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[REL] FOMO Main / East Docks District - Gateway To The Imperial City

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= = What is FOMO? = =
The For Overly Modded Oblivion (FOMO) Project is a modding project for TES IV: Oblivion that started due to my FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) approach to modding my own Oblivion install.
I simply had to have everything, every major overhaul that could work together without blowing up (well without blowing up too much...), every quality province mod, every new faction mod, every immersion adding system, etc... etc... as many have no doubt noticed this approach quickly leaves you in front of that pesky 255 plugin limit. Simply being more picky and using carefully grouped merging can keep you pushing that limit further and further, but at some point I realised it would be much nicer if there was some cohesion between all these messy parts, and so this project began...
FOMO Main to most users will essentially be one massive resource pack containing thousands of long loved clothes, hundreds of armours, hundreds of weapons, thousands of new statics and furniture, hundreds of new and useful misc items, new trees and flora, new landscape textures and much more. However FOMO is useful for a few other things too, both for people who simply want to play a FOMO-powered mod and especially for any modder who wishes to make their own interesting FOMO-powered mods! (Ill expand on this later)



Put simply FOMO Main does 3 things:
1) It provides access to quality content from a host of staple and hidden gem mods that would otherwise take up a solid number of esp/esm slots. 
2) It acts as a massive resource pack 100% compatible with any mod for modder who wants to have access to more unique or interesting content for their own mods. 
3) It allows FOMO powered mods to make use of specific content from other mods through various FOMO "Auxiliaries".

= Auxiliaries Explained = 
FOMO Auxiliaries put simple are MOSTLY patches for the resource pack that can be made use of by FOMO-powered mods.
For a simple example if a modder wants to have a grove with just creatures like treant and forest spirits spawning, they can simply add a FOMO NatureSpirits spawn, which may on its own only contain a few creatures but Auxiliaries like FOMO FCOM will add to this levelled list, as such the FOMO powered mod will have specific content from any Auxiliaries that are installed by the player. (If any modder wants more details about making their own specific levelled list, would like for me to make some for them or would simply like to know more about these "Auxiliaries" be sure to ask ^^).

Since I have always been so protective of my free esp slots it always bothered me when a mod required a resource pack if it wasn't one I already had (Because it was used by multiple mods), a resource pack esp seems so pointless as it gave me no real content, as such I felt that if I was to make a resource pack, I would make sure it came with more than just resources and so the East Docks District was born...



Simplified Feature Summary:
-An additional district for the Imperial City
-A collection of stores with an assortment of clothes/armour/weapons/accessories/misc like never seen before! (There really is no way of describing the amazing works of the many amazing modders that made this possible that does them justice)
-Several stores that will sell essentially every non-quest vanilla item in mass to help characters you make start with items/spell/etc appropriate to the background you made for them
-A coastal travel network to the various coastal cities touched by FOMO mods
-A place where you can quickly reap the benefits of various FOMO Auxiliaries (e.g. a place to find a mass of CM companions or FCOM equipment) 
What is the East Docks District?

= = What is the East Docks District ? = = 
The Imperial City, the centre point of all Tamrielic civilization, the greatest city in all Tamriel, peoples from all over the vast Septim Empire travel to and fro.. however... have you ever felt that the Waterfront didn't quite seems to be an adequate gateway into this most metropolistic of cities? Well I certainly have, to me the Waterfront always felt more like a shipping dock, and even though mods like Better Cities greatly improved the Waterfront district, it still felt lacking when compared to how massive the actual city was. And so I decided to create a new district for the Imperial City, the East Docks, essentially it is where many travellers aboard passenger ships arrive, while the Waterfront, with its warehouses is where much of the cargo shipping is received.
Due to the constant stream of travellers of every sort, from envoys of various political importance to wealthy nobles to seasoned expedition goers to budding adventurers and even simply those looking for a new life in a city of endless opportunities the East Docks naturally grew into a massive merchants district selling the highest quality wears from all over The Empire as well as a host of piratical goods that any travellers might need. The influences of people from innumerable backgrounds ultimately made the East Docks a melting pot of Tamrielic culture, a place that truly epitomises the diversity of The Empire.
Given how the passages of the East Docks District are often used by many high profile political figures the district is heavily guarded by the Imperial Watch, loitering on the actual piers is discouraged and most establishments are required to be closed after dark, despite the constant arrival of travellers from around Nirn.

What can I expect to find there?

= = What can I expect to find there? = = 
The East Docks District (EDD) as described above will added a very large Merchants District that connects underground from the exterior East Docks on the south-eastern side of the Imperial Isle to the Waterfront Tunnel (Added by Better Cities), the Arena District and the Lower Area District (Added by IC Expand) assuming you have those mods, however it does not connect to any of these with JUST FOMO Main installed, as this would jeopardize FOMO Mains 100% compatibility, as such there will be various East Docks enabling mods based on how modded your own Oblivion install is, the most comprehensive of which will be FOMO Imperial Isles which will not only add access to the EDD but also include all the exteriors of the district as well as massive amounts of content around the Imperial Isles region, for details follow the FOMO Imperial Isles link.
Covering everything that the East Docks District adds is not an easy task, it has the works of many skilled modders available for purchase across the many stores of the district, from cosmetic items like Apachii's and Growlf's amazing animated wigs or taylorsd's beards to many amazing accessories like Chakaru's, Luchaire's, Room207's, and Xiamara's various amulets and neck seam concealers to loved staple mods like KrimsynKane's Scarves and someone1074's Capes and Cloaks, even little trinkets like Snus's teddy bear or Stroti's butterflies in jars or countless other interesting little items and much more!
The district contains over 30 stores and each has a host of interesting items. Furthermore FOMO Auxiliaries like FOMO FCOM for example will not only add FCOM creatures and NPCs to FOMO mods but will also add a host of equipment to the various stores down at the Travellers Cross (A part of the East Docks found below the eastern hall)!
Really part of the motivation for the district was the trouble of constantly having to find all the items I needed to set up a new character (As I have brought up before my play is generally very character driven so a character would have a background and as such would start their story with certain things or people accompanying them), this East Docks district helps put all these things and/or people in on neat place, and it just feels right to walk through those halls and feel like it is the gateway to the greatest city in all Nirn (Presumably, also long live The Empire!).





List Of Common larger mods integrated into Fomo Main (Ordered as they appear in credits, i.e. by modder name).


Apachii's Animated Wigs

Chakaru's Amulets

Com's Torch Compendium

Growlf's Animated Hair

Cloth Gloves Stoff Handschuhe

Child Equip Collection

Mages Gloves

Armored Circlets

Scarves 1-1

Luchaire's Neck Seam Concealer

Cloth Gloves

Room207's Neck Seam Concealers

Offhand Books

Capes And Cloaks

Equipable Beards


Xia's New Amulets


Note: The above is by no means a comprehensive list of what is included, for that check the credits section or explore the district yourself ^^!





FOMO Main is compatible with any mod (Including the Directly Integrated Mods listed above). However the East Docks District Access esp will be based on your load order, more on this in the installation section.







-Else Univeral Silent Voices

-Generally it is safe to assume anything requires the latest Oblivion patch and Shivering Isles







Head over to The Nexus Mods page for the download and the installation instructions.






Just follow the link to the F.A.Q at The Assimilation Lab






I could recommend hundreds of mods if someone were to get me going, so I will try to strictly list mods that work well in tandem with this specific mod.


Kaizits new animations for NPC and player

Your Oblivion experience can be greatly enhanced by this very immersive mod, that really brings a lot of life into the world.


Lore Dialogue 300 Updated

Like the above, very immersive mod adding a host of dialogue options, for me at least, being able to discuss topics with NPCs based on their class/skills helped give personality to each NPC as you interacted with them.







This mod contains assets and the loving works of many modders other than myself along side my own works, so I can not grant anyone permission to take parts of this mod for their own mods. However if you are interested in any assets you can simply use Fomo Main as a master file for your own mod (It is intended to be a resource pack of sort after all) or ask me and see if the those specific assets can be shared freely. You can also refer to the Credits section to see if you can track down the creators of specific content.

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= = = Screen Shots = = =



Here are a few screenshots of the East Docks District:

























For more screenshots check the FOMO - Other Mods album here at TAL (Thought it is kind of a mess since there are so many shots from other FOMO mods too ^^") or as usual check my DeviantArt Page (I have mostly uploaded to TAL however)

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= = = Small_Credit.png = = = 





                            = =
         FOMO Main Core Components:
                            = =
Apachii Wigs for Males and Females
+ 8k + Anto + Cazy + Lunar Eclipse + Nouk + Kozaburo + Babe + Peggy + mio0331 + NewSea + pookletd
(Credited For The Creation Of/Thier Contributions To The Original Hairs) + Room207 + LUCHA + Juno1 + Zittch + Fallen20 + LaughingVampire1990 (Credited For Conversion Of Hairs To Obilivion) + KafeiDotour (Credited For Hood Texture Contribution) + Savage Artistry + Kikaimegami + Kafeid + Spirited Treasure and team Dante90 + Selene310187 (Credited For The Creation Of/Their Contributions To The Original Ears)
AFK_GardenPaths Resource
+Doorstone (Credited for meshes)
Invisible mesh
Persian Rug Resource
Amulets By Chakaru
Com's Torch Compendium
Fireplace resource
Betty's Animal Planet
+ Mr_Siika + Lady Li (Credited For Original Meshes Of Some Animals) + rhood1 (Credited For Meshes and other Contributions)
Female EyeCandy Body Replacer
Faivon Pose Books
+ aughingvampire + dollparts + Blackheart + HoneyVanity + Seren4XX + geechan + mbass + Cenobite + Pujangga + ZimaBlue + Nightshade715 + Radicus + kirinann + Haishao + shorty1k + Eiries + black dahlia + faeriexdecay (For Contributions to mod) + Cha0s_L0rd + Indy + Gaz + Ryk + Speedbuster + Nagothm + geechan + GOMA + OreTueee + Resona + glock3 + nichi + touga + + Beruteira + Lain + Umpa + v_1 (Credited for Original pose mods) + lovender (Credited for scripts)
Colorful Basement
+ David Gurrea (Credited for textures)
Sitting Everywhere
Growlfs Animated Hair 20
+ Ren + 2ch (Credited For The Creation Of/Their Contributions To The Original Hairs)
Ignus FireSpirit:
Clothe Gloves
+ Tegeal (Credited for Textures)
Child equip collection
Joel Huenink:
Mages Gloves
+ Da Mage (Credited for Meshes and Textures)
Alchemist Reference
Armoured Circlets
More Vegetables
Morning Glory flower resource, Bucketplanter
Luchaire's Neck Seam Concealers Expanded
Dragon Torch
School Uniforms
Chirstmas Resource 
Scarves 1-1
+ Kikaimegami (Credited for meshes and textures)+ Ryu Doppler (Credited for original mesh) + Lady N (Credited for texture)
Original Rock texture
Luchaire's Neck Seam Concealer
+ Kikai + Alienslof + Petrovich (Credited for parts of this mod)
Full Cloth Rack, Hair Brush Resource
Meister von Cyrodiil:
Letters and Numbers
Room Divers resource, Fireplace resource, Booksets resource, Window Boxes, Boiler Resource, Basement Addons,
Castle Keep Resource
hips Made Simple resource
Wooden Toys resource
Momo's Crane resources, Ivy Resource
Mr. Shiika:
Ships, Market Stalls
Cloth Gloves
Scrollsets resource
Ayleid Guidebook 
Wooden Sword
Flower Resource Pack 1, Flower Resource Pack 2
HG EyeCandy Body
Riley Marks:
Worktable Setting And Accessories,
+ JBVW (Credited for parts of this mod)
Furniture Set
+ Trollf + Argoniano + Zimnel + Kalikut + Side777 + Laura Croft + Css0101 + Kaizit (Credited for parts of this mod)
Static Garden Plots
Room207's Neck Seam Concealers
Shamblin Horde:
Offhand Books
Teddybear resource
Capes And Cloaks
Treebench resource, Oven resource, Bottled Ghost, Bug Jar, Lion Fur, Spinningwheel, Usable Deadric, Gods, and City Statues, icForeignQuarter Statues - Folded Cloth - banner and other models, Workbench, Strotis washing meshes, Woodworking Tools, Tanning Rack,
Equipable Beards
Static Water Meshes, Animated River Meshes, Animated Water Meshes Shoreline
+ Korana (Credited for ideas) + Pekka (Credited for meshes/textures) + Vacuity (Credited for testing)
Farmers Strike Back
The Clutter's Guild from TESA
(Full team names: DaMage, donnato, Garnet, grond, InsanitySorrow, Khettienna, Metallicow, StarX, the-manta, Vince Bly, Washington, WillieSea):
TESA Clutter Pack resource
HGEC A-Cup replacer
Particle Effects Resources - Bubble stream
+ Koniption (Credited for assistence)
Flower and Plant Collection
+ Koniptions (Koniption's Kreations) +LauraCroft (Laura's Climbing Plants) + sinHHHans (sinHHHan's Plant Resource) + Disturbed742 (Tree Resource Pack) + Iceflame542 (Morning Glory) + RGMage2 (Anvil Morning Glory)
Manor Bedroom Set meshes, Pillow Set meshes, Xia's Amulets,
Teddy Bears
+ Dhkoster (Credited for parts of this mod)
And of course...
For making the game we have all come to love ^^.
Special Thanks to the good folks over at The Assimilation Lab for all the tips and feedback ^^.
and finally thanks to the creators of:
Construction Set Extender
This should cover everyone who has contributed to FOMO Main, however I am only human and it is possible I missed crediting some piece of work, either in my record keeping or when transferring from my records to this credit list, if you do happen to find something that is uncredited which needs to be or something that is incorrectly credited please do let me know so that I may rectify the error as soon as possible ^^.

Post any comments about the credit list or anything else over here:  General Discussion
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