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[ETW, NTW, S2TW] - EasyLoc

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Originally written by HusserlTW @ Total War Center forum



Loc files hold the texts that are appeared on screen in game. You can edit them using Pack File Manager by LtChambers or loc2tsv by taw. Here is how a loc file is shown in PFM:


Every entry has a Code Name (Tag column), the On Screen Text (Localised String column) and a Boolean (working with EasyLoc you do not have to worry about Boolean). Usually we change the On Screen Text on an existing Code Name or we add both new. Though it is fairly easy to edit a loc file, the thousands entries it contains, makes sometimes things hard to be managed, especially if you want to find something or to make multi-changes.

Working with EasyLoc

First you have to open the game pack or mod pack that contains the loc file you want to edit, e.g. local_en_patch.pack. Then export it as a TSV (see at top of the image above), saving TSV file where you like, e.g. on Desktop. Then open EasyLoc, select menu File, Loc Folder and copy in there the TSV. Keep only one TSV file at a time! After making your changes, copy back TSV on your desktop, open the pack with PFM and import back TSV. Save and you are good to go!

If you have difficulties to make a loc pack, you'll find one in Loc folder. So after you finish editing open that pack, import your new TSV and.. use it (keep a copy for later use). Do not forget to delete textui.loc if you do not use it.



1. Add a New Entry

If you want to add a new entry then type the Code Name and the On Screen Text. If the later text is long you can type it in the text editor, edit it and then copy in the On Screen Text input box. When you are ready select Add Entry button. Your new entry will be copied in Preview sheet. You can add another entry or edit an existing one. When you are done select Save Changes button. If you mark the checkbox "Open TSV after save changes" (beside the Save Changes button) your TSV will open automatically with your default program. New and edited entries are always added at the end of the file. Also in menu, Last Changes you can see always the last changes you have done.

2. Edit an Existing Entry

Use the search function to find the entry or the entries you like to change, using a key word or a phrase. This is very usefull if you want to change text that exist in more than one entries. For example the faction name exists in 2 entries, unit names in 3 and so on. To select the entry you want to edit, just select any of its cells in first sheet and it will be transferred in the input boxes below for editing. If the text is long it will be transferred automatically in text editor for editing. After you' ve edited it, select Set button. Your new entry will be copied in Preview sheet. You can edit another existing entry. When you are done select Save Changes button.

You cannot modify an entry in Preview sheet. You can either Remove it and start over, or save it, then search for it to edit. Though I have use it only with English language in
ETW and NTW, it must work with any loc, for any game (ETW, NTW, STW) in any language. Please feed back if you use it in another language or in Shogun 2 at any language.

Current version:

v. 1.0.1

* Added several improvements
* Fixed an issue with deleting old entries which had been replaced by new.
* Fixed an issue of adding sometimes blank entries.


To avoid UAC problems I left it as it is without setup launcher. So download 
(attached file only on TWC), unzip and place the EasyLoc folder anywhere you like. Execute program using the EasyLoc.exe.

EasyLoc cannot handle a TSV if it is opened the same time in another program (it happened a lot to me...)


Please note that all pictures can also be found in the download area.  Also, I can only give support for the most common issue e.g CTD, installation, but if I cannot answer your question then I suggest that you post it here.

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