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[RTW] - Rome Medieval Kingdoms 3.1

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Originally written by Lords Of The Knights & RMK-Team @ Total War Center forum

Lord Of The Knights & RM Team are proud to present . . .

Rome Medieval: Kingdoms



Rome Medieval: Kingdoms aims at improving the original mod (RM3) in a number of ways. High quality graphics and new sound effects are the main part of this new immersive environment. Playability in the battlefield gets to new levels with a wider variety of more balanced units, as well as with the introduction of gunpowder weapons. Also, strategy will play a more relevant role when fighting your way in the medieval world. Development is slower, so you will have to learn how to manage your resources: should you build a temple to convert local population or would you prefer the way of the arms by building barracks? Jihad is announced to take the Holy Land back, Bear in mind that The Vatican is paying attention to the actions of all those who call themselves Christians.

This new version of the mod represents a lot for all of us in the team, as we have made great sacrifices to have a decent piece of work released. We are proud to present this mod and we hope all to enjoy it as much as we do!

Rome Medieval: Kingdoms Features:

(Link to RMK Preview)

  • New Faction: Lithuania (Preview).
  • Religions System. Three religions (Islam, Christianity, Pagan).
  • Complete new animation set for RTW.
  • New Flag Bearers & Banners (Preview).
  • Complete new Traits & Ancillaries.
  • A number of brand new units, models and textures. All models are also reworked.
  • New sounds, musics, pre-battle speeches.
  • Gun-powders (Cannons, Rifle units).
  • Grand Campaign map.
  • Major rebalance of units stats and costs.

 Medieval textures for battle map buildings. New AI Formations & Tactics. And many other excellent new features.
Notices: Historical battles are made off for now, they will be included in a separate Add-on. Extended Medieval building textures will be released in a future Add-on. Notices about Campaign special features.


 Clean installation of Rome Total War 1.5 you don't need previous versions of RM.
Installation instructions:

  Download the full installerDouble click on Rome Medieval Kingdoms.exeInstall it to your Rome Total War folderWhen the installation process is finished, make sure the "Install optional material" box is checked if you are interested in installing also the RS2 environments & enhanced HDR graphics, Don't installselect the enhanced HDR graphics before reading the "Readme.txt" **The Shortcut, from Rome Total War folder:
a. create a shortcut of RTW.exe
b. rename it to Rome Medieval Kingdoms
c. right-click on it > properties
d. in Target blank, replace RomeTW.exe" with RomeTW.exe" -nm -mod:RomeMedievalMOD -show_err (copy it from here)
e. go to "Change icon". Browse to your RTW folder and get into "Optional Icon" folder. Pick the Rome Medieval icon.
f. Accept the changes and then cut the shortcut from the Rome Total War folder and past it wherever you want.Install latest RMK HotFixPlay the mod!
** You can install them later if you want, from the RTW folder (Optional Material.exe)

Download links

See the original release thread for other download links.
RM Kingdoms Knights:

  Lord Of The Knights - Team Leader, Coding, Mapper, Textures, 2D works, Texts, Musics (click here to rep) Mataputas - Traits & Ancillaries, Coding, Sounds, Musics, Historical Battles (click here to rep) Soarin' - Modeling, Animations (click here to rep) morfeasnikos - Modeling, Animations (click here to rep) Quinn Inuit - AI Formations (click here to rep)


 Narf of Picklestink - M&B Open Source

To arms...


Download the mod by clicking the top picture.   Also, I can only give support for the most common issue e.g CTD, installation, but if I cannot answer your question then I suggest that you post it here.

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