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[S2TW] - Quick scripted modifications: Change Treasury, Disable rebelions, Unveil map, Remove startpos and scripting from pack.

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Originally written by HusserlTW @ Total War Center forum

Here I'll post easy minor modifications found in Shogun.

First of all if you are sick of making a pack for the esf files you can do that: keep a backup of data.pack and patch.pack. Open data.pack with PFM and extract campaigns record on your desktop. A folder campaigns with 2 sub folders with each campaign will be created on your desktop. Copy campaigns folder in your game's data folder. Now open data.pack and patch.pack with PFM, cancel CA Packs Are Read Only and delete campaigns in each pack. Now game will load the startpos and scripting from the ..datacampaignsjap_shogun folder. I have not found a way yet to create a mod folder...

Tip: When you make modifications in startpos or/and scripting and you test them, if you want to change something you do not have to exit game completely. You can just exit to game's main menu, make your new changes in startpos or/and scripting, start a new campaign, test and repeat if necessary (it would help to have the game windowed and not full screen). In this way you will save the time needed to start the game every time.

1. Treasury

You can adjust treasury by the classic way through startpos but there is an easier way. To do so just add the following tiny script in first OnNewCampaignStarted block of scripting.lua:
scripting.game_interface:treasury_mod("clan_name", 1000)
The attached zip file contains campaigns folder. Unzip and place it n data folder of shogun. In there ther is scripting.lua. You can use it unpacked, juat open with notepad and make your changes. As you can see in image below, you can change clan name and amount of cash (here is shimazu 20000000). Also I have disabled Fog of War. If you want it back just delete the appropriate lines (see 4th script about Shroud).


2. User Script

User script file is called again user.script.txt as in Napoleon.

3. Disable rebellions

4. Shroud

As you've noticed FoW comes back after 1s turn. As TC pointed the right code is:

events.FactionTurnStart[#events.FactionTurnStart+1] = function(context)    scripting.game_interface:show_shroud(false)end
It is included in attached file and you can also see it in the image above.

5. All buildings 1 turn build time

I made this small pack for testing quickly my mods. Buildings can be constructed in one turn. I have also all units recruited in0 turns (means you can have whole que in one turn) and I removed unit limits. Just unzip Quick_Campaign.zip and place pack in data folder. It is movie and you do not need to mod user script.
Here is all the original attachments on TWC you need for this tutorial.

Please note that I cannot answer any question you may have about this tutorial, so I suggest that you post your questions here.  Also all downloads (attachments, mods, tools etc) on TWC requires registration except for external links e.g Mediafire.
All pictures in this tutorial can be found in this tutorial gallery.

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