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      Orphan Attachments   07/31/2018

      I have been doing some housekeeping lately and I've noticed that I had a lot of orphaned attachments. Attachments get orphaned when the PM or post is deleted without removing the attachment first. Deleting a PM or post does not delete the attachment and the file or image remain on the server. I'd like to ask all members to go through their attachments and delete any attachments you don't need anymore or those that have been orphaned. Where can I get a list of my attachments? Click on your display name in the upper right corner of the forums and pick "My Attachments" from the drop-down list. How can I tell an attachment is orphaned? If the PM has been deleted, you'll see a message like this in your attachment list: Unfortunately there is no message if the post has been deleted, so please check your old posts. We do purge old birthday threads every once in a while. Also some hosted projects have been shut down, so you may have orphaned attachments on one of those locations. Thanks!
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Visceral Moonlight

[Announcement] GitLab Updated to 8.8.7

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v 8.8.4
- Fix LDAP-based login for users with 2FA enabled. !4493

v 8.8.3
- Fix 404 page when viewing TODOs that contain milestones or labels in different projects. !4312
- Fixed JS error when trying to remove discussion form. !4303
- Fixed issue with button color when no CI enabled. !4287
- Fixed potential issue with 2 CI status polling events happening. !3869
- Improve design of Pipeline view. !4230
- Fix gitlab importer failing to import new projects due to missing credentials. !4301
- Fix import URL migration not rescuing with the correct Error. !4321
- Fix health check access token changing due to old application settings being used. !4332
- Make authentication service for Container Registry to be compatible with Docker versions before 1.11. !4363
- Add Application Setting to configure Container Registry token expire delay (default 5 min). !4364
- Pass the "Remember me" value to the 2FA token form. !4369
- Fix incorrect links on pipeline page when merge request created from fork. !4376
- Use downcased path to container repository as this is expected path by Docker. !4420
- Fix wiki project clone address error (chujinjin). !4429
- Fix serious performance bug with rendering Markdown with InlineDiffFilter. !4392
- Fix missing number on generated ordered list element. !4437
- Prevent disclosure of notes on confidential issues in search results.

v 8.8.2
- Added remove due date button. !4209
- Fix Error 500 when accessing application settings due to nil disabled OAuth sign-in sources. !4242
- Fix Error 500 in CI charts by gracefully handling commits with no durations. !4245
- Fix table UI on CI builds page. !4249
- Fix backups if registry is disabled. !4263
- Fixed issue with merge button color. !4211
- Fixed issue with enter key selecting wrong option in dropdown. !4210
- When creating a .gitignore file a dropdown with templates will be provided. !4075
- Fix concurrent request when updating build log in browser. !4183

v 8.8.1
- Add documentation for the "Health Check" feature
- Allow anonymous users to access a public project's pipelines !4233
- Fix MySQL compatibility in zero downtime migrations helpers
- Fix the CI login to Container Registry (the gitlab-ci-token user)

v 8.8.0
- Implement GFM references for milestones (Alejandro Rodríguez)
- Snippets tab under user profile. !4001 (Long Nguyen)
- Fix error when using link to uploads in global snippets
- Fix Error 500 when attempting to retrieve project license when HEAD points to non-existent ref
- Assign labels and milestone to target project when moving issue. !3934 (Long Nguyen)
- Use a case-insensitive comparison in sanitizing URI schemes
- Toggle sign-up confirmation emails in application settings
- Make it possible to prevent tagged runner from picking untagged jobs
- Added `InlineDiffFilter` to the markdown parser. (Adam Butler)
- Added inline diff styling for `change_title` system notes. (Adam Butler)
- Project#open_branches has been cleaned up and no longer loads entire records into memory.
- Escape HTML in commit titles in system note messages
- Improve design of Pipeline View
- Fix scope used when accessing container registry
- Fix creation of Ci::Commit object which can lead to pending, failed in some scenarios
- Improve multiple branch push performance by memoizing permission checking
- Log to application.log when an admin starts and stops impersonating a user
- Changing the confidentiality of an issue now creates a new system note (Alex Moore-Niemi)
- Updated gitlab_git to 10.1.0
- GitAccess#protected_tag? no longer loads all tags just to check if a single one exists
- Reduce delay in destroying a project from 1-minute to immediately
- Make build status canceled if any of the jobs was canceled and none failed
- Upgrade Sidekiq to 4.1.2
- Added /health_check endpoint for checking service status
- Make 'upcoming' filter for milestones work better across projects
- Sanitize repo paths in new project error message
- Bump mail_room to 0.7.0 to fix stuck IDLE connections
- Remove future dates from contribution calendar graph.
- Support e-mail notifications for comments on project snippets
- Fix API leak of notes of unauthorized issues, snippets and merge requests
- Use ActionDispatch Remote IP for Akismet checking
- Fix error when visiting commit builds page before build was updated
- Add 'l' shortcut to open Label dropdown on issuables and 'i' to create new issue on a project
- Update SVG sanitizer to conform to SVG 1.1
- Speed up push emails with multiple recipients by only generating the email once
- Updated search UI
- Added authentication service for Container Registry
- Display informative message when new milestone is created
- Sanitize milestones and labels titles
- Support multi-line tag messages. !3833 (Calin Seciu)
- Force users to reset their password after an admin changes it
- Allow "NEWS" and "CHANGES" as alternative names for CHANGELOG. !3768 (Connor Shea)
- Added button to toggle whitespaces changes on diff view
- Backport GitHub Enterprise import support from EE
- Create tags using Rugged for performance reasons. !3745
- Allow guests to set notification level in projects
- API: Expose Issue#user_notes_count. !3126 (Anton Popov)
- Don't show forks button when user can't view forks
- Fix atom feed links and rendering
- Files over 5MB can only be viewed in their raw form, files over 1MB without highlighting !3718
- Add support for supressing text diffs using .gitattributes on the default branch (Matt Oakes)
- Add eager load paths to help prevent dependency load issues in Sidekiq workers. !3724
- Added multiple colors for labels in dropdowns when dups happen.
- Show commits in the same order as `git log`
- Improve description for the Two-factor Authentication sign-in screen. (Connor Shea)
- API support for the 'since' and 'until' operators on commit requests (Paco Guzman)
- Fix Gravatar hint in user profile when Gravatar is disabled. !3988 (Artem Sidorenko)
- Expire repository exists? and has_visible_content? caches after a push if necessary
- Fix unintentional filtering bug in Issue/MR sorted by milestone due (Takuya Noguchi)
- Fix adding a todo for private group members (Ahmad Sherif)
- Bump ace-rails-ap gem version from 2.0.1 to 4.0.2 which upgrades Ace Editor from 1.1.2 to 1.2.3
- Total method execution timings are no longer tracked
- Allow Admins to remove the Login with buttons for OAuth services and still be able to import !4034. (Andrei Gliga)
- Add API endpoints for un/subscribing from/to a label. !4051 (Ahmad Sherif)
- Hide left sidebar on phone screens to give more space for content
- Redesign navigation for profile and group pages
- Add counter metrics for rails cache
- Import pull requests from GitHub where the source or target branches were removed
- All Grape API helpers are now instrumented
- Improve Issue formatting for the Slack Service (Jeroen van Baarsen)
- Fixed advice on invalid permissions on upload path !2948 (Ludovic Perrine)
- Allows MR authors to have the source branch removed when merging the MR. !2801 (Jeroen Jacobs)
- When creating a .gitignore file a dropdown with templates will be provided
- Shows the issue/MR list search/filter form and corrects the mobile styling for guest users. #17562

v 8.7.7
- Fix import by `Any Git URL` broken if the URL contains a space

v 8.7.6
- Fix links on wiki pages for relative url setups. !4131 (Artem Sidorenko)
- Fix import from GitLab.com to a private instance failure. !4181
- Fix external imports not finding the import data. !4106
- Fix notification delay when changing status of an issue
- Bump Workhorse to 0.7.5 so it can serve raw diffs

v 8.7.5
- Fix relative links in wiki pages. !4050
- Fix always showing build notification message when switching between merge requests !4086
- Fix an issue when filtering merge requests with more than one label. !3886
- Fix short note for the default scope on build page (Takuya Noguchi)

v 8.7.4
- Links for Redmine issue references are generated correctly again !4048 (Benedikt Huss)
- Fix setting trusted proxies !3970
- Fix BitBucket importer bug when throwing exceptions !3941
- Use sign out path only if not empty !3989
- Running rake gitlab:db:drop_tables now drops tables with cascade !4020
- Running rake gitlab:db:drop_tables uses "IF EXISTS" as a precaution !4100
- Use a case-insensitive comparison in sanitizing URI schemes

v 8.7.3
- Emails, Gitlab::Email::Message, Gitlab::Diff, and Premailer::Adapter::Nokogiri are now instrumented
- Merge request widget displays TeamCity build state and code coverage correctly again.
- Fix the line code when importing PR review comments from GitHub. !4010
- Wikis are now initialized on legacy projects when checking repositories
- Remove animate.css in favor of a smaller subset of animations. !3937 (Connor Shea)

v 8.7.2
- The "New Branch" button is now loaded asynchronously
- Fix error 500 when trying to create a wiki page
- Updated spacing between notification label and button
- Label titles in filters are now escaped properly
I haven't gotten the opportunity to parse it yet for interesting tidbits but rest assured that I will do so and mention them!

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Updated to 8.8.7:

v 8.8.7
- Fix privilege escalation issue with OAuth external users.
- Ensure references to private repos aren't shown to logged-out users.

v 8.8.6
- Fix visibility of snippets when searching.
- Update omniauth-saml to 1.6.0 !4951

v 8.8.5
- Import GitHub repositories respecting the API rate limit !4166
- Fix todos page throwing errors when you have a project pending deletion !4300
- Disable Webhooks before proceeding with the GitHub import !4470
- Fix importer for GitHub comments on diff !4488
- Adjust the SAML control flow to allow LDAP identities to be added to an existing SAML user !4498
- Fix incremental trace upload API when using multi-byte UTF-8 chars in trace !4541
- Prevent unauthorized access for projects build traces
- Forbid scripting for wiki files
- Only show notes through JSON on confidential issues that the user has access to
- Banzai::Filter::UploadLinkFilter use XPath instead CSS expressions
- Banzai::Filter::ExternalLinkFilter use XPath instead CSS expressions

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