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[ETW] - Greek Mod 3.0 with AOR system

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Originally written by HusserlTW @ Total War Center forum

Hellas Mod v. 3.X
The 3rd major release of Hellas mod includes some changes in mod's interface and in campaign. A handy, simple but powerful launcher starts the mod game with one click. No more editing user script or manually move files around. Moreover you can find some useful futures in menu which you should already know from ETF launcher. Important: you do not have to -and you must not- edit user script unless you want to add other mods and combine them with Hellas Mod.




In campaign there are some significant changes as well. Now it starts in 1821 and it is set in 4 turns per year. Greece has got only Moreas region. Income has slightly increased in Moreas and Greece regions to help the new state survive the first turns as it is already in war with Ottomans. The Greek treasury is only 5000 while the Ottomans are far wealthier. In 15 first turns only irregulars and phillelines units are available. I've also increased dislikeness in population of Moreas to reflect the civil fights among Greeks during the revolution. Since it is not possible to add new characters, 2 unique units have been added, Theodoros Kolokotronis and Nikitaras. They have 12 men each, superior stats, they use the Royal Phalanx texture, while their leader use different main colours (red and green instead of blue) representing the 2 historical persons. Larissa is present from the start of the game as education town while Ioannina has been changed to a textile town. There are also some other minor changes and a couple of fixes for issues that had been reported in previous version.


Hellas Mod v. 2.X
This is version 2.X of Greek mod with many changes that aim to make it more interesting and more joyful. The most obvious changes are in textures. There are some fine textures made by Anastasios and some temporary made by me. All the textures should be reworked from Anastasios in next releases. Some units historically had traditional uniforms and guns. I've tried to make as closed it was possible due to serious limitations in changing models.

However the most important change in the game play are the changes in units stats and units recruitment. Stats where reworked having in mind the VH level where Greece normally has no chance. Even now it is very challenging and only a TW expert has a few chances to succeed.

Game play info and tips:

The regular units are expensive and limited in numbers thus with better stats and full sizes. This reflects the small economy of the new established Kingdom. Greek units can be recruited only in Moreas, Greece and Rumelia. The only global units are the irregulars and Chorofilakes (infantry and cavalry) that historically had also police duties. Naval units are also global. You won't be able to make more than 3-4 full stacks with regular units because of the limitations. Also the high prices in buying and keeping them will discourage you to recruit many of them early in the game before you develop your economy. But the enemies will never let you do that in land and sea...

A good strategy is always to avoid quick expansion and develop your economy. All the building slots in Athens lead to prestige buildings that boosts your economy. Sacrifice one of your towns for making a school for technology research. To protect your lands base your starting armies in irregulars that are cheap to buy and maintain. They are veterans of the Greek Revolution and especially in melee combat are excellent fighters. Also Philellenes (foreign volunteers) should be your early solution in recruiting line army and cavalry. They have also low cost in recruitment and up keeping.

Greece starts with 2 commercial and 1 naval port, reflecting the strong power that has traditionally in sea trade. Even during the Revolution the Greeks used trade vessels transformed to battle ships. There are 4 special unique naval units that should help you survive from the see threats with low cost in recruitment and up keeping. Also Greek 5th rate line vessels can beat easily the 5th rates of other factions and will be a challenging opponent for bigger enemy ships with the help of the unique naval units. Historically this power should be met in smaller vessels but in Late Campaign there are many big ships of the line around, so 5th rate is considered a small vessel even in the beginning of the game.

As mentioned the limitations in unit numbers will not let you make more than 3-4 full stack of regular units and these only in home regions and Rumelia. For the rest of the world you can recruit local units. More than 130 units are recruitable by Greece with the included AOR system.

Since the depth in game play is a main objective for this mod your suggestions and ideas in this filed playing with Greek mod is mostly welcome.

Changes in version 2.3:

* Includes all previous fixes.
* All reported bugs have been fixed.

Changes in version 2.2:

* New units
* New textures by Anastasios
* Darth compatible version available
* Other changes

Changes in version 2.1:

* New textures added for Taktikos Stratos and Artillery units, created by Anastasios.
* Fixed issue with Steam Ship
* Square formastion added for Philellenes
* Other minor changes

Changes in version 2:

* Greek army reformed completely to reflex the time period. Historical accurate names and descriptions.
* New skins for Greek units.
* AOR system added for Greece.
* Greek ships of the line (1st-6th rate) retextured.
* Four special Greek naval units.
* Land and naval Greek units stats reworked.
* Four new prestige buildings.
* BAI improved following some ideas of Darth Vader.
* Animations improved thanks to tiyafeh,s mod. Now officers point in the battlefield, or look through telescope etc. instead of staying still. Also man_musket_sabre animations changed so when charging and in melee some of the men will use sabres and others will use muskets.
* Greek titles have replaced European (Basileus, Prothipourgos, etc.).
* Many other minor changes.
Prestige Buildings
Anaktora (government). The neoclassical three-floor structure designed by Friedrich von G?rtner and completed in 1843, originally served as a palace for the Greek monarchs.

Academia, Acad?me, or the Academy are collective terms for the community of students and scholars engaged in higher education and research. The word comes from the akademeia, just outside ancient Athens, where the gymnasium was made famous by Plato as a center of learning.

Oplostasio was the central wherahouse of military equipment assigned to Artillery Administartion.

Gramateia Stratiotikon was the center of the army leadership and command of the Greek Kingdom.

The Greek Army:


Royal Phalanx

Royal Phalanx was honorary corps of veterans of the Greek Revolution. The carried musket and sword, were dressed with their traditional clothes and they had excellent melee skills.
Ethnofilakes (National Guards) where responsible for the protection of the country side from rebel attacks. They were Veterans of the Revolution, very experienced in combat with excellent skills for melee battle. They carried a musket and a sword and were dressed with traditional clothes.
Orofilakes (Mountain Guards) where responsible for the protection of the mountain areas from rebel attacks. They were Veterans of the Revolution, very experienced in combat with excellent skills for melee battle. They carried a musket and a sword and were dressed with the traditional clothes.
Acrobolistes (Sharpshooters) were Veterans of the Revolution used in the battlefield as supporting force to regular army. They were very experienced in combat with excellent skills for melee battle. They carry a rifle and a sword and they were allowed to wear their traditional clothes.

Bavarian Corps
was a military force that accompanied the Bavarian first King of Greece, to secure his authority in the new established Greek Kingdom. NEW texture by Anastasios
Bavarian Royal Guard NEW texture by Anastasios
Phelellenes Philhellenism (the love of Greek culture) was an intellectual fashion prominent at the turn of the 19th century, that led Europeans like Lord Byron to advocate for Greek independence from the Ottoman Empire. NEW texture by Anastasios
Phelellenes Ippeis Texture by Anastasios
Taktikos Stratos Greek Taktikos Stratos (regular army) was organized in 1833 as the european modern armies of that period. New texture by Anastasios
Evelpides are young officer cadets, attending the Evelpidon Military Academy of Greece. They are well trained, but young and inexperienced light infantry units armed with rifles. Texture by Anastasios
Naval Cadets are young officers straight away from the Hellenic Naval Academy. They are well trained in melee fighting, but very often they prove themselves adept in handling rifles, that provides them a handy versatility in battle. Texture by Anastasios
Michaniko (Engineers), was a special technical force for constructing military facilities, bridges, roads, etc NEW texture by Anastasios
Chorofilakes (state guards) were military corps loyal to Greek monarch and responsible for maintaing the low and the order in all the state, the military camps and the army. It included infantry and cavalry units.
Chorofilakes Ippeis NEW texture by Anastasios
Lonchoforoi Ippeis (Lancers) was the first cavalry force of Greek Army.Texture by Anastasios
Epanastates Off. where officers of the regular army that often protest or made movements against the King's authority disappointed by his military or foreign policy.
Artillery units NEW texture by Anastasios
Non Historical units

Revolutionary Guards New Unit textured by Anastasios
Republican Guards New Unit textured by Anastasios
Campaign Line Infantry New Unit textured by Anastasios
Heavy Cavalry NEW texture by Anastasios
Greek Navy:

All line ships have been retextured. Also 4 unique special naval units have been added.
Special naval units:

Frigate ΕΛΛΑΣ 1st rate, Frigate ΕΛΠΙΣ 3rd rate, Frigate ΣΑΛΑΜΙΣ 4th rate, Frigate ΑΘΗÎΑ 5th rate



First uninstall any previous version by deleting the relevant folders. Download Hellas_setup.7z, extract it and run the setup file. Make sure that you will install mod in main game's directory, which by default is in <HD>:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommonempire total war. None of your files will be overwritten. After that proceed on installing the 3.0.1 fix.

Download Link: Hellas_setup.7z


Download the Hellas_301Fix.7z and extract it in ...empire total war overwriting existing files.

Download Link: Hellas_301Fix.7z



for his lancers, albanian and musician models.
Sir Digby Chicken Caesar for his Sikh warrior model.
tiyafeh for his animation mod.
Kungfuserge for his constant help.
Darth Vader for his work in improving AI.
Gertrudius!andKKB5for the help and material.


V. 1.5 beta

* Compatible with 1.5 patch
* Greece playable in Late Campaign
* Greece starts with greece and moreas regions
* New textures
* Loading screens
* Other minor changes

The Team:

Founder of the mod: Demis 14
Mod Leader/Coder: HusserlTw
Lead Skinner/2D artist: Anastasios
Skinner/2D artist: sam100255
Research: Starlightman, HusserlTw

Thanks to:

1. Just for EsfEditor, Koras321, alpaca, erasmus777 for the later development.
2. LtChambers for PackFileManager and DbEditor.
3. Alpaca for modfoldering.
4. All the friends of Greek mod thread.

Please note that all pictures can be found in the original release thread.  Also, I can only give support for the most common issue e.g CTD, installation, but if I cannot answer your question then I suggest that you post it here.

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People have been asking for the Greek 2.2 mod, so here can you download both the Greek 2.2 mod plus the Greek 2.3 mod Fix and the Greek 2.2 Darthmod plus the Greek 2.2 Darthmod mod Fix in one place. :)

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