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[ETW] - Empire Total Factions 2.1 - Final

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Originally written by HusserlTW @ Total War Center forum





Etf launcher



Empire: Total Factions 2

ETF is a combination of the several startpos mods that make playable all factions in Early (normal), Late and Warpath campaigns. With ETF you can play as any faction with a couple of clicks, without replacing, copying or deleting any files. Moreover the mod use it's own folder and do not overwrite any of your vanilla files. When you run ETF 2 the mod graphical user interface is appeared:


Etf options


Here you can choose to play:

1. Early Campaign with all factions playable.

2. Late Campaign with all factions playable.

3. Warpath Campaign with all factions playable including emergent.

4. Any emergent in Early or in Late Campaign (select Early or Late radio button under Emergent button and then hit Emergent).



In 2.1 version Options page has removed while a new one (emergent on Early Campaign) has been added. The content of Options has been relocated in the new menu bar of the mod added some more useful futures:

1. File: easy access of user script and preferences files, as well as save game folder.
2. AI: Enabe or Disable mod's CAI and BAI.
3. Actions: Check Files and Restore utilities. Check Files will find all files (if any) that are not vanilla or they do not belong to ETF mod. After version 2.1 no further action is being taken. If you want to remove any of these files found by utility, you have to do it manually. Restore removes any mod files (ETF only) and restores any vanilla files that have temporarily removed for running ETF. Have in mind that it wil restore any startpos and scripting files it finds in main with vanilla. Check Files and Restore Vanilla can help you with a messy game's installation.
4. More Content: Vae Victi's campaign is an early all playable campaign with some additional changes he has made to some of the minor nations making them more playable. Details here: http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showt...09#post8162209
5. Help: a general troubleshooter with some typical hep menu items.


Update History:

version 2.1

* New launcher, more friendly.
* All emergent now available in Early Campaign.

Previous versions:

version 2.0

* New launcher.
* Options page added with useful utilities.
* Early Campaign by Vae victis.
* New CAI and BAI.
* Emergent files reworked in an attempt to solve the bug that changes randomly the units in a city garrison.
* FoW in emergent is back.
* All DLCs are supported in Late Campaign's mods.
* Animations improved thanks to tiyafeh's mod. Now officers point in the battlefield, or look through telescope etc. instead of staying still. Also man_musket_sabre animations changed so when charging and in melee some of the men will use sabres and others will use muskets.
* Historical mini maps (thanks to jarnomiedema's mod).
* Sottish unit limits removed.
* Colombia religion buildings issue fixed.
* Louisiana's cities changed from Native to European.
* Handover issue fixed.

version 1.1

* New powerful launcher. Now the user.script.txt is created and/or edited automatically. When ETF is terminated, launcher erases all changes in game's data folder and user.script.txt.
* Scripting.lua has been reworked by Rizz. Now only when player plays as one of the 3 American protectorates the handover is disabled. If he plays as one of the European patrons missions will be there.
* The church fix for Mexico and Quebec is included in main mod pack.
* Scottish units assigned to... Scotland and their recruitment limits have been removed.
* Other minor changes.

version 1.0

* Graphical User Interface has been added
* The next mods are included: All Playable, Late Campaign, All emergent, All playable for Warpath Campaign
* Modfoldering has been added.


Installation and instructions

Download ETF21.zip, unzip it, run ETF21.exe and install the mod following the on screen instructions. Make sure that you install mod in your game's directory which by default is C:\Program Files (x86)Steam\steamapps\common\empire total war. If you have installed game in a different path redirect installer when the installation path screen appears, browsing your path.

Download link: http://www.theassimilationlab.com/forums/files/file/826-empire-total-factions/

Download link: http://www.filefactory.com/file/c27ea41/n/ETF21.zip

Always start Steam manually and then start ETF using the desktop shortcut. Select your campaign and play. No command is needed to be added in user.empire_script.txt.


You can install mod using addremove programs of windows. If you accepted it during installation, there will be a folder created in Start Menu, named Empire Total Factions containing a uninstall link. Uninstall exe can be found in game's directory (...empire total war).

Please note that all pictures can be found in the download area.  Also, I can only give support for the most common issue e.g CTD, installation, but if I cannot answer your question then I suggest that you post it here.

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