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Win 8.X CS Black Screen o' Misfortune

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It's an idea, but some rewiring required- alternatively rebooting the monitor with the off/on switch should have been tried. But in my experience, the mouse cursor that responds to mouse moves tells another story. If i hit <CTRL-ALT-DEL> the cursor changes to an hourglass for an instant, so something is going on. 

In fact, next time it happens, will try <CTRL-ALT-DEL> followed by <SHIFT-TAB> and <RETURN>, <ARROW-DOWN> and <RETURN>. Just have to remember it :)

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Can try it, and it'll probably work, but it's not likely to take the black screen away. There is a way of resetting a corrupt Hiberfil.sys from here:


I had that issue once that I could solve thanks to Darrell Gorter from Microsoft.

1. Run CMD.EXE as administrator
2. Run the following command: bcdedit -enum all
Look for "Resume from Hibernate" in the output from the command above(example below):
Resume from Hibernate
identifier {3d8d3081-33ac-11dc-9a41-806e6f6e6963}
device partition=C:
path \Windows\system32\winresume.exe

inherit {resumeloadersettings}
filedevice partition=C:
filepath \hiberfil.sys
pae Yes
debugoptionenabled No

3. Once you have found it, copy the value for identifier (in this example - {3d8d3081-33ac-11dc-9a41-806e6f6e6963})
4. Run the following command: bcdedit /deletevalue {3d8d3081-33ac-11dc-9a41-806e6f6e6963} inherit
5. Test hibernation

A bit of history with the first black screen- got this:


Windows has started up: 
     Boot Duration        :    88577ms
     IsDegradation        :    true
     Incident Time (UTC)    :    ?2018?-?04?-?25T05:43:51.923373400Z

followe by Critical error
This application took longer than usual to start up, resulting in a performance degradation in the system start-up process: 
     File Name        :    Devic
     Friendly Name        :    
     Version        :    
     Total Time        :    101754ms
     Degradation Time    :    93254ms

2nd black screen:


Lots of Evt 7011

EVT 100 Windows has started up: 
     Boot Duration        :    64398ms
     IsDegradation        :    false

Evt 6008
The previous system shutdown at TIME_VAL on ?02/?05/?2018 was unexpected.

The above TIME_VAL of shutdown is incorrect, it's actually the time of the last "successful" hibernation.

The other thing to note- and this could be the actual issue- the USB drivers/sticks. Have two USB sticks attached, but occasionally get a Windows "What do you want to do with this device" systray alert with one of them. That certainly requires more investigation- as the Microsoft-Windows-Storage-ClassPnP/Operational log displays:


Evt 500: A request timed out for Storport Device (Port = 2, Path = 1, Target = 0, Lun = 0).                    
Corresponding Class Disk Device Guid is {1955c9b3-5f03-4ea7-4791-465d2909df03}.

Disabled the log, although it's best to check whether that device actually exists- there's no reference to the above GUID in registry.

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Posted (edited)

About 5 years, but only in use half that time, and not showing errors- without yet having sampled the WDC Diagnostic (Edit passed! :thumbsup: ). It's also likely the bootup is either misreading the power state of the disk or the disk is still flagged with S4 ?


Edited by Schtearn

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Also mentioned the following error at NVIDIA:


The Desktop Window Manager process has exited. (Process exit code: 0x0000042b, Restart count: 1, Primary display device ID: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650)

But Sora has kindly intimated that it's a Windows bug. :)

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Black screen came again, but now, after around 7 or 8 successful resumes. The key combination was tried, but might have omitted a <return> before the arrow down. As a matter of interest, the mouse cursor changed when hovering over the text items in the boot menu (I assume- no changes in the desktop).

Hibernated again for the black screen, and this time the keystroke combination worked! The custom mouse cursor reverting to system default before, yay, the soft reset. :celebration:

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