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[S2TWl] - Shogun 2 Converter for Esf, Db , Loc and Unit_Variant files...

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Originally written by HusserlTW @ Total War Center forum

Shogun2 Total War Converter

Since Taw's converters are the most reliable tools for modding Shogun2 (at least for the moment), I made a window application for his esf, db and loc converters. In this way users that do not feel comfortable with cmd window can easy make their conversions. To make things easy and practical I simplified some procedures, making S2C more friendly than the one I've made for Empire but not less powerful. Since S2C actually generate console programs, it freezes during conversion (like Esf Editor freezes when saves) but this is normal, conversion is executed in the background.


S2C itself does not need any installation. Download Shogun2 _ Converter.zip and extract it on your desktop. From the extracted S2C folder just copy Shogun2 Converter folder where ever you like, make a short cut of the exe file on your desktop and you are good to go. But since Taw's converters are made in JRuby scripting language you have to install it in your computer. Those of you who already use Taw's converters in console mode you do not need to do the following:

1. I suppose that you have Java installed already but if you are not sure go here and check. It is just 13 MB download. Now, in S2C you'll find a JRuby folder which contains 1.6.0 version for Windows. You have to install it.

2. After JRuby has been installed successfully in the Batch folder in S2C and run both batch files you'll find in there. It will take a couple of seconds each. Now you are ready to start converting.


Special Thanks to TAW for his contribution in modding


Changes log:

v. 1.1
* Unit_variant to Txt conversion added.
* Text box added showing the user's current path selection.

1. Esf To Xml

Press Esf2Xml to button , browse and select the file you want converted. You can choose any esf file. After conversion xml(s) will be placed in Xml Folder which will open automatically.
To convert back to Esf make sure that your xml(s) ar in Xml Folder, press Esf2Xml button and get your converted file from ESF Folder which will be opened automatically. For make things easier, the name of the converted file will be startpos.esf no matter what was its original name. Rename it back if you have to (e.g. in case it s a regions.esf file).

2. Db To TSV

Before start Converter, extract the db file(s) with PFM. Files will be extracted full path. That means that if you choose to extract units, you'll find dbunits_tableunits file. You can extract multiply files or whole db.

Start Converter and press Db2Tsv. Select your db folder that contains the extracted file(s). Tsv(s) will be found in Tsv Folder (db). To convert back, make sure that your Tsv(s) are in Tsv Folder, press Tsv2Db and get your new db files from Db Folder. Before editing your TSV(s) look below in Editing TSV(s).

3. Loc To Tsv

Press Loc2Tsv button and select the loc file you want converted. You can convert one file at a time. Your converted Tsv will be found in Tsv Folder (loc). Make your changes and after you are sure that they are back in Tsv Folder (loc) press Tsv2Loc to convert then to loc files. Get your new files from Loc Folder. Before editing your TSV(s) look below in Editing TSV(s).

4. Unit_Varian To Txt

Press Var2Txt button and select the *.unit_variant file you want converted. Your converted variant will be found in Txt Folder. Make your changes and press Txt2Var to convert it back from txt to unit_variant. Get your new file from Variant Folder.


Editing TSVs: TSV made by Taw conversions cannot be edited straight by a spread sheet but only by a text editor. Hpwever i found a trick to bypass that. See here: http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showt...22#post9276922

Have in mind that in every new conversion, files from previous conversions are deleted. On the other hand you do not have to make a full circle of a conversion before you use it again. If for example you are converting esf to xml you do not have to make xml to esf before you use again esf converter. You can open Xml Folder, copy your xml(s ) for later use in a safe place and proceed to make another conversion. Whenever you have finished editing the first xml(s) you've kept for later use in a safe place, copy them back to Xml Folder and go straight for xml2esf conversion. The same flexible way you can work with all converters.

Taw's converters are under development and that means that they cannot, for example, convert all db tables so keep an eye for updates because no doubt he will complete them!


Since Shogun2 Converter is based and includes Taw's cmd converters, have a look at his threads for the futures of converters, news, updates etc. If you want to update the program with the latest Taw's files, download them from Taw's thread and copy the files in the appropriate folder of Shogun2 Converter, replacing existing files.


Please note that all pictures can also be found in the download area.  Also, I can only give support for the most common issue e.g CTD, installation, but if I cannot answer your question then I suggest that you post it here.

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