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[ETW] EasyEsf for ETW

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Originally written by HusserlTW @ Total War Center forum


Check Minas Moth instructions before installing the tool!!!


EasyEsf is a new editor for easy modding esf and save files. It is based on Taw's converters and includes all known esf modifications, executed in the simplest possible way. The user needs to know nothing about esf files, except where... these files are located in game's installation.

Modifications can be done in 2 ways. If it is about a large scale change user should use the relative buttons in the main page of the program CAMPAIGN, FACTION or REGION. User has also the ability to choose only a specific modification, e.g. make a faction playable. In this case it is better to choose that modification from menu, Campaign, Faction and Region.

Working with EasyEsf is simple: Start application and open menu, File, Esf Folder. Place in there esf or save file. You have to have only one file present except if you want to make a hybrid or new city slots. Only in the last 2 cases you have to copy 2 files, the startpos and save files for hybrid, the startpos and regions files for adding new slots. Have also in mind the these 2 modifications are accessed only from menu bar.

After that if you choose an individual modification from menu bar, its window wil be appear and the esf2 xml conversion will start. Then you make your change(s). Closing the window, Taw's converter will automatically rebuild your file.

If you want to make large scale changes, after copying your esf or save file in ESF Folder, click on START so esf2xm prepares the file. Proceed to your changes. When finish return to the starting window and select BUILD ESF. Your file will be ready in a couple of a minutes(depending your machine's specs).


The actual changes last only a couple of seconds but converting esf 2 xml and backwards takes some time. You have to use a vanilla startpos or one that no changes have become in its structure. What I mean by that? Some modifications done using old manual way may cause a change in the place of a secondary record. For example adding Line of Sight manually in a region, it was convenient to place it in first place under REGION than in 5th where it is by default. This causes no problems in game but confuses EasyEsf if it is asked to search for LoS status, since it will look for LoS in 5th place. This is not happening with main records position. For example it does not matter if CAMPAIGN_MODEL is in any place, so hybrids can be modded without a problem.

Instead of making a long help document I've placed many small help infos where I thought you need to know some more details about the modding procedure. Also you are warned for modifications that must be also included in a mod pack. If you do these changes in startpos and you will not include in a mod pack then either they will not be visible in game (e.g. texts), or you'll have a CTD (e.g. a new unit resource).

Last I've added a couple of tutorials for the more complex modifications. In the future I'll add some more and maybe those how to make the mod packs additions where is needed.

Available Modifications:


1. Date
2. Turns per Year
3. Mod Folder
4. Camera bug
5. Changing unit size
6. Line of Sight addition

Faction's Modifications:

1. Playable/not
2. Major/Minor
3. Treasury
4. Religion
5. Government
6. AI
7. Capitals (current, historical)
8. Colors. A color converter utility is included (Hexadecimal to RGB and vice versa).
9. Victory Conditions
10. Tech Tree.
11. Characters.
12. Family Tree.
13. Emergent to playable
14. Armies and Navies
15. Diplomacy Manager

Region's Modifications:

1. Subculture
2. Income
3. Religion
4. Unit resources
5. Building types
6. Building on empty slot
7. Activate an emergent town or port

Add new city slots

(accessed only in menu, Region)

Make Hybrid Startpos

(accessed only in menu bar)

Current version 1.1

* EasyEsf for Napoleon has been added.

* Added the right tutorial file. (ETW)
* Fixed a problem with wrong playable and major current status in faction page.
* Fixed in faction's capital's list box not showing all the regions owned by the faction. (ETW)
* Fixed a problem in individual Regions page with emergent slots. (ETW)
* Several minor fixes. (ETW)
Previous versions:

Version beta 0.1.3

* Added Regions editing: subculture, income, religion, unit resources, building types are now editable. Also you can add a building on an empty slot, or activate an emergent town or port.
* Added new city slots editing. Now you can add new building slots in cities with a couple of clicks. This modification is available only from menu, Region because 2 files are needed to be modded (startpos and regions).
* Added Line of Sight addition for regions in Campaign's modifications. Now you can eliminate Fog of War in all regions of any startpos with one click.
* Fixed a problem in individual Tech modification.

Version beta 0.1.2

* Added Armies and Navies editing. New breakthrough: add as many units you like in an existing army (total 20).
* Added Diplomacy Manager editing.
* Added changing unit size future. This is very useful for changing the size of starting armies unit size for mods like Darth's, etc.
* New tutorial added on armies and navies editing.
* Fixed a problem where the output rebuild startpos or save had not kept its original name but the generic startpos.esf.
* Fixed a problem in Campaign editing where map mod folder was not updated correctly making output startpos useless.
* Fixed a problem with a character editing where the character was relocated in edge of the map.
* Fixed a problem with a character editing where traits listbox was nit updated.

Version beta 0.1.1


* In Faction page Capitol input box has available only the regions belonging to the selected faction.
* You can add an .empire_save file as well for modding in Esf folder. You must always have only the file you want modded present in Esf Folder (startpos or save) unless you are making Hybrid where you have to have both startpos and save files (see instructions about Hybrid).
* Other changes


* Edit Tech Tree.
* Edit Characters.
* Edit Family Tree.
* Easy Emergent to playable. NOTICE: Since now in Capitol input box has available only the regions belonging to the selected faction, for an emergent will have only... Wurttemberg (the last in alphabetical list) available. In this case just copy the region you like for Capitol from the Historical Capitol list.
* Tutorials for working with EasyEsf . I'll add some tutorials about changes that are somehow complicated or need special attention in some points. In this update I've added Emergent to playable tutorial.

Version beta 0.1

Campaign Modifications:

1. Date
2. Turns per Year
3. Mod Folder
4. Camera bug

Faction Modifications:

1. Playable/not
2. Major/Minor
3. Treasury
4. Religion
5. Government
6. AI
7. Capitols
8. Colors. A color converter utility is included (Hexadecimal to RGB and vice versa).
9. Victory Conditions

Hybrid Startpos

1. Make hybrid

This first release is about Empire. I have not tested at all in Napoleon. Some modifications should work but some not, since Napoleon's file has some more entries than Empire's. The program is fairly self explanatory. Where it is needed I have Info buttons with brief instructions. EasyEsf is working like this:

a. Add the startpos.esf you want modded
b. Set the changes
c. Build new startpos

Needless to say that without Taw's work I could not make this editor. His excellent work in converting stubborn files like esf has opened new ways for searching and modding. Do not forget to rep the man.

Now lets... mod and roll!


There are many difficulties reported by some users completing changes successfully using EasyEsf.
These problems are caused because of:

1. UCA issues.
2. Folders Privileges.
3. Bad installation of EasyEsf, JRuby or/and nokogiri.
4. A previously modded file with EsfEditor that has changed file's structure.

If you want to mod an already modded file I suggest you make your first the change in a clean vanilla startpos and then try to change the modded one. You can also try the following tips:

1. Execute exe as admin straight from file and not using shortcut.
2. Reinstall jruby and nogogiri.
3. Copy whole directory of EasyEsf in a place outside Program Files folder and if available in another HD

Alternatively you can use use Taw's esf2xml converter to convert your startpos to esf (alternatively you can try also this: http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?t=438386, it works with startpos of all games). After you have completed conversion, copy the XML folder in EasyEsf directory, replacing the existing XML folder if any. Run EasyEasf, make your changes, then copy back XML folder to converter and convert xml2esf. In this case you cannot use the menu individual changes but the 3 buttons in first page (campaign, faction and region) where you can make individual or large scale changes. Also there is no point to use the Start and Build buttons.


Download and extract Setup_EasyEsfSuite for ETW.7z, execute Setup_EasyEsfSuite for ETW.exe and follow the instructions of the setup wizard. After installation of the main application you will be asked if you want to install jRuby scripting language. If you have not jRuby installed (or you are not sure), you have to let the wizard to install it.

Download Link 1: http://www.theassimilationlab.com/forums/files/file/832-easyesf-for-etw/

Download Link 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?7dmdnb8t7ndcbd0

Update 1:

After installing EasyEasf Suite above proceed to install update 1.1. Download ee_etw_11_ntw_10.7z, unzip it, run ee_etw_11_ntw_10.exe and follow the instructions. You have to have
EasyEasf Suite even if you want to install only EasyEsf for Napoleon from update 1.1.

Download Link 1: http://www.theassimilationlab.com/forums/files/file/832-easyesf-for-etw/

Download Link 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?ttf3ieu7xxhs7cp

FIX 1_1_1 for ETW:

Last download attached EasyEasf_1_1_.7z and decompress it in
EasyEsf for ETW directory, overwriting the existing files. This update fixes some problems occurred in FACTION page when changes were saved.

Please note that all pictures can also be found in the download area.  Also, I can only give support for the most common issue e.g CTD, installation, but if I cannot answer your question then I suggest that you post it here.

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