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Total War videos about game bugs

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Since there is a Total Pictured War thread for in-game taken screenshots I thought to have a Total War videos thread about game bugs for the Total War game series.


I found this game bugs video for Empire Total War, so if you know a video about the game bugs in any Total War game then this is the right place to post it.




I can also post these pictures I took today in a siege battle against the Prussian Rebels in East Prussia.


2014 10 07 00004

2014 10 07 00005

2014 10 07 00006

When I saw what happen I thought WTF is going on! :blink: :blink: :blink:


How can artillery move up on the wall in the first place, but also recapture two entrance of four by having broken artillery units moving on the wall. :o

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Now those are some strong and agile soldiers! :lmao:

How about agile soldiers on a horseback.


2013 11 10 00002

As you can see they're not actually in their saddle instead they have move their head forward a bit to see exactly where the enemy are. :P
Nah just kidding... that's another bug in Empire an animation bug due for using a certain setting in the in-game menu to reduce clipping in buildings, walls.

2013 09 20 00001

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