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[WIP] FOMO World Map - Tamriel And Beyond

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The FOMO World Map is a map built for use with theNiceOne's Dynamic Map (Obviously it can be used alone as well but why would you not want the features of Dynamic Map?). The project is simply the product of my own desire to see the vast scope of the world within my modded Oblivion whenever I wanted to by scrolling about the map, the feeling of knowing that there is a vast vast world all around you for your characters to explore is simply one that I find all too enchanting. 


The map depicts the various province mods of Tamriel most of which are in the Tamriel worldspace but also Hammerfell: TEG, Silgrad Tower, and MorroBlivion which are not in the Tamriel worldspace, as well as various other island/continent province mods like Windfall, Dibella's Watch, Nascosto Isles and as you can clearly see Ubanga which are all NOT in the Tamriel worldspace but simply show up on the map to perfect scale and placed where they would be in the headcanon lore of my own modded Oblivion's world (Which is obviously based on the lore provided in those mods themselves and based on the geography and culture of the people in the mods. If someone wants to argue that one of these island provinces should be in another location I would be more than happy to hear your position on it's position ^^).



Without further ado,

The Current Version (Well almost current) of [WIP] FOMO World Map:




Link to full resolution version on DeviantArt:

Its HUGE!!

If your interested in teasers and getting hype why not check out some of the other nice progress screenshot over on my DeviantArt profile while your over there:





As the title of this thread states this is still a WIP, it has been a WIP for many many months now slowly improving and expanding over that time slowly, much of it is subject to change, the prime example being when Envy releases Elsweyr Pellitine I will likely switch from TWMP Valenwood Improved to TWMP Valenwood-Elsweyr to be able to play Elsweyr Pellitine and as such the map will also drastically change. I also very much look forward to adding TAL's own Black Marsh and Titov's Hammerfell to this ever growing map ^^.


However I will likely release full resolution copy of the map in dds format with the required ini file for Dynamic Map and installation instructions for all the nice folk here at TAL that are interested in giving the map a try. Obviously you are welcome to (And I encourage it) download the linked map, dds it and workout the specific of the ini if you want to mess around with it right now, if you do decide to do this feel free to ask about the specific of the ini file ^^. Also if someone wants a lighter version of the map, here is the last upload before the Ubanga expansion: Mapy Map



Furthermore, for those who don't already know every city and road you see on that map exists in my modded Oblivion (Sadly though some of those cities (e.g. those in Valenwood) are just shells), regardless I like to look at this map and see a testament to the vastness of a heavily modded Oblivion!






The reason or this WIP release thread currently is just to get whatever feedback anyone might have on the map, as well as an idea for what else might need to be included on it in the future, many of the minor details like the detailing of the roads and the shadowing of place names have not been added as they would need to be recreated with each iteration, so the actual release versions of the map will look more detailed than these WIP versions, though the current WIP versions are adequately pleasing to the eye from where I stand, though that might be due to a smidge of bias from spending so much time making it ^^".

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Updated to the most recently uploaded version. 


This version shows how truly amazing Alimal's Ubanga is, it is massive and filled with details and places, currently most the cities are still not named on the map and many areas are also not named, the clean up of this Ubanga map is still very much a work in progress.
As you can see it is actually geographically larger than the Imperial City, and given how the city is also more densely packed together than the IC it is vastly larger than the vanilla IC, however the mod isn't aiming to build a Daggerfall relative to the vanilla IC but to heavily modded ICs, with all the IC's underground districts I imagine it should still be larger even if only slightly, lore-wise Daggerfall, Almalexia and Sentinel are meant to rival the IC so it only seemed fitting that the FOMO High Rock Daggerfall be truly grand. 
Edited by Sifonseal

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With Sifonseal's permission, I'm sharing a GIMP file of his FOMO map that can be exported and used in Dynamic Map. I put some of the new lands on his map into new layers; that way you can hide the layers for the lands you don't use before exporting as a DDS and putting it in your game. It's not as slick as Dynamic Map's functionality, but Sifonseal's is perhaps the best-looking, most complete map of Tamriel there is, and this way you can put it in your game! (There's probably a fairly easy way to do this in Dynamic Maps itself, but I haven't taken the time to figure it out and don't know that I will.)

Here's what you need:

  • GIMP, which is an open-source image editor like Photoshop
  • Dynamic Map. Install the Core and Tamriel Heightmaps folders using Wrye Bash.

Here's what to do:

  1. Download the file and open it in GIMP.
  2. Open the "Layer - Brushes" window. Click the open-eye icon to hide the elements of the map you don't want to use. You can click the same spot to show them again.
  3. Under the "Image" menu, click "Merge Visible Layers."
  4. Under the "File" menu, click "Export." Change the file's name to "FOMO Tamriel.dds" and click "Export".
  5. Dismiss the warning about not being able to write a volume map. Under the "Compression" menu, choose "BC2 / DXT3."
  6. Move the "FOMO Tamriel.dds" file to the /textures/menus/DynamicMap/ folder in your Oblivion Data folder.
  7. Open the Dynamic Map.ini file, found in /Data/Ini. Select all, then paste the following into the document, then save.

; Dynamic Map.ini for Tamriel Heightmas in Elven Map style
; =====================
; Version: 2.1
; Author: Ole Boe / TheNiceOne

; Init Tamriel worldspace map
set tnoDM.mod to sv_Construct "Oblivion.esm"
set tnoDM.fid to sv_Construct "00003C"
set tnoDM.img to sv_Construct "FOMO Tamriel.dds"
; Change the above to "tamriel.dds" to restore to default, and change the map dimensions to default below.
; set tnoDM.x_offset to 0
; set tnoDM.y_offset to 0
; set tnoDM.zoom to 1
set tnoDM.nw_x to -192
set tnoDM.nw_y to 159
set tnoDM.se_x to 191
set tnoDM.se_y to -128
; These are the new map's dimensions
set tnoDM.w to 6512
set tnoDM.h to 4875
; These are the default map dimensions
;set tnoDM.w to 3256
;set tnoDM.h to 2436
SetStage tnoDM 10

; Enable map components for Tamriel. Remove the ";" before each "SetStage" so Dynamic Map loads these map components as default. Leave as is if using FOMO Tamriel.dds!
set tnoDM.mod to sv_Construct "Bartholm.esp"
set tnoDM.x to 1872
set tnoDM.y to 1450
set tnoDM.w to 74
set tnoDM.h to 49
;SetStage tnoDM 20

set tnoDM.mod to sv_Construct "ElsweyrAnequina.esp"
set tnoDM.x to 1458
set tnoDM.y to 1345
set tnoDM.w to 345
set tnoDM.h to 426
;SetStage tnoDM 20

set tnoDM.or_mod to sv_Construct "Open Cities Reborn.esp"
set tnoDM.img to sv_Construct "Open Cities Reborn - Leyawiin.dds"
set tnoDM.x to 1801
set tnoDM.y to 1628
set tnoDM.w to 60
set tnoDM.h to 57
;SetStage tnoDM 20

set tnoDM.mod to sv_Construct "Castle_Dunkerlore_V1.esp"
set tnoDM.x to 1808
set tnoDM.y to 1719
set tnoDM.w to 82
set tnoDM.h to 54
;SetStage tnoDM 20

set tnoDM.mod to sv_Construct "(DC) Sutch Reborn.esp"
set tnoDM.x to 1174
set tnoDM.y to 1297
set tnoDM.w to 58
set tnoDM.h to 93
;SetStage tnoDM 20

set tnoDM.mod to sv_Construct "road+bridges.esp"
set tnoDM.x to 1235
set tnoDM.y to 1110
set tnoDM.w to 742
set tnoDM.h to 522
;SetStage tnoDM 20

set tnoDM.mod to sv_Construct "West Roads.esp"
set tnoDM.x to 1265
set tnoDM.y to 1170
set tnoDM.w to 250
set tnoDM.h to 216
;SetStage tnoDM 20

       8. Run Archive Invalidation, just to be safe. It seemed like it was necessary for the new map to take.

I may make a new version to put a few other areas, like Sutch or Coldstone, into layers, so this map has even more options. Do mention if you have any other ideas!

Here's that link again: FOMO Tamriel.xcf

Edited by 1Mac

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On 12/6/2018 at 5:48 PM, Daggerfall Dev said:

What's the Story behind Wayport? I cannot seem to find much information on it?

I was wondering the same thing? Every map I've seen, prior to this beauty, places Rhiad where Wayport is.

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I misunderstood this question before (Wayport =! Wayrest, lol).

Sifonseal told me that he was trying to reconcile TWMP Hammerfell and Hammerfell TEG, so he came up with some lore where TWMP Hammerfell was renamed "Wild Colovia," a sort of buffer zone between Cyrodiil and Hammerfell proper, as represented by TEG. So TWMP Hammerfell's Rihad was renamed, and TEG Hammerfell's Rihad is moved further west.

This is only necessary because TWMP Hammerfell, a lore-unfriendly mess much inferior to TEG, is sadly a prerequisite for TWMP Skyrim Improved, which Sifonseal was/is in the process of upgrading. That makes this otherwise excellent map rather lore-unfriendly.

I looked into it, and there is a way to strip TWMP Skyrim' Improved's dependency on TWMP Hammerfell using TES4Edit. It would take a lot of work, though. For the particulars, just look for my recent posts on the TES4Edit thread at Nexus.

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Ahhh that explains things then. So it's just the result of finding a middle ground between the two Hammerfells. That aside it's the most comprehensive map available, which I will surely put to use. Thanks for sharing. I'll be sure to pop in on Sifonseal also and say thanks.

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