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[RELz] Morrowind Scripting for Dummies

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File Name: Morrowind Scripting for Dummies

File Submitter: brucoms

File Submitted: 05 Aug 2014

File Category: Miscellaneous


Note: I (brucoms) was not involved with the creation or updating of Morrowind Scripting for Dummies. I am merely creating a mirror for the resource here on The Assimilation Lab. Permission was granted to do so by Yacoby in this post.

There are two versions: a PDF, and a Word file. The Word version is for those of you who would like to expand upon the guide.

You can also download Morrowind Scripting for Dummies from here at the Nexus.


The most extensive guide and reference to Morrowind Scripting.

--Foreword to the ninth edition--
Another update, this time by more than one person, now you can get really confused when it mentions that “I†did something or found something *grins*. Although this update was intended as a bugfix, a huge amount of new information has been added - since much of it concerns the bugs and pitfalls of the scripting language that have been discovered since version 8, you will find changes and additions scattered throughout.

I have also added a couple more functions that were missing from the last version, and there is a small section on script extenders to give a brief overview of what can be done with each which should hopefully prove informative to anyone wanting to know more about what they do. Galsiah proveded a large section on the failings of get/mod/set stat; there is a lot more info on dialog and how it works, which should be very useful; a short explanation of float values and how they work has been added; some sections have been rearranged for clarity; and I think I've removed all the en dashes and typographer's quotes from code blocks, so it should be safe to copy-paste most of the example scripts now.

Special thanks go to GhanBuriGhan, who gave me permission to update his indispensable guide. Also thanks to Dave Humphrey for his permission to use the information on UESP wiki, and everyone who contributed to that wiki. I would like to thank exclusiveor77, DinkumThinkum, Björn, abot, Galsiah, Casey Tucker, cyran0 and JOG for the huge amount of information they gave me on the forums.

However without the help of the rest of community, everyone who collected all the information, posted their experiences, this guide would have never happened.

Yacoby and melian


Click here to download this file

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