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Movie Quote Game

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Okay, there's enough people here who enjoy films for this game to be a lot of fun.


The way it works is that someone quotes a section of dialogue from a film and the rest of us have to guess what the film is.  Sometime more than one quote is needed and occasionally a clue (rather than 3rd or 4th quote) helps others to get the answer.


The person who guesses correctly wins and chooses the next film to quote from.


I'll get us started:



Character 1.  We could do it, you know.  Take off, live in the woods.  It's what we do anyway.


Character 2.  They'd catch us.


Character 1.  Well, maybe not.


Character 2.  Cut out our tongues, or worse.  We wouldn't make it five miles. 


Character 1.  No, I'd get five miles.  I'd go that way.



Good luck!  :D

Edited by Sue

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Yep VM - it's film only.  I recognised the first as Dr Strangelove and your choice for Andalay's film quote sounds good. 
I should have explained it better in the opening thread, but we need to stick to one person, one film at time folks.  We also need to wait for confirmation from whoever posted the quote to ensure everyone knows the guess is correct - otherwise the game will get messy with quotes and guesses all over the place.  :frantics: 
So if VM's guess to Andalay's film is right, he chooses the next film quote - or repeats the one he's already put in!  :D

Edited by Sue

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I meant anther quote from the same film  :X:lol:


As for the new film you've quoted from.......


I think this might be the remake of a 1950's film starring Keanu Reeves as the alien, but I doubt his character would have been so comedic.  So.... I'm gonna try;


Mars Attacks

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