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[RELz] FOMO CraftyBits

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FOMO CraftyBits is the continuation of the grand legacy of the CraftyBits mod, the continuation will add to the already amazing content of CraftyBits and fix up any issues left over where the old CB v0.8 Beta stagnated.

Naturally as part of the FOMO project the idea is that all this new content and the old content integrates into other Fomo mods such as Fomo High Rock or Fomo Summerset, and the vast collection of assets in Fomo Main will also provide a vast amount of additional equipment, clothes, etc to craft and new dishes to cook on top of what is already available.



For those who have not heard of or never looked into CraftyBits before, CB is a "hands-on crafting mod", put simply it provides you with a means to engage in various forms of artisanry, from simply cooking your own meals to crafting your own bows and arrows, your weapons and armour, even gathering the ingredients or materials that your need yourself, the list of things you can do is a very long one (And the explanation for how to do them is longer ^^").

However, what truly sets CraftyBits apart from other crafting mods and places it in a category of its own is not simply the vastness of it, but the manner in which you engage in the various activities made possible through CB, all the processes are extremely immersive and highly intuitive, want to cut up some cheese to add to your salad? simply put the cheese on a board and grab a knife and run it through the cheese! What to turn those iron ores into a fancy new sword? Well your going to have to smelt that raw ore first, and after a bit more work preparing your forge you will be physically hammering away well on your way to being a master smith!

Even the act of gathering the materials is extremely immersive, from chopping at any tree you see with an axe to collect wood, to running about the woods picking up firewood  to start a camp fire, to hacking away at rocks for rare ores, to chasing those ever elusive chickens for eggs.



Going over each aspect of CB in detail would take far too long, so here is a quick list of what you can find yourself getting up to with CB:


-General Survival/Camping Actions (Firemaking, creating tools from gathered rocks etc...)

-Rock Prospecting




-Weapon and Armour Repair and Maintainence

-Wood Gathering


-Bow Making, Repair and Maintainence 



-Canoe Crafting

-Water Gathering and Purification

-Clay Gathering


-Enhanced Hunting




-Jewellery Crafting





-Cheese Making





-Preforming as a Bard



If you want more details here is a link to download the current CB Guide:  CraftyBits v0.8 Guide






In my most humble opinion CraftyBits is a widely underappreciated hidden gem of a mod, most likely due to its rough buggy beginnings long ago, after countless iterations and hours of intense squinting (i.e. script debugging) by dedicated modders such as CLShade, Setsuna515, Worm82075, and of course Munch Universe the current state of CB v0.8 is very far from buggy (In fact we are looking for people to FIND bugs right now). 


Truly CB is an amazing world changing mod, and my personal favourite mod for Oblivion, so I am honoured to be able to make my own contribution to CB and continue the CraftyBits legacy.

As for my own additions to CB... those will have to wait, for now I am still learning my way around the scripts under Munch's guidance, and of course as you would likely know if you frequent TAL, I am a bit tired up in other projects as well, but that is not to say I haven't already made some progress on some new systems... and naturally FOMO ObliviLife's (Which will essentially merge into Fomo CB) move-able furniture will be made craftable through Fomo CB's carpentry/candle-making/etc, the same applies for the vast amounts of clothes and armours that come with Fomo Main and future Fomo mods, and the anywhere player store will allow you to peddle your freshly crafted wares!



To Discuss anything about the mod head over to the General Discussion,

If you want to help us out as a member of the team or even just help us sort out some bug you may have stumbled onto, do let us know ^^!

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