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[WIP] Oblivion - The Red Line

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[WIP] Oblivion - The Red Line


When I played through Oblivion for the first time in 2006 I thought it as a great game - no where near it's predecessor Morrowind - though considered my love for that game it's not a fair comparison.
But upon my second play-though I questioned the world, I simply couldn't get myself immersed - too many logical flaws spoiled it for me.

One of the biggest problems was the fact that despite a Daedric invasion was happening no one seemed to care the slightest. No Count or Countess cared, the Elder Council was non-existent and the Legion - the glorious Legion I've loved since Morrowind and really looked forward to be part of in Oblivion, the backbone of a continent spanning Empire - was not there to defend it's very heart.

Instead Beth decided to provide us a cheap excuse. Cyrodiil has seen a long peace period, thus the Legion got shrunk down. Shrunk maybe, but what dense kind of leader leaves the heart of his realm undefended?

The problem with the non-existent Elder Council and any form of governmental structures has been dealt with years ago by Giskard and his "The Elder Council" mod.
But still there is no reaction of the Legion whatsoever.

Of course there are namely three mods: Fort Akatosh Redux, Guards of Cyrodiil Redux and ImpeREAL Empire - Unique Legion Forts, which help dealing with this problem.
Nevertheless none of those mods does what I wished for: A world where you can feel the threat of the Daedra, where both the Legion and the Empire react to the story of the main quest.

So finally - after a long absence from modding this game - I decided to take care of this myself - and thus the idea of "The Red Line" was born.


The Master Plan:

  • Automatic (not player influenced) rebuilding of several Legion forts/building up new forts/securing trade routes with checkpoints along with the progression of the main quest:

    The map with the dots I'm referring to. Dots are planned. Blue cells are finished (Dots contained in those are the actual markers).

    Sorry, need to update the map first.


  • Starting with the area around Kvatch, to ensure the enemy is contained - no matter if the Hero closed the gate or not, you may never know what lurks in the shadows... (Orange dots)
  • Followed up by the Lake Rumare area. Building up a defence line around the Imperial Isle. (Red dots, thus the name)
  • Adding several camps around Bruma (All the soldiers from the other cities + mercenaries and Legion, Creating more of a battle feel; yellow dots)
  • The Blue dots are forts which I want to re-occupy. Not sure if enabled from the start or together with/during the time the red camps get enabled.
  • Fortifying Cloud Ruler Temple over time, as well as Bruma.
  • Adding refugees and Legion recruiters all over Cyrodiil.
  • The Forts often consist of re-enlisted veterans complaining about that fact.
  • Adding in the West Navy via sea blockades.
  • Full compatibility with Unique Landscapes and Better Cities.
  • Fully voice acted


Features I would like to include but are not mandatory for a first release:



  • Adding West Navy forts to Anvil and Leyawiin. (With mhahn's The Imperial Marine WIP that's probably no longer necessary; changed to interaction with and support for this mod)
  • Support for Fort Akatosh/Guards of Cyrodiil Legion mechanics as well as Legion-exclusive quests.
  • Full support for CUO/CURP/4th Era Content of TEC. Maybe even keep some forts. Maybe reuse some parts for a pre-Great-War scenario.
  • Temporary companions
  • Short mercenary-type quest lines for some of these forts and Marine headquarters. Including mainly mercenary work and the like. Clearing out some fort basements, securing supply lines,...
    (Here the temporary companions come in, they support the player, the player is not all on his own)




Current State:

It's been a while since I last worked with the CS and I only can spare a few hours a week so don't expect a release too soon. Nevertheless one of the reasons I'm posting this is the fact that I now have to finish it.


Oblivion (Latest Update)

Under the Sign of the Dragon Resource Pack




Camps [Exterior]:

  • Weye Camp: 100%
  • Red Line Checkpoints: 100%
  • Kvatch Camps: 100%
  • Bruma Camps: moved to another .esp 0%



  • Fort Urasek: 100%
  • Fort Ash: 50%
  • ...requests pending...

Camps [interior]:

  • Weye Camp: 100%
  • Red Line Checkpoints: No Interiors
  • Kvatch Camps: 100%
  • Bruma Camps: 100%%

Forts [interior]:

  • Fort Urasek: 50%
  • Fort Ash: 100%


  • Bruma Fortifications: 0%
  • Cloud Ruler Temple Fortifications: 100%
  • Sea Blockades: 0% - taken out for now.

NPCs+AI schedules/VA:

  • Weye Camp: 100%/0%
  • Red Line Checkpoints: 100%/0%
  • Kvatch Camps: 100%/0%
  • Bruma: Camps: 0%/0%
  • Refugees: 20%/0% - moved to another .esp
  • Recruiters: 100%/0%



Screenshots are to be found here

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Editor screenshots and general rumbling

Weye area:



The red line camps are in production... screens yet to come.




Kvatch area:



This has advanced to the most finished area, not only the models and objects have been implemented, but also the scripting and the NPCs are done as far as possible with out all of the other camps.


Some editor screens:








Bruma area:



Here I'm currently mapping out where I can actually put my planned stuff without too much conflicts. It really seems that Bruma is one of the mod-wise busiest places in all of Tamriel.




Cloud Ruler Temple:



This together with the Bruma fortifications is my pain in the behind. I'm currently building, redoing and deleting all kind of fortifications. My plan is to achieve a look similar to this:



Due to my inability to create meshes I only came up with this:


Which does not satisfy me at all. Which probably means I have to learn how to create meshes for Oblivion.



Edited by Kad_Venku

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Ingame screenshots - Mod showcase


Some screenshots:


Small preview:



Weye Camp when the game starts:



First quest update:



Second quest update:



Third stage:


And then there is the Kvatch main camp:







Edited by Kad_Venku

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Rebuilt Forts


Fort Ash


Exterior [WIP]:











Interior [finished]:












Fort Urasek


Exterior [finished]:










Edited by Kad_Venku

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Cool. Would you be interested in any of the stuff I put together for my never completed Battle for Bruma mod? At this point, all it does is equip the soldiers with better gear that matches their abilities, I think. :P I'll have to check again. I know that it makes it a lot easier to keep the Blades and some of the soldiers alive.

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Thanks for the offer, but I'm not too sure if I can include the additional NPCs in the actual battle. The Oblivion engine isn't the best when handling to many NPCs at once and the battle is pretty close to the limit anyways.

Have you remade the equipment or simply re-equipped better stuff in your mod? If so I could add some diversity to the soldiers to make them look less uniform.

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Adding more NPC's was one thing I never got around to. I created new levelled lists with heavy armour instead of light since the guard class has better heavy armour skill. I wanted to create new armour, but that isn't part of my skill set, so I took the existing chainmail cuirass, relabelled it as heavy armour and gave it the stats of iron, steel, Dwarven etc. and added it to new levelled lists. Then there's a script that will process all the soldiers the player has recruited and equip them with the new levelled lists, as well as healing potions. Now I enchanted every piece of armour, so that's probably overdoing it a little. I tried not to make the enchantment too strong, but overall it is. I also replaced the Blades armour with enchanted versions and gave the Blades enchanted swords as well. Martin gets re-equipped as well, which is required since he has a tendency to use the iron dagger he started with otherwise.


It's something I did a while ago, so it could use lots of improvements, but the scripting does work and it might save you a bit of time if you want to cover the Battle for Bruma as well.

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OK, that sounds really interesting.

I originally didn't want to mess with the battle itself. So until now the Bruma camps have three stages - one pre battle set, one messy post battle set and a cleaned up set to simulate a larger Battle you just did not see whilst fighting.

Now with your offer in mind I'll think about it again. Do some test runs with many NPCs etc...


I'll message you when I made up my mind about the battle.

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I'm using a large resource pack as requirement, so not really but thanks anyways.


The only thing I'm not happy with is the Cloud Ruler fortification, this provisorium as seen in the screenshot, opposed to what I had in mind, will have to do until after the first release though.

I always wanted to learn how to make meshes and this seems the opportunity to do so.


So help with that would be appreciated but not needed immediately.

And if you happen to know of meshes similar to what I've posted in the screenshot section (those fortificated wall tops made of wood) I wouldn't say no.

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I'm using a large resource pack as requirement, so not really but thanks anyways.


And if you happen to know of meshes similar to what I've posted in the screenshot section (those fortificated wall tops made of wood) I wouldn't say no.

Take a look at Mr Siikas Griffon Fortress. It has walls like that and is a modder resource. The wooden tops are part of the wall mesh but can be separated. Still you will need to learn modeling to fit the pieces to another mesh and create the new collision for them.

Edited by mhahn123

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I just checked. We're using Meo's Settlement - resource pack and Renovated Fort Ruins. We're also using Washington's Fort Swampmoth models.


Meo's stuff will be modders' resources. I'm not sure about Washington - that may have been special permission. I would search Nexus and TES Alliance.


Edit: I found Meo's resource pack. That's definitely what we're using for the walls and watch towers. Here's Washington's Pallisade resources.

Edited by AndalayBay
Added links

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It's been a long while, sorry for not being around, but real life as well as some other projects were calling for my assistance.

Nevertheless, I'm going through my docs currently and update the WIP page accordingly.


@DaggerfallTeam: I hope that too ;)


@AndalayBay: Thanks, didn't know the Fort Swampmoth models. The rest is already in my data pool.

Edited by Kad_Venku

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A small note on my progress:


What I have done:

  • All camps are finished and their triggers are (hopefully) properly integrated into the timeline of the main story quest - feature not playtested yet
  • Two forts have been fully renovated, in addition I have contacted SilentResident if I might include ImpeREAL Forts (with some slight adjustments) into this mod as it would save me the time to rebuild another 3 or 4 forts.
  • Most NPC templates and needed AI schedules are set up and have to be distributed across the forts and camps
  • The (small) main quest is laid out and written, just needs to be implemented.
  • An optional refugee and recruiter plugin is planned and in the making as well. The plugin is optional, as I have something like this in mind for it:



    And this is very likely to be not too compatible with many mods and a resource hog as well.

  • I am keeping a (still surprisingly small) list of patches I will have to create.
  • Fully compatible as of now are UL and Better Cities, which is great. (I don't intend to change that, but you never know)


If you have any questions, notices, advices, let me know.

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