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[RELz] The Hesu Mod Collection

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File Name: The Hesu Mod Collection

File Submitter: mhahn123

File Submitted: 29 Apr 2015

File Category: Overhauls and New Lands


The Hesu mods initially came to my attention via screenshots posted
on Oblivion Nexus. The mods were located on a Japanese website, with
very little descriptive information included, and were mostly unheard of
in the English speaking mod community. Translated text reveals that
the author gave permission to enhance and redistribute so long as the
proper credits are given.

I am uploading here so that the English modding community can enjoy
these wonderful creations as well. At the moment only the original
Hesu plugins are included. I've given them a good cleaning with
Tes4Edit and made very minor adjustments.

Update Announcement

It's been a while since I have checked in here at TAL..much to my regret.
Real Life work as always just seems to hinder all the fun stuff , and I'm
just not able to keep up with all the files I have posted on multiple sites.
Even though free time is in short supply, a lot of progress has been made
with this series.

At the moment I have completed translation, bug fixes, and compatibility
patches for 11 of the 15 HESU mods. Unfortunately, the files have not been
uploaded here yet. They can be found on the Nexus page only for now. It is
my plan to finish work on the entire series and then upload the files here.


The Hesu Mod Collection includes 15 amazing plugins which are primarily
landscape mods. There are also a number of author created compatibility
patches. Each of the mods in this collection overhauls, and indeed truly
transforms a specific region of the game. In my humble opinion some of
these are easily on par with what you might expect to see in a Unique
Landscapes mod.

What makes them truly outstanding is the use of strictly vanilla Oblivion
and Shivering Isles material. The creative ways in which the vanilla
items have been used is masterful. Please read the brief description for
each plugin to get an idea of what they do.

What's Included??

There are four main folders, each containing from 3 to 6 plugins. Here is
the lineup as they were originally packaged:

Pack 1 - Contains three plugins:

1. HESU5 AppleOnsen ( Apple Hot Springs) - Makes extensive landscaping
changes directly north and east of Bleakers way. Contains exterior hot springs
with streams and waterfalls running down into Bleakers Way. Also some SI
structures which serve as bath houses.

2. HESU5 JigokuDani (doesn't translate well but Hell Lands or some such) -
Transforms a large area West and Northwest from Hermaeus Mora shrine. Turning
the snowy mountain terrain into a series of sulfurous pools with liberal use
of SI flora, fauna, architecture. Several large structures in the area.

3. HESU5 PoisonNuma (Poison Swamp) - Landscaping overhauls for a large portion
of the Blackwood area East of Leyawiin and North of Fort Blueblood. Also makes
extensive use of SI flora and fauna.

Pack 2 - Contains four plugins:

1. HESU4 SkyrimSinden (Skyrim Temple) - Adds SI structures in the mountains due
North from Sedor Ayleid Ruins, which spread to the East and West along the ridge.
Minimal landscaping which is kept to the immediate vicinity of the structures.
The larger part of this plugin is interior cells which have a ruins type theme.

2. HESU5 EudaBear - Adds landscaping and quite a bit of building which starts
near Bruma Oblivion Gate and spreads East all the way to the Frostcrag area.
There is a hotsprings near the top with a bear swimming in it, which may explain
the title.

3. HESU5 SmokeTown - Adds landscaping and SI structures starting from Lake
Arrius and spreading all the way to Azura's Shrine area. Lots of little gulleys
in the terrain filled with mist, hence the "smoke town" title.

4. HESU5 ValenwoodMine - As the name would imply this adds landscaping and
structures starting due Southeast of Kvatch Mesa near Mortal Camp and spreading
all the way to the Strid River cliffs on the Valenwood side. Which is where the
mine is located.

Pack 3 - Contains five plugins and one patch file:

1. HESU4 GaraGara (Doesn't translate) - Massive landscaping and lots of new
structures starting from near Fort Empire on the Red Ring Road. Spreads uphill
to Piukanda and outlaw Endres Cave.

2. HESU4 NomutonMura (doesn't translate well...something Village) - Overhauls
a portion of the area between Anvil and Kvatch.

3. HESU5 DiveRock - Just what the name suggests. Adds a stream, landscaping,
and settlements starting near Walker Camp and spreading uphill all the way to
the Dive Rock area.

4. HESU5 IsobeGyason (??Seaside Village??)...what can I say, Google translate
is terrible - This adds landscape and settlements which start just East of Anvil Castle
and wraps around the coastline well up into Strid River.

5. HESU5 KoyoTown - Adds significant development and landscaping which starts
near Fort Coldcorn and spreads uphill all the way to Moranda.

6. HESU6 Patch Nomuton Isobe - As the name would suggest, this is a patch file
for two of the plugins which overlap (NomutonMura and IsobeGyason). Fixes a
small tear at one cell border and repairs path grids. Plugins need to be loaded
in that order for the patch to work properly.

Pack 4 - Contains three plugins:

1. HESU5 GFBedTown - Adds a small town along with a good deal of landscaping and
other structures along the Gold Road. Situated between Grayrock Cave and
Ceyatatar Ayleid Ruin.

2. HESU5 GreenRoad - Just as the name suggests makes heavy landscaping changes
along the Green Road near Charcoal Cave. Also is a complete overhaul for most of
the White Rose River. Unfortunately that includes cell 3'3 which causes glitches
in-game. I am working on a number of fixes for this particular plugin and will
upload as soon as possible. This is still very much worth exploring in it's current

3. HESU5 UraraMura - Adds settlements and heavy landscaping to a large area North
of White Rose River and Fort Roebeck


Oblivion patched to 1.2.0416
Shivering Isles - All the plugins use SI content so you will need it installed.


1. Extract to your Oblivion Data folder either manually or using the mod manager of
your choice.

2. Set load order.

3. Play and enjoy!

Load Order

Suggest using BOSS to set load order. It knows where to place them all. If setting
load order manually they should be placed just above the Unique Landscapes mods.


There are a number of un-patched conflicts at this time, depending on which of these
plugins you choose to use. Potential conflicts exist with The Lost Spires, Castle
West Weald, Reclaiming Sancre Tor, SOC White Rose Farm, UL Cliffs Of Anvil, DLC
Frostcrag, Frostcrag Reborn.... just to name a few. The list is rather extensive.

With that said, please don't let potential conflicts stop you from checking these
out. Conflicts can and will be resolved in due time.


Bethesda - for creating Oblivion.
LHammonds - for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
HESU - for doing a fantastic job creating the original mods
me - for general cleaning, patching, and packaging everything up.

Legal Stuff

The original author listed these as free to edit and redisribute with proper credits. With
that in mind feel free to use these as you wish, just be sure to list me in the credits as
well since I have done some work on all of these.


Click here to download this file

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Nice find! :cowboy:


You might want to use Babelfish instead of Google translation. ;)

Yeah Babelfish was my first thought, but according to Googles literature they both use the same code as a base. I'll try Babel and see if it does any better.

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They could even be the author's own names and not related to the landscapes at all. There was a Japanese community member that translated Oblivion XP for me, but she hasn't been around in a long time. There is a Japanese TES community site. I'll see if I can dig up the link.

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You may right, some of the names struck me as things the author made up. Which means there may be no good translation. And that's fine. I was just doing my best to make sense of the titles.

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I have a little problem after installing the mod, this gray wall (fog maybe?) in the forts and caves. I really love this mod and do not want to remove it :c
It is possible somehow fix it?

6153421m.png 6152397m.png

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I have a little problem after installing the mod, this gray wall (fog maybe?) in the forts and caves. I really love this mod and do not want to remove it :c

It is possible somehow fix it?



6153421m.png 6152397m.png


Yes it is possible. Hesu used it quite liberally in many of the plugin interiors. For the translated and updated plugins I've removed most of these instances, except in cases where it actually fits.


On a side note, I haven't transferred the updated plugins to this site just yet. For now the fully translated and updated files (complete with brand new compatibility patches) are on the Nexus page only. It was my plan to move everything over here as well once I was finished with the series. But given how long it's been taking to wrap things up, I will probably start uploading the completed files here as well so they are available to a wider audience.

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