Tex

Metallicow's PhotographicMosaic

MicktheMage's Wooden Toys

Mojodajojo's Resources Page

Momo's Blood Splatter Resource

Momo's Cactus Resource

mr_siika's Better Ports

mr_siika's Miscellaneous Meshes

mr_siika's Siege Engines

Mur_Zik's Mountainlion Animation

mystikhybrid's Saddlebag Accessories

Nart's Modder Resources - BROKEN LINK

Naruyamatko's A Resource pack

Nexon's Modders Resource FF7 Materia

Oblivimonk's Poo for Everyone - BROKEN LINK

Omegacron's Stacked Coin Resource

Phaedra's More Bodily Functions Resource

Phitt's Bravil Sea Domes

Phitt's Measures Modders Resource

PrincessStomper's Children of Oblivion: Arcane Academy

Pronam's Apple Pie

Puff's Invisible Activator Modders Resource

QQuix's Conceptuals

QQuix's Libraries

QQuix's Test Environments

Quairtra's Semi-Precious Stones

Ranokoa's New World Landmass Resource

Razorwing's Book

Razorwing's Priora Mushroom

Razorwing's Soulgems

Razorwing's and StarCon5's Sextant

RGMage2's Anvil Morning Glory

Running4Cover's Random Retextures

Ryu Doppler's Clock Hands for COC

Ryu Doppler's Island Heightmap 001

Sahardoom's Animated Stargate Resource

Sahardoom's Children of Rourken Episode 1 Secret of Enourk

Sam Lake's Coffee Resource

Seigfried and Various Modders' Valenwood Village Modders Resource

Senten's Big Modders Resource 2

showler's Universal Armor Stand Modders Resource

SinHHHan's Plant Resource

Snusmumriken's Pillow Resource - BROKEN LINK

Spook2U's Snow Objekts

StarX's Mystic Flames Modder's Resource

Stroti's cannon bomb and dynamite resource

Stroti's Gothic Upperclass Clutter Replacer

stroti's more new clutter

Stroti's moveable mage particle effect

Stroti's new lights aladins lamp

stroti's new clutter

stroti's static alchemy clutter

Stroti's Music Meshes Guitar

Stroti's Music Meshes Lute

Stroti's Music Meshes Lyre

Stroti's Ravenhorst Manor Modder Resource

TTemplar's Dungeon Clutter

trollf's CDEP - Underpall Cave

trollf's Portable Altars

trollf's Loading Screens Themed Add-on Devkit

UK47's Scrub Brush - BROKEN LINK

Vacuity's VaPER - Blood drip effect

Vacuity's VaPER - Bubble stream for water

Vacuity's VaPER - Falling Leaves

Vacuity's VaPER - Weather boxes

Vyper's Alternate Dark Welkynd Stones - BROKEN LINK

washington's Graffiti

WillieSea's Ancient Towers

WillieSea's Clocks of Cyrodil

WillieSea's Flames Random

Wolfis' Textures Archiv

Xiamara's and Dhkoster's Teddy Bears

Xiamara's Valentines Day Gift

Edited by deaths_soul
Removing duplicate entries

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All links through "Statics" (inclusive) have been checked and I've noted broken ones where necessary.Too many links for me to go through the rest today. There are around a thousand total to check. :PAlso, PES is currently down (surprise surprise) so I was unable to check any of those links.Still a lot of work to do but it's starting to look much better. :D

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All links have now been checked and noted if they're broken.


Next tasks:

  • Go through and replace the links to the threads with links to the download page
  • Make sure everything is sorted properly, I noticed some things were out of order
And PES is still down so I need to figure out what to do about those links.

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I see.


Have you tried MMH yet?  Because all hosted mods on PES a least all approved mods on PES before April 2012 are now on MMH thanks to Fligg who stepped in and salvage the entire mod database on PES.  However that could be difficult for Oblivion mods though.


I can pass on you request for working links of Oblivion mods on MMH or do you want to do that yourself.  Otherwise I think you'll need to wait until Mod History 2.0 is ready for its debut within a couple of months and I think 3-6 months is realistic, but it could be later. :)

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Replaced all the links to forum threads with links to the download pages, updated a couple of notices for the new links to note that they were broken, and removed some duplicate entries. Still need to sort the entries and check for duplicates more thoroughly.

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