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    • AndalayBay

      Orphan Attachments   07/31/2018

      I have been doing some housekeeping lately and I've noticed that I had a lot of orphaned attachments. Attachments get orphaned when the PM or post is deleted without removing the attachment first. Deleting a PM or post does not delete the attachment and the file or image remain on the server. I'd like to ask all members to go through their attachments and delete any attachments you don't need anymore or those that have been orphaned. Where can I get a list of my attachments? Click on your display name in the upper right corner of the forums and pick "My Attachments" from the drop-down list. How can I tell an attachment is orphaned? If the PM has been deleted, you'll see a message like this in your attachment list: Unfortunately there is no message if the post has been deleted, so please check your old posts. We do purge old birthday threads every once in a while. Also some hosted projects have been shut down, so you may have orphaned attachments on one of those locations. Thanks!
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Visceral Moonlight

[Announcement] GitLab Updated to 8.7.1

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v 8.7.1
- Throttle the update of `project.last_activity_at` to 1 minute. !3848
- Fix .gitlab-ci.yml parsing issue when hidde job is a template without script definition. !3849
- Fix license detection to detect all license files, not only known licenses. !3878
- Use the `can?` helper instead of `current_user.can?`. !3882
- Prevent users from deleting Webhooks via API they do not own
- Fix Error 500 due to stale cache when projects are renamed or transferred
- Update width of search box to fix Safari bug. !3900 (Jedidiah)
- Use the `can?` helper instead of `current_user.can?`

v 8.7.0
- Gitlab::GitAccess and Gitlab::GitAccessWiki are now instrumented
- Fix vulnerability that made it possible to gain access to private labels and milestones
- The number of InfluxDB points stored per UDP packet can now be configured
- Fix error when cross-project label reference used with non-existent project
- Transactions for /internal/allowed now have an "action" tag set
- Method instrumentation now uses Module#prepend instead of aliasing methods
- Repository.clean_old_archives is now instrumented
- Add support for environment variables on a job level in CI configuration file
- SQL query counts are now tracked per transaction
- The Projects::HousekeepingService class has extra instrumentation
- All service classes (those residing in app/services) are now instrumented
- Developers can now add custom tags to transactions
- Loading of an issue's referenced merge requests and related branches is now done asynchronously
- Enable gzip for assets, makes the page size significantly smaller. !3544 / !3632 (Connor Shea)
- Add support to cherry-pick any commit into any branch in the web interface (Minqi Pan)
- Project switcher uses new dropdown styling
- Load award emoji images separately unless opening the full picker. Saves several hundred KBs of data for most pages. (Connor Shea)
- Do not include award_emojis in issue and merge_request comment_count !3610 (Lucas Charles)
- Restrict user profiles when public visibility level is restricted.
- Add ability set due date to issues, sort and filter issues by due date (Mehmet Beydogan)
- All images in discussions and wikis now link to their source files !3464 (Connor Shea).
- Return status code 303 after a branch DELETE operation to avoid project deletion (Stan Hu)
- Add setting for customizing the list of trusted proxies !3524
- Allow projects to be transfered to a lower visibility level group
- Fix `signed_in_ip` being set to when using a reverse proxy !3524
- Improved Markdown rendering performance !3389
- Make shared runners text in box configurable
- Don't attempt to look up an avatar in repo if repo directory does not exist (Stan Hu)
- API: Ability to subscribe and unsubscribe from issues and merge requests (Robert Schilling)
- Expose project badges in project settings
- Make /profile/keys/new redirect to /profile/keys for back-compat. !3717
- Preserve time notes/comments have been updated at when moving issue
- Make HTTP(s) label consistent on clone bar (Stan Hu)
- Add support for `after_script`, requires Runner 1.2 (Kamil Trzciński)
- Expose label description in API (Mariusz Jachimowicz)
- API: Ability to update a group (Robert Schilling)
- API: Ability to move issues (Robert Schilling)
- Fix Error 500 after renaming a project path (Stan Hu)
- Fix a bug whith trailing slash in teamcity_url (Charles May)
- Allow back dating on issues when created or updated through the API
- Allow back dating on issue notes when created through the API
- Propose license template when creating a new LICENSE file
- API: Expose /licenses and /licenses/:key
- Fix avatar stretching by providing a cropping feature
- API: Expose `subscribed` for issues and merge requests (Robert Schilling)
- Allow SAML to handle external users based on user's information !3530
- Allow Omniauth providers to be marked as `external` !3657
- Add endpoints to archive or unarchive a project !3372
- Fix a bug whith trailing slash in bamboo_url
- Add links to CI setup documentation from project settings and builds pages
- Display project members page to all members
- Handle nil descriptions in Slack issue messages (Stan Hu)
- Add automated repository integrity checks (OFF by default)
- API: Expose open_issues_count, closed_issues_count, open_merge_requests_count for labels (Robert Schilling)
- API: Ability to star and unstar a project (Robert Schilling)
- Add default scope to projects to exclude projects pending deletion
- Allow to close merge requests which source projects(forks) are deleted.
- Ensure empty recipients are rejected in BuildsEmailService
- Use rugged to change HEAD in Project#change_head (P.S.V.R)
- API: Ability to filter milestones by state `active` and `closed` (Robert Schilling)
- API: Fix milestone filtering by `iid` (Robert Schilling)
- Make before_script and after_script overridable on per-job (Kamil Trzciński)
- API: Delete notes of issues, snippets, and merge requests (Robert Schilling)
- Implement 'Groups View' as an option for dashboard preferences !3379 (Elias W.)
- Better errors handling when creating milestones inside groups
- Fix high CPU usage when PostReceive receives refs/merge-requests/<id>
- Hide `Create a group` help block when creating a new project in a group
- Implement 'TODOs View' as an option for dashboard preferences !3379 (Elias W.)
- Allow issues and merge requests to be assigned to the author !2765
- Make Ci::Commit to group only similar builds and make it stateful (ref, tag)
- Gracefully handle notes on deleted commits in merge requests (Stan Hu)
- Decouple membership and notifications
- Fix creation of merge requests for orphaned branches (Stan Hu)
- API: Ability to retrieve a single tag (Robert Schilling)
- While signing up, don't persist the user password across form redisplays
- Fall back to `In-Reply-To` and `References` headers when sub-addressing is not available (David Padilla)
- Remove "Congratulations!" tweet button on newly-created project. (Connor Shea)
- Fix admin/projects when using visibility levels on search (PotHix)
- Build status notifications
- Update email confirmation interface
- API: Expose user location (Robert Schilling)
- API: Do not leak group existence via return code (Robert Schilling)
- ClosingIssueExtractor regex now also works with colons. e.g. "Fixes: #1234" !3591
- Update number of Todos in the sidebar when it's marked as "Done". !3600
- Sanitize branch names created for confidential issues
- API: Expose 'updated_at' for issue, snippet, and merge request notes (Robert Schilling)
- API: User can leave a project through the API when not master or owner. !3613
- Fix repository cache invalidation issue when project is recreated with an empty repo (Stan Hu)
- Fix: Allow empty recipients list for builds emails service when pushed is added (Frank Groeneveld)
- Improved markdown forms
- Diff design updates (colors, button styles, etc)
- Copying and pasting a diff no longer pastes the line numbers or +/-
- Add null check to formData when updating profile content to fix Firefox bug
- Disable spellcheck and autocorrect for username field in admin page
- Delete tags using Rugged for performance reasons (Robert Schilling)
- Add Slack notifications when Wiki is edited (Sebastian Klier)
- Diffs load at the correct point when linking from from number
- Selected diff rows highlight
- Fix emoji categories in the emoji picker
- API: Properly display annotated tags for GET /projects/:id/repository/tags (Robert Schilling)
- Add encrypted credentials for imported projects and migrate old ones
- Properly format all merge request references with ! rather than # !3740 (Ben Bodenmiller)
- Author and participants are displayed first on users autocompletion
- Show number sign on external issue reference text (Florent Baldino)
- Updated print style for issues
- Use GitHub Issue/PR number as iid to keep references
- Import GitHub labels
- Add option to filter by "Owned projects" on dashboard page
- Import GitHub milestones
- Execute system web hooks on push to the project
- Allow enable/disable push events for system hooks
- Fix GitHub project's link in the import page when provider has a custom URL
- Add RAW build trace output and button on build page
- Add incremental build trace update into CI API

v 8.6.8
- Prevent privilege escalation via "impersonate" feature
- Prevent privilege escalation via notes API
- Prevent privilege escalation via project webhook API
- Prevent XSS via Git branch and tag names
- Prevent XSS via custom issue tracker URL
- Prevent XSS via `window.opener`
- Prevent XSS via label drop-down
- Prevent information disclosure via milestone API
- Prevent information disclosure via snippet API
- Prevent information disclosure via project labels
- Prevent information disclosure via new merge request page

v 8.6.7
- Fix persistent XSS vulnerability in `commit_person_link` helper
- Fix persistent XSS vulnerability in Label and Milestone dropdowns
- Fix vulnerability that made it possible to enumerate private projects belonging to group

v 8.6.6
- Expire the exists cache before deletion to ensure project dir actually exists (Stan Hu). !3413
- Fix error on language detection when repository has no HEAD (e.g., master branch) (Jeroen Bobbeldijk). !3654
- Fix revoking of authorized OAuth applications (Connor Shea). !3690
- Fix error on language detection when repository has no HEAD (e.g., master branch). !3654 (Jeroen Bobbeldijk)
- Issuable header is consistent between issues and merge requests
- Improved spacing in issuable header on mobile

v 8.6.5
- Fix importing from GitHub Enterprise. !3529
- Perform the language detection after updating merge requests in `GitPushService`, leading to faster visual feedback for the end-user. !3533
- Check permissions when user attempts to import members from another project. !3535
- Only update repository language if it is not set to improve performance. !3556
- Return status code 303 after a branch DELETE operation to avoid project deletion (Stan Hu). !3583
- Unblock user when active_directory is disabled and it can be found !3550
- Fix a 2FA authentication spoofing vulnerability.

v 8.6.4
- Don't attempt to fetch any tags from a forked repo (Stan Hu)
- Redesign the Labels page

v 8.6.3
- Mentions on confidential issues doesn't create todos for non-members. !3374
- Destroy related todos when an Issue/MR is deleted. !3376
- Fix error 500 when target is nil on todo list. !3376
- Fix copying uploads when moving issue to another project. !3382
- Ensuring Merge Request API returns boolean values for work_in_progress (Abhi Rao). !3432
- Fix raw/rendered diff producing different results on merge requests. !3450
- Fix commit comment alignment (Stan Hu). !3466
- Fix Error 500 when searching for a comment in a project snippet. !3468
- Allow temporary email as notification email. !3477
- Fix issue with dropdowns not selecting values. !3478
- Update gitlab-shell version and doc to 2.6.12. gitlab-org/gitlab-ee!280

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