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Originally written by HusserlTW @ Total War Center forum



Startpos mods is going to be a series of grand campaign mods which refers to a specific place of Europe and if possible they introduce new factions. Balkan and Iberia mods ate already available. More will follow about Scandinavia, Central Europe, British Isles etc.The mod uses it's own graphical interface and modfoldering.

This is mod's main menu. From here you are able to select Balkan Mod, Iberia Mod or a Vanilla game.
Balkans have often mentioned as the gunpowder deposit of Europe. This strategic crossroad placed between East and West has produced some of the greatest civilizations but also some of the most destructive wars. The 19th century in Balkans is the era of new nations arising and perhaps of the most lethal nationalisms...

If you want to play Balkan mod just select a faction. After that user.script pop ups automatically and a cmd window prompts you to add the mod commands. When you save and close it, game starts automatically. In Napoleon's main menu click on the Balkan mod button.


Loading screens:




Army units:




Croatian Elite Infantry
Croatian Grenadiers
Croatian Guards
Croatian Heavy Cavalry
Croatian Hussars
Dalmatian Warriors
Croatian Jeagers
Croatian Lancers
Croatian Light Dragoons
Croatian Light Infantry
Croatian Line Infantry
Sinj Alkars
Slavonian Warriors
Croatian National Guards

Illyrian Revolutioner






I have not added new units but I've removed restrictions so Egyptian campaign units will be available also in European grand campaign.




If you have chosen to play Iberia mod just click on the start button. After that user.script pop ups automatically and a cmd window prompts you to add the mod command. When you save and close it, game starts automatically. In Napoleon's main menu click on the Iberia mod button.

Army units:


Units have not been added for Spain since vanilla are plenty.






If you have chosen to play Scandinavian mod just click on the start button. After that user.script pop ups automatically and a cmd window prompts you to add the mod command. When you save and close it, game starts automatically. In Napoleon's main menu click on the Scandinavian mod button.

Army units:



SwedenSwedish units has not been added since there are enough vanilla and I think there are released a couple of unit packs from skilled modders which can be added.


Though my first intention was to include Denmark, finally I didn't. I've made a special edition for NTF and Iutland's mod which will be released



version 2.3

* Scandinavia mod has been added.
* New faction (Finland)
* Fleet for Finland has been added
* FIX is provided as in NTF for those that have the freezing screen problem.
* Other minor changes

Previous versions:

version 2.2

* Iberia mod has been added.
* Units have been reworked and new ones have been added.
* A problem with revolutions in new Balkan factions has been fixed.
* Other minor

version 2.1

* Unit roster for all Balkan factions has been reworked completely. Now there are more units present in campaign, without strange or unaccepted colors. For Greece units from ETW have been added.
* Units stats have been reworked and a couple of buildings have been added for the recruitment of the local units (like irregulars), which now can be recruited only in Balkan regions.
* Diplomacy has been reworked so the Balkan factions are forced to be aggressive or friendly according historical circumstances.
* Other minor changes

version v. 2.0

* GUI has been added.
* Armies has been reworked for Serbia, Croatia, Moldavia and Hungary. Some icons especially in Hungary have not the right skins but in battlefield the units are o.k. It will be fixed with Greek and Ottoman units addition in next update.
* New loading screens have been added, using SirDCC's Load Screens
* Other minor changes.

version v. 1.2

* All Balkan factions get a general after first turn thanks to rebirthofman's finding.
* Croatia and Moldavia wrong battle flags were fixed.

version v. 1.1

* All Serbia issues are fixed.version v. 1.0
* Hungary has been added.
* Fixed issues with religion and other issues that had remained from original factions.
* Other minor changes.

Beta version

* Playable factions: Ottomans, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Romania, Moldavia.
* Victory conditions, historical leader portraits and names for Balkan factions.
* FoW fixed, only player's regions are revealed.

Installation and instructions

Download Startpos_23_setup.7z, extract it on your desktop using 7zip (free, google for it) and run Startpos_23_setup.exe following the instructions. Check the installation directory which by default is: C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommonnapoleon total war and if necessary change it accordingly. Mod uses its own modfolder and will not overwrite any vanilla files.
Downloading Link http://www.theassimilationlab.com/forums/files/file/840-startpos-mods-balkan-iberia-scandinavia-for-ntw/
Downloading Link http://www.mediafire.com/?xdi73c557gwqwrr

To play the mod:

Be sure you have a user script in your game's script directory. If you are not sure or you do not know how to make one use this tool.

If you choose to play Balkan mod you have to add the following lines:
mod Balkan1_mod.pack;mod Balkan2_mod.pack;
If you want to play Iberia_mod you have to add the following line:
mod Iberia_mod.pack;
If you want to play Scandinavian mod you have to add the following line:
mod Scand_mod.pack;
In all cases, after saving the user script, mod starts automatically. When in Napoleon menu click on the button with mod's name.


The (attached fix - only on TWC) fix is for those and only for those that have the freezing first screen problem when Napoleon starts. Download the attached file and extract it's content in napoleon total warAutoPlaySTARTPOS_MODSDocs replacing all files. Some times you will have to edit user.script manually before start the mod, since it will not pause to do it when you run the game as it is by default. You can edit user script easily using my tool.

The FIX can be downloaded here.   Also, I can only give support for the most common issue e.g CTD, installation, but if I cannot answer your question then I suggest that you post it here.

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