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[ETW] Early American Colonization

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Originally written by HusserlTW @ Total War Center forum



Early American Colonization


Special thanks to:

Demokritos, for history research, consulting and his valuable help for this mod.

Hinkel , for his help in making flags.
(picture could not be found on TWC)

This mod of ETW is about the American colonization in the 17th century. At this time Spain has already establish a colonial status in central and south continent, and in Caribbean islands. Other European factions have strong bases in Caribbean and maintain some trade settlements in the coastline of North America.


Map: American theater of ETW (RTI 3).

Starting date: 1647 A.D.

European colonial factions:

1. British West Indies
2. Nova Gallia
3. Westindische Compagnie
4. Nya Sverige
5. Neu Kurland
6. New Spain

Native American Factions:

1. Innu
2. Ongwanonsionni
3. Ochetiyotipi Shakowin (Sioux)
4. Ani-Yunwiya
5. Wendat

Starting positions: European factions have a strong presence in Caribbean, in Central and in northern parts of South America. All of them, except New Spain, also maintain trade settlements in the cost line of North America. These settlements are presented as forts and they are protected by a stationed garrison. In the beginning, Europeans are in piece, have trade relations and some of them are allied with the natives that own the regions they have settled down. All North America and Newfoundland belongs to native Americans. Also in Caribbean strong Pirates are looking to loot passing trade ships.

Important note: Never live forts-settlements ungarrisoned or they will change ownership automatically.

(picture could not be found on TWC)

Armies: Europeans can recruit armies in all regions they own or they'll conquer but there are limitations in the type and the numbers of units. Generally they can recruit unlimited units of settlers, militia, minutemen, native mercenaries, etc. to every region they own or conquer. Professional units can be recruited in limited numbers only in the starting regions and the major cities that may conquer like Boston, Pennsylvania or Quebec. Some units are excluded at all from the game. There was an effort to keep the necessary historicity, however not in the expense of the game enjoyment. Natives have limitations in the numbers of fire armed units. Also they cannot recruit artillery units.


Fleets: Unavailable naval units include the ships that are over 3rd rate (2nd, 1st, Heavy) and the steam ships. Pirates can recruit also strong fleets. All type of naval ships can be recruited in trading ports so there is no need to build naval ports.

(picture could not be found on TWC)

Update 2.1 (save compatible with 2.0)

Historical accurate Sweden and Courland overseas flags:


Since it is impossible to find for native Americans real portraits and flags (actually they didn't use them) some art work collected from the net is added:


(picture could not be found on TWC)

King portraits:


General portraits:

(picture could not be found on TWC)

Minister portraits:

(picture could not be found on TWC)

(For Warpath release) Shaman portraits:


(some bigger images can be found here)

Release History

E.A.C. v. 2.2:

*Updated for 1.6 patch

E.A.C. v. 2.1:

* New flags for New Sweden, New Courland and natives added.
* Native portraits added.
* Other minor changes.

E.A.C. v. 2.0:

* Updated for 1.4 patch.
* Other minor changes

* Characters and units birth date changed according game's starting date.

E.A.C. v. 1.1:

* Problematic pirates fleet removed.

E.A.C. v. 1.0:

* Starting date 1647 A.D.
* Changes in regions ownership.
* All N. American regions, cities, towns, facilities, changed to native_american type.
* Preopen info changes (victory conditions, regions ownership, descriptions, etc.)
* Diplomatic relations reworked.
* Episodic units added.
* Limitation on type and numbers of professional units.
* AOR for professional units.
* Artillery units unavailable for natives, limited fire arms units.
* Historical portraits and characters added.
* Loading screens added.
* New Courland is based in Curacao instead of the correct Trinidad & Tobacco.
* New Spain's population reduced in order to reduce also the advantage of her inland placement.
* Other minor changes

Changes for next release:

* New units.
* More portraits, graphics and descriptions especially for the natives.
* Historical changes for natives thanks to Demokritos work.
* Correct flags for New Sweden and New Courland thanks to Hinkel's work.
* Improvements in scenario and game difficulties after the expected feed back.

Download and Installation:

Two ways of installation are provided, auto-installer and manual. Prefer auto since it also provides uninstall function. Either way none of your files will be overwritten. For instruction see the included readme.txt file.

Auto install download link (mediafire)

Please note that all pictures can be found in the original release thread.  Also, I can only give support for the most common issue e.g CTD, installation, but if I cannot answer your question then I suggest that you post it here.

Download the mod by clicking on the mod title on the top.

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