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So far as I can tell Beyond Skyrim threw the more mountainous nature of High Rock out the window for much of the Glenumbra peninsula in favour of building hills and the marshes more effectively. And looking at their map it seems they also decided that High Rock actually needed to be as wide as Hammerfell in some parts (In fact it looks like their High Rock is actually bigger than Hammerfell in total area, or close to it at least ^^'), and given how TWMP already expanded the Morrowind region to line up with the scale of Vvardenfell from MorroBlivion and in the process made TWMP Skyrim taller than it should be as well, I guess there is no reason to not expand High Rock in our project as well. 

Thanks for the input guys ^^.

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Moving along slowly over here. I have mostly been focusing on my Summerset Isles recently (That all finishing up all my other mods so I can focus on the big two). Much progress for the Summerset Isles though, I should probably upload some screenshots soon ^^". However Amoebaman has made a lot of progress on Wayrest city for FOMO High Rock, I think he has some screenshots as well but just hasn't uploaded them yet. Have no worries, we will get there ^^.

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