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FOMO Races And Cosmetics - A Rather Comprehensive Collection

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I had long wanted to put together a collection of races that was lore-friendly (Or at worst lore-believe-able) bringing together the quality races crafted by the community into a collection that made them feel like they could have always been part of Tamriel, after much work, this is that collection!


As with many other aspects of Oblivion Race mods and other cosmetic mods were things I often skipped over because I simply could not afford them the space needed on my load order, compilations like MBP didn't quite suit me as while they included very well crafted races, they seemed too far removed from the rest of the NPCs of the world, personally I always want the characters in my little tales to feel like tiny parts of a larger world, and so FOMO R&C was put together.

FOMO Races And Cosmetics is, as full title suggests, is a rather comprehensive collection of lore-friendly race mods and a near all inclusive collection of hairs as well as a fairly large collection of eyes created over many years by many talented modders of the Oblivion modding community and beyond!

The mod has five main goals:

- To bring a host of previously difficult to obtain content together and apply it across all included races

- To add various new races as needed for various FOMO project mods

- To massively reduce the esp requirement of having so many race / hair and eye mods

- To allow for more interplay between races and have custom races be more recognised by NPCs

- And finally to act as another resource pack of sorts for future FOMO projects, much like how FOMO Main fuels other FOMO Mods, FOMO R&C will greatly add more depth to larger FOMO projects!


Furthermore some races also have updates and fixes as well as small tweaks to make them more lore-friendly. For example the Terimer are cast as an Elven people hailing from High Rock that live less sedentary lives travelling the woodlands and from place to place. Their weariness of other races caused them to diverge from their Breton cousins. Much like the Argonians and Khajiit lore-wise the Bretons are very diverse to begin with, some appearing far more elven and other far more human, closer to the Western Reach many Bretons are even as large and physically imposing as Nords, as such a race of pale freckled elves being among the inhabitants of High Rock is very much lore-believable.






Below is not the full list of what is included, for a COMPLETE list refer to the credits section.


Races :

- Abriael Human Races Revamped

- CD Half Orcs

- Lattamer V3

- DK High Imperials

- Cute Elves


- Saram

- Nobody

- KawaBeasts

- Terimer Race

- Ancient Elven Sorcerer

- Ancient Elven Sorceress

- Raven Elves

- Dark Raven Elves

- Faun

- Satyr

 And More!


Hairs  :

- Babe Hair

- Male Hair Mod

- Braided Redguard Hair

- Coolsims Hair Pack

- Cazy Hair Pack

- Kijiko Hair Pack

- Lapiz Hair Pack

- Newsea Hair Pack

- Skyhair

- Skysims Hair Pack

- Ren's Beauty Pack (Also contains Races)

- RE4 Leons Haircut

- ThrottleKittys Hair Pack 01

- Bald Hairstyle

- Cazy Hair Pack

- HISSSA Hairs (HS Hairs)

- 2CH Hairs

- KumaKumaKokuma Hairs

- VanillaBeans Hairs

- Fallen20 Hairs

- RAN46 Hairs

- Soya Hairs

- idkrrr Hairs (Corean & Saram & Sulhwa)

 And Much more!



Eyes  :

- Capucines Character Expansion (Also contains Hairs and Races)

- Flonne Eyes

- GeeChan's Eyes 

 As well as all the eyes included with all the aforementioned race mods!


As these race mods are all brought together they are able to share their own unique hairs and eyes as appropriate with all the other races, resulting in a truly massive collection!








- FOMO Main



It should end up being compatible with every race and cosmetics mod including the various versions of MBP, EGO and OCO (This was just recently confirmed!). Furthermore it also help remove incompatibilities between these major race mods, making everything possible except MBP + OCO which will I will work on fixing in the future.





Post any comments or questions about FOMO R&C over here:  General Discussion
= = Nexus Mods Page = = 
= = TAL Download Link = =
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                            = =
         FOMO Races And Cosmetics:
                            = =
Note: This list does not include contributions already credited in FOMO Main's (Which is used as a resource pack for this mod) credit list.
Abriael Human Races Revamped
 + Ren (Credited for head and hair Meshes and eye Textures) + Flonne and Nequam (Credited eye Textures)
 + Babe, idkrrr and Soya (Credited for hair Meshes) + Nec01 (Credited for base face texture)
 + RAIAR and Madcat221 (Credited for HG Eyecandy body) + Exnem (Credited for original EyeCandy body)
 + Desuchan and Eiries (Credited for readmes structure) 
 + Iantha (ObsidianRae) and community at the EyeCandy forums (Credited for Inspiration)
Cute Elves
 + luchaire (Credited for FF body texture) + Nec (Credited for base Head texture)
 + idkrrr Credited for Corean & Saram & Sulhwa Races and Hairs)
 + Ren (Credited for hairs & eyes from ren's beauty pack) + Spike4072 (Credited for base new ears)
 + Radicus (Credited for the idea of the added World)
Babe Hair
Beautiful People 2ch Edition - Flonne's Eye Resource
 + Flonne (Credited for the eye textures)
 + Ren (Credited for original eye textures)
CD Half Orcs
Lattamer V3
 + Throttlekitty (Credited for Face mesh) + Idkrrr (Credited for Corean and Saram mod hair) 
 + HISSSSA (Credited for HS hair)
Capucines Character Expansion
 + Kikaimegami (Credited for assets from Playable Dremora mod) + xdarkstarx (Credited for inspiration)
 + AlienSlof (Credited as object of worship *^*) + Ren (Credited for inspiration)
DK High Imperials
 + idkrrr (Credited for Saram hair meshes and textures) + Ren (Credited for the hair and eye meshes and textures)
 + Flonne (Credited for the eye textures) + Throttlekitty (Creditecd for the head mesh)
 + ziher (Credited for the head and body textures) + Kogane (Credited head texture conversion)
 + JcClyde (Credited for the eyelash meshes and textures) + RAIAR and Madcat221 (Credited HGEC Body)
 + TerranceKim324, Sulpyun, and Coolsims (Credited for the hair meshes and textures.
Male Hair Mod
Eye Packs Resource
Hairs 31 - 33, Hairs 34 - 38, Hairs 39 - 40, Hairs 41 - 44, Hairs 45 - 48, Hairs 49 - 51, Hairs 52 + x01, 
Hairs 53 - 56, Hairs 57 - 58, Hairs 59 - 66, Hairs 67 - 70, Hairs 71, Hairs 72 - 73, Hairs 74, Hairs 75,
Hairs 76, Hairs 77, Hairs 78 - 79, Hairs 80, Hairs 81, Hairs 82, Hairs 83, Hairs 84, Hairs 85, Hairs 86,
Hairs 87, Hairs 88, Hairs 89, Hairs 90, Hairs 91, Hairs Chonmage, Hairs Ponytail Long
Inari Race Ears and Tail
Corean mod
 + Ren (Credited for Mystic Elf mod and inspiration) + chris(sscss2) (Credited for testing)
 + Elder scrolls naver Cafe,
Braided Redguard Hair
KKK01, KKK02, KKK03, KKK04, KKK05, KKK06, KKK07, KKK08, KKK09, KKK10, KKK11, KKK12, KKK13, KKK's Ami Hair
Hidden Elves, The 'nDywyll
 + Ren (Credited for hair and eye and meshes, eye textures) + Throttlekitty and Jclyde6108 (Credited for eyelashes)
 + Luchaire (Credited for eyelash texture, and face egt) + Navetsea (Credited for original HGEC textures)
 + Scanti (Credited for conformulator, merged mouth mesh) + KafeiDotour and Scanti (Credited for the ears)
 + Kendo2 (Credited for the invaluable information about the luck, and for play testing version 1.1!)
 + Slygothmog (Credited for the idea of weakness to normal weapons!)
 + Mandamus (Credited for Alienor hair),
Tribal Tattoos Resource HGEC Head 06
Coolsims Hair Pack
 + Anto (Original Meshes and Textures),
 + RAIAR and Madcat221 (Credited for HGEC body) + navetsea (Credited for HGEC hi-rez textures)
 + idkrrr (Credited for hair-styles) +throttlekitty (Credited for Head06 Resource)
 + throttlekitty and jclyde6108 (Credited for the eyelashes) + Astymma (Credited for Head06 grin fix)
 + CapsAdmin (Credited for Smooth .egt file) + LHammonds (Credited for the Readme Generator this file was based on)
Cazy Hair Pack
 + Cazy (Credited for original hair Meshes and Textures) + Yuxi (Credited for alpha edits and rextures)
 + retroxdance (Credited for hair retextures),
Kijiko Hair Pack
 + Kijiko (Credited for original hair Meshes and Textures) + Room207 (Credited for testing)
 + 'fans' (Credited for the support),
Lapiz Hair Pack
 + Lapiz Lazuli (Credited for original Meshes and Textures) 
 + Room207 (Credited for alpha fix for the Malkavian hair and instruction)
 + DustinFlan (Credited for support and inspiration),
Newsea Hair Pack
 + Newsea (Credited for original Meshes and Textures) 
 + Trapping, Pooklet, Emilia, Nouk, Kotangens, Martini (Credited for some hair retextures)
 + Room207 (Credited for testing) + 'fans' (Credited for the support),
 + Geonox and Apachii (Credited Meshes and Textures),
Skysims Hair Pack
 + Skysims (Credited for original Meshes and Textures) + Trapping and Pooklet (Credited for some hair retextures)
 + Room207 (Credited for testing) + 'fans' (Credited for the support)
 + Luchaire (Credited for Tabaxi race and her Hi Res UFF body textures) + RAIAR (Credited for HGEC Body)
 + Exnem (Credited for the Female EyeCandy Body) + Robert (Credited for his Male and Female Body Replacers)
 + Team Fantasy Figures (Credited for Fantasy Figures Body Replacer) + scanti (Credited for merged teeth mesh)
 + idkrrr (Creduted for various Meshes and Textures) + nec01 (Credited for their hi-res textures for HGEC)
 + Ren, HISSSA, 2CH, KumaKumaKokuma, VanillaBeans, Fallen20, RAN46   (Credited for hair Meshes and Textures) 
 + bnnfish (Credited for organising permission to use 2ch Hair Pack) + Nequam (Credited for the male voice set)
 + Room207 (Credited for fixed alphas on FallHair) 
 + throttlekitty and jclyde6108 (Credited for the Working Eyelashes resource)
 + The unnamed creator of the female voice set
 + The unnamed creator of the Argonoid race, whose head texture were have modified for this race
Nord Male Tattoo Textures
Terimer Race 
 + Jclyde6108 (Original Race Creator from Mod CM Partners Terise) 
 + CapsAdmin  (Credited for lattamer face/body/hand/foot/ear textures texture, freckled body/hand/foot texture
Westly - eyelash texture) + throttlekitty (Credited for head mesh, eyelash mesh)
 + Scanti (Credited for merged mouth resource) + Acidoangel (Credited for cute elf ear mesh, Cute Elves esp)
 + Flonne, Bnnfish (Credited for eye textures) + Ren (Credited for Eye Meshes, original hair mesh and texture)
 + Babe, Koazaburo (Credited for hair Mmeshes and Textures) 
 + Spirited Treasure (Credited for Modified Ren's Hair 7 mesh and texture)
 + Ozmo (Credited for HD Body textures for Lattamer) + fallen20 (Credited for FallHair001) 
 + kakashisensei2000 (Credited for FallHair001 Revised)
Kami Gaitteiru vol.1
 + Tona
Ren's Beauty Pack
 + Capucine (Credited for the help about making colourable hair) 
 + Daeger and Ranma-chan (Credited for fixing texture pathes of meshes)
RE4 Leons Haircut
 + Ascendence Kel
Ancient Elven Sorcerer
 + Robert (Credited for Male Body Replacer 4) + CapsAnim (Credited for Vanity Pack mod)
 + Dante90 (Credited for long ears mesh) + Kafei, Kikaimegami, AlienSlof, Luchaire, JC Clyde, Chingari, 
 SavageArtistry and Spirited Treasure (Credited for earings) 
 + Chingari and Ismelda (Credited for Sound files from the Demon Race Mod) + Ren (Credited for Rens Beauty Pack)
 + Idkrrr (Credited for Corean Hair Mod and the saram race Mod)
 + Slof (Credited for the hair meshes) + throttlekitty (Credited for TK Hair Pack 01 and Head06 Resource Pack)
 + Ravege (Credited for the Slit Eyes and Human Eyes for BP and EE) + Flonne (Credited for Rens Eyes Recolored)
 + Sarielle (Credited for All Sorts of Eyes) + Nequam (Credited for Elaborate Eyes)
 + DreadNaught (Credited for DN Vampire Eyes - Evolution of Blood),
Ancient Elven Sorceress
 + All those mentioned above + RAIAR and Madcat221 (Credited for HG Eyecandy body) 
 + Exnem (Credited for original EyeCandy body),
Raven Elves
 + Miss Onatopp (Credited for Elves of Lineage II, Eyes for the Elves) + Exnem (Credited for orginal Eyecandy body)
 + RAIAR (Credited for HGEC body) + Robert (Credited for Robert Male Body Replacer V4/V5)
 + Ren (Credited for Ren's Beauty Pack) + CapsAdmin (Credited for Smooth egt Resource)
 + idkrrr (Credited for Corean Hair, Saram Hair and Sulhwa Hair) 
 + throttlekitty (Credited for tk_hair 01, Working Eyelashes) + jclyde6108 (Credited for Working Eyelashes)
 + Babe (Credited for Babe Hair) + Soya (Credited for Soya Hair) + Flonne (Credited for Ren's Eyes Recoloured)
 + 2ch (Credited for various hairstyles) + kakashisensei2000 (Credited for Short Layered Hair)
 + XiNAVRO (Credited for Chocolate Elves's voices),
Dark Raven Elves
 + Those mentioned above,
Faun, Satyr
ThrottleKittys Hair Pack 01
 + Scanti (Credited for the Conformulator)
 + Lunethel, PROMETHEUS_ts and AlienSlof (Credited for feedback and requests)
 + Beta testers (Credited for well... take a guess) 
 + XMarksTheSpot, Kikaimegami, TheTalkieToaster, (Credited for their support and wisdom)
Bald Hairstyle
Nosferatu Unholy Darkness Race
Cazy Hair Pack
 +Cazy and Anto (Credited as original creator of Meshes and Textures) 
 + FumoFumo (Credited for conversion assistance)
And of course...
For making the game we have all come to love ^^.
Special Thanks to the good folks over at The Assimilation Lab for all the tips and feedback ^^.
and finally thanks to the creators of:
Construction Set Extender
This should cover everyone who has contributed to FOMO Races and Cosmetics, however I am only human and it is possible I missed crediting some piece of work, either in my record keeping or when transferring from my records to this credit list, if you do happen to find something that is uncredited which needs to be or something that is incorrectly credited please do let me know so that I may rectify the error as soon as possible ^^.

Post any comments about the credit list or anything else over here:  General Discussion
Edited by Sifonseal

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