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NTF is an all factions playable (included emergent), for all campaigns of Napoleon Total War, easy to install and run: just click 'n play! Campaigns are offered in SP and MP mode.

Special thanks to alpaca for his contribution in releasing version 3.0. Unlocking factions in game's menu is his work.

NTF Launcher:
NTF comes with a launcher making playing the md just a matter of 2 clicks. Select campaign, campaign mode (sp or mp) and you are good to go! From v. 3.5 launcher is made fully in Visual Basic, using no batch or script files, in an attempt to help users experiencing problems with their anti-virus. For the same reason editing user.script.txt is not needed any more to play NTF. From File menu you can have an easy access in user script, preferences script and save games. In Utilities menu there is Check Files utility added in all my launchers. This utility checks the files in your game's data folder and informs you about the files you have there and they do not belong to vanilla or NTF. This is useful when you want to see if there are any forgotten files that perhaps causing you problems.

Released versions and changing log:  
version 3.6.1

* New useful futures and utilities in mod's launcher (detailed manual in menu Help). Now campaigns can be selectd only in menu, Campaigns.
* MP campaigns restored.
* Campaigns restored without cities conversions to avoid save game corrupted files.
* Extra campaigns (United Netherlands, Italy) reworked. Now Italy starts in Northern Italy and owns Piedmont as well.
* Skin changing removed for a shorter release time. It will be added again in a future version.
* Other changes

Previous versions:

Installation and instructions  
First uninstall any previous version of NTF. Then decompress NTF361.7z and run NTF_setup.exe following the installer's instructions. Make sure you install mod in your game's directory (...napoleon total war) browsing in another installation path than default, if necessary. The mod uses its own mod folder and do not overwrite any of vanilla files. After mod installation proceed in installing the update.

Link 1: http://www.theassimilationlab.com

Link 2: http://www.mediafire.com

UPDATE: Download attached and extract it in ...napoleon total warNTF replacing existing files.
IMPORTANT : To run the mod launch Steam manually and then start NTF. The mod is compatible with new Napoleon Total Combat. If you have problems with game's startup, please copy the report found in ...napoleon total warNTFNTF_log.txt in the post along with your question/problem. Since this report may be very long, it would be good to use the "code" tags:

Please note that all pictures can be found in the download area. Also, I can only give support for the most common issue e.g CTD, installation, but if I cannot answer your question then I suggest that you post it here.
You need use the spoiler tag instead of the code tag due to difference between forum software and the post attachment update_3.6.1 (download requires registration on TWC) can be found in the download area.