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      Orphan Attachments   07/31/2018

      I have been doing some housekeeping lately and I've noticed that I had a lot of orphaned attachments. Attachments get orphaned when the PM or post is deleted without removing the attachment first. Deleting a PM or post does not delete the attachment and the file or image remain on the server. I'd like to ask all members to go through their attachments and delete any attachments you don't need anymore or those that have been orphaned. Where can I get a list of my attachments? Click on your display name in the upper right corner of the forums and pick "My Attachments" from the drop-down list. How can I tell an attachment is orphaned? If the PM has been deleted, you'll see a message like this in your attachment list: Unfortunately there is no message if the post has been deleted, so please check your old posts. We do purge old birthday threads every once in a while. Also some hosted projects have been shut down, so you may have orphaned attachments on one of those locations. Thanks!
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Visceral Moonlight

The Thread of Lost Mods

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With the status of Flig's OMH being unknown at this time after its initial announcement roughly two years ago, I felt like trying to help get things started. I'm trying to get a list of files from PES but there's no telling if or when I'll get so I've gone through the resource list and picked out those from Elricm and Planet Elder Scrolls.


The purpose of this here thread is to try and list the files that were on the various sites that used to host Oblivion files but are no more (Oblivion's Real Estate, Planet Elder Scrolls, and Elricm to name a few) and attempt to either find alternative download links for them or, if their permissions allow for it, reupload the files so that they can once again be found.


To kick off the hunt, here's the list I dug up:


Planet Elder Scrolls


Dragon Shields by MicktheMage

Armor Set by PJfrison

Armors: New and Updated by PJfrison

Variety Clothing by Arintier

Subspecies Variety Pack #1 - Canines by Cryonaut

Flame Spirit by Ginnungagap

Aisis's Anvil-style Furniture

Der Kriger's Mounted Heads

Disturbed's Rohan Flags

J3X's Moving Book Walls

Kalikut's Beds Resource

Metz' and Disturbed's Weapon Displays

PhantomVoid's Retextured Curtains

Tarnsman's Harpsichords in Cyrodil

trollf's Paintings Galore

TTemplar's Market Stall Meshes

Warmstar's Mermaid Statues

Wiccad's Septim Portrait

WildKarrde's Potbelly Stove

Zimnel's More Curtains

Cello978's Dungeon Maker - Aylied Ruins

Cello978's Dungeon Maker - Caves

Cello978's Dungeon Maker - Fort Ruins

Oblivimonk's Lighthouse Home

Oblivimonk's Town Inn Set

SpeedyB's TJB Dwarven Tileset

Wormheart's Working Gates

J3X's Additional Staffs

J3X's Daedric Chainsaw

J3X's Daedric CutCut Claw Thingy

J3X's Daedric Gear Hammer

J3X's Flails

J3X's Rotating Mace

LostInGeneral's Unholy Edge

Redfender's Green Destiny

StarBoi's Tools of Kagrenac




Cauldron Resource by kalikut

Kalikut's Upper Class Wood Furniture Retexture

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You reminded me about TES Search.  Thanks WIS.



@DS:  Search for the mods that have broken links with TES Search and sometimes a mod can be hosted on ElricM, PES, Nexus, elderscrolls.filefront and each site has a separate tab like this.

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