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[WIP] FOMO Skyrim Improved - Serene Solitude Of The Old Kingdom

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How is this going, Sifonseal? I ask mainly because I'm getting back to modding after a year or so absent and I'm hoping to finish a set of five dungeons that I've placed around the south-eastern Skyrim-Cyrodiil border (sort of northish of UL Jerall Glacier). They're not especially Skyrimmy, largely demos of quirky things you can do with tilesets (some new meshes). It looks like you have a few caves placed in the same area, though.


But no worries, I'm happy to move the entrances if they clash with anything of yours - no landscape edits are involved. (There is no urgency, I don't think I'll sort things much before the end of the year, though 4/5 interiors are nearly ready, I'm wimbling about details...)


Plus, much as I love Haldar's original in general, can I register my dislike of those steps that go up the Valus, round the back of Cloud Ruler Temple? The main reason is that for me they utterly ruin the illusion that the Valus is a mighty range, all of a sudden it becomes a low ridge (which actually it is, but we don't need to make it obvious, surely?). Plus I actually kind of like the mountains being an obstacle for a good stretch.


And if you need any help with patches for other mods, do let me know. I've already done one or two UL patches in the area for Vorians, so it's familiar terrain.


Oh, and your pix look great, I'm really looking forward to exploring the landscape.

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Hey tegeus,



Been slow the past few months as I've thrown my time into other projects, but the province is so near "release ready" that it is really a shame I keep working on other things ^^'.


The caves you mentioned in the region "northish of UL Jerall Glacier" are actually all from David Brasher's Skyrim Nord Tombs mod which is merged into FOMO Skyrim, so you can check against that to see if there are conflicts. Not much landscape editing was done near the border regions (around there anyway), if there are conflicts I'm sure we can sort them without too much trouble ^^.


Hmm you mean the stairs that scale the Jerall Mountains correct? (If they are behind CRT these are likely the ones you meant). Displeasure duly noted, I'll make the path up more mountainous and treacherous. Thinking about it I kind of agree, thanks for the suggestion ^^.


I really appreciate your offer of help with patches, I hope you won't mind if I take you up on that in the future ^^.

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Yes, it's a proverbial IT issue - all projects become 90% complete within 50% of their allotted time. Then they remain in that state until a week before the deadline. And, unfortunately, we have no deadlines.


Ah, no worries about those entrances. I placed them with regard to TWMP SI, which has Brasher's tombs, of course. It was because you mentioned that some of Snu's dungeons were now included that I wondered. Map scale got to me too, that's actually quite a big area.


Yeah, the CRT stairs. (They have a small clash with UL too IIRC, but nothing worth a patch.) Heh - also occurred to me that the Blades wouldn't be all that happy about having any easy route for the enemy to seize the high ground behind the fortress - all they have to do then is drop rocks on it at their leisure.


(Sorry, I kept saying 'Valus' when I meant 'Jerall'. Not enough coffee.)


Regarding patches, my Jerall Glacier patch should work with little or no modification - I will test it, of course. I think it's actually the only UL patch needed, but if you want me to look at patching other mods, just PM me. Some of the HESU mods might impinge a bit, I haven't looked at all of them. I also know that Order of the Dragon affects southeastern Skyrim, but I haven't looked at that mod at all yet, been meaning to.


EDIT: Just looked at the TWMP SI thread over on Nexus, because I vaguely remembered an issue (apologies if you're aware of this already). To quote ESFan001:


'Hi just letting you know I found in the mod and verified in the CS that there is a massive land tear form wilderness 0, 31 / -1, 31 to 0, 42 / 1, 42 along the line of BorealStoneCaveExterior'


I can verify this. These are likely strange wild edits created by the CS itself - I made a few landscape changes for the Jerall Glacier patch (not in Skyrim) and the same thing happened round Kingscrest Cavern miles away from my edits. I seem to remember finding tears in that general area in TWMP SI, too. (I have a theory that any landscape edit that spans the original vanilla game boundaries may cause the issue, but that's just a wild guess. A CS mystery, otherwise.)


Anyway, Haldar says he has fixed this in his Locations add-on, but you might want to keep an eye out for them. Mod cleaning won't pick them up, but it's an easy matter to remove them all from the main mod using TES4Edit.


EDIT #2: I've just been looking at TWMP Skyrim for the first time in ages. Will likely fully reinstall it now to re-familiarise and verify those dungeon entrances, but I dropped it because of that huge dependency chain - why does it need Hammerfell and High Rock for a start? Needs modularising.


Anyway, I now realise I may earlier have been conflating things from that and TWMP Locations (for example, the latter has Brasher's tombs). However, Locations also has the bugfixes, so it's perhaps understandable, you need it - though unfortunately it, in turn, depends on just about everything with a TWMP prefix and adds in Elsweyr Anequina just for a laugh.

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