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Lindenlaurel - Female VA

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Hey, all! I was invited to put up an introduction thread for myself re: voice actor-ing, so here I am!


My Internet handle is lindenlaurel, but you can call me Lindsey if you want to. :)


I've been voice acting as a hobbyist for about three years now, and I'm kind of super into it. I've been a theatre geek forever, and have done stage productions since my childhood, but doing voiceover is absolutely my favorite medium, I've found. I hope, someday, to become semiprofessional in this field, or even professional. (Though I'm a bit too pragmatic to try and hang a career on it.)


Here is a link to my voice acting website, with a small portfolio of audio samples and a list of my credited roles. I also have a Soundcloud which I update less frequently. As for a quick rundown of me as an actor, just at a glance:


Natural Vocal Tone: Medium-low

Age Performance Range: Female Teenager-Elderly, Male Child

Natural Accent: General American

TES Races: Altmer, Argonian (Skyrim), Bosmer (Skyrim), Breton (Skyrim), Dunmer, Khajiit (Skyrim), Imperial, Nord (Morrowind, Oblivion), Orc


I'm not huge on time/availability, and my voice work turnaround isn't exactly lightning speed - but I do love what I do and I like to do it well. It's just that I'm still in college and work two jobs. However, if you have a flexible schedule or a firm deadline in the nonimmediate future, I can more often than not work with that. :)


So! Here I am. :) I love to work with modders so please don't hesitate to lay your project on me, or direct me to your casting call!

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Welcome Lindenlaurel  and thank you for providing the links to some VA samples.  It's also great to see someone here with a background in stage performance. 


Your voice samples are great.  :thumbsup:  I like the range and different style of the voices you're able to create.  I've found there's quite an adjustment to make regarding pace and delivery of lines between stage and microphone.  On stage, your persona is made up from several components that are visible, whereas, with a mic, just voice is available to express the character.  Do you find that regardless of this a physical component remains?  I do.  I continue to physically take on a persona and have to watch my delivery isn't too slow as a result!


I can see that the range of different characters you're able to cover in Skyrim, Oblivion and Morrowind will be a real boon to the modders here on TAL.  I daresay you'll find yourself in demand for plenty of VA in the future.  I look forward to hearing what you do next.



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Hi, Sue! It's wonderful to meet you - and thank you for your kind words. :) 


I completely agree about stage vs booth acting! (Actually, I never made the connection that that is why I had to take the extra time to think and re-pace! Though, I also often get an overcorrection issue where I might run through my lines too fast, haha!)


And I absolutely use physical components in my voice acting! Whether it's self-posing and posture, gesturing and looking around at a scene or people I can't see, or some act-in-character tricks I learned from my stage days. Tricks, for example, like one that was shared in a how-to-audition-effectively book I read once: Wear the shoes your character would wear. It sounds dumb and silly and maybe superfluous, but I've found it really does help to get in character! Especially with how tricky voice acting can be, with how you can laze around in your PJs and do lines. It's hard to get into character of, for example, a well-to-do, affluent, arrogant woman who owns half the city if you, yourself, are still wearing what you wore to bed and haven't showered in two days. ;) (May or may not illustrate my actual life.) But since I stand up in my booth to run lines, the feeling of my feet in whatever shoes it is I'm wearing is an easy, immediate, silent way to literally ground myself in character. :)

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Cool! You'll have to get yourself a pair of leather armour boots and a pair of steel armour boots then. :D I don't think we have any characters that would wear Daedric...

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Hahahaha! For those situations, I just wear one of my pairs of regular boots and use my imagination. ;) But an excuse to go out and buy me some armor...? I'll take it.  :D

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