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Who is this "Habbol Bentzer" character?

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The reason I ask here, because I think this character is a bug perhaps something that CA have cut out of the game or miss to add it into the game.I cannot find this Habbol Bentzer character as a candidate/minister in either Prussia or Sweden and still it seems to exist in the game. 

2014 10 01 00018

2014 10 05 00004

These pictures confirms that and I have checked both Prussia and Sweden when playing a campaign.I also would like to know if anyone else have more information about this Habbol Bentzer character or have you also notice the same thing as I have.If it is feasible could this Habbol Bentzer character be disabled in a separate mod and I think this is the only way to fix this character bug.

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Now I know what's causing this and the problem lies in which faction/nation Habbol Bentzer belongs to like this.

I'm from Sweden and I don't think anyone would have a name like Habbol Bentzer without being a foreign or having foreign parents and being born in Sweden, so faction/nation does this Habbol Bentzer guy belong to.  I tried to find out the other day but today I found it it's Sweden which is wrong, because it must be Prussia even the name suggests that otherwise I wouldn't be surprised to see its location for Habbol Bentzer when he dies is Stockholm when playing Prussia and if it's Sweden I play the location for this event is Brandenburg in Prussia.

If anyone know how to do this can check this for yourself by running PFM and load patch2.pack then goto db\names_tables\names and select Swedish names once PFM has loaded the patch2.pack.  Scroll down and look for first name (Habbol) and surname (Bentzer).

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