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[NTF] - Towns with all chain slots + religion buildings

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Originally written by HusserlTW @ Total War Center forum

Town with all chain slots

Trying to add some religion buildings for Ottomans, I found how I could increase the available chain slots for towns. As you know there are 2 building chains in every town slot in Napoleon (5 in Empire). For example in town_intellectual you have available to build a chain of education or secret buildings. This makes very difficult the economic growth and research development since some factions (especially the smaller) luck of some slots e.g. town_industrial. So, I made this mod that delivers all available chain slots in towns (totally 6). In this way in every town you can choose to establish whatever building chain you like. For example in a town-commercial except the commerce and supply chains now you have available to choose also among education, secret, factory and guns chains. All buildings have the normal effects and can be fully upgraded.



Town with all chain slots plus religion buildings

Some factions like Ottomans, it is almost impossible to occupy regions since they face constant riots. In this beta mod I've added islamic and orthodox religious buildings. There is one more deference than the mod above. Campaign hud has enough space only for 6 building icons. If more building chains are added they are invisible. So I had to replace one and that was the secret chain in town_intellectual. That means that you can build religious buildings only in town_intellectual and secret in any other (commercial or industrial). I call it beta because the Imam's icon in hud is blank. Other than that the mod works fine.

In this mod is included the ability of spawning scholars and assassins for Ottomans thanks to md1453's work. I've also added imams.




Download the attached Town_Slots.7z and extract it on your desktop. Open Town_Slots folder and copy town_all_slots.pack or town_all_slots_plus_rel.pack in your game's data folder. You cannot use both the same time! The second one is useful only if you play as Ottomans or Russia. In any case copy also town_all_loc.pack for names, texts, etc. None of them needs activation, just place them in game's data folder.

If you use another _loc pack, you can add the necessary lines. Open town_all_loc.pack, export as TSV and copy the rows after 33.024. Paste them in your _loc file.


Download the mod by clicking the top picture. Also, I can only give support for the most common issue e.g CTD, installation, but if I cannot answer your question then I suggest that you post it here.

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