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WIP Forum and Create your Own Gallery Album - Morrowind

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This is our new Works in Progress forum where you can create a thread to announce your project. This forum is intended for small projects that only have a single person working on them. If you have a project with several people helping you, then please send me a PM to request your own dedicated project forums.


In addition to the forum, we have also created a new category in the gallery where you can create an album for your project. This album does not count against your personal album quota and images uploaded to the gallery do not count against your upload quota, so we encourage you to take advantage of this service.


Creating a Gallery Album

  • Go to the Works in Progress album category.


  • Click Upload.


  • Click Create New Album.


  • Fill in the details, as shown below. Make sure you pick Works in Progress for the Album Category.


  • Click Save.
Now you can go ahead an upload your images to your new album.





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