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Bug`s hunting

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Finally I found the time for raise this thread. :D


Not passed a hundred years, as we have a collection of notes about bugs and "poison" for them!

Ok, hot fixes and patches.

All it can be found here or there.














Graphical issues.

1. Pink Color.






The cause.

It`s a floating bugs on meshes with Dark Map, which occurs when enabled "per pixel light" flag in MGE.

It`s a some parts of the steel armors and some imperial armors.


- disable "per pixel light" flag in MGE.

- or install patches 002 and 005. They are update these meshes for removing the Dark Maps.


May be it`s a game`s engine bug.




2. Solid blue collor.






The cause.

This is old floating bug with cashing the bump maps.

If the Base map are used on Bump has a chance for this bug.

For more information will read the Notes for Modmaker.


Now, all known "Solid Blue colored Items" has been fixed in the Patch 005.


If you saw it, please write with request for hotfix.




3. Solid Black color on imperial armors.






The cause.

As it seems it was a problem with one texture in the TextureEffect`s slot.

May be it`s my bad :) however have a chance that is a Textures caching bug, like "Solid Blue Color". Need a long time test.


Yesterday I was found the cause of this problem and made hotfix.

- look and install patch 005.


If you saw it again on other models, please write with request for hotfix.



















Animation issues.

1. Lost animation from some NPC.



The cause.







This is a sadly and critical bug! Which was missed during the test time.


- Install @_fix_lost_animations.esp

It`s returned the animations:

- seat animations for some NPCs (including King Hlaalu Helseth and Duke Vedam Dren)

- vampire`s attack animations.

- mannequin`s animations.

Almost 100 NPCs got back their animation.


May be it`s a problem with Export\import new texts option from TES CS.

But we have missed it :( I`m sorry and excuses!





1. Dremoras and Golden saints don`t break to ashes. Shields and weapons with animation are not working perfectly.



The cause.

Some creatures have a hard synchronization, of their animation, from the baseAnim.nif file.

It`s are made for optimization purposes:

- faster to animate.

- a smaller model file size.

- no need to create a new animations.

- easy to attach a new animation to the creature, if frames orders are same.

And, It`s the only way to create animated weapons who will synchronized with Player`s animations!

But if are using an 3d-party animation files for the NPC with another sequence of frames it`s could make this problem.

It`s nor critical bug but it have.


Now, we have no radical treatment, besides to disabling third-party file of the animation. ((


May be in time we can make a special patch for some creatures with directly assigned a standard animation file for them.

But with Weapons\armors it`s not be working. (














Not Crutical issues.

Betty Netch found dead



The cause.

I am coming across a lot of Betty Netchs dead on the ground. I see them floating in the distance and then when I come close they are dead on the ground.©Psijonica


The Project adds a number of the dead animals* in leveled lists.

I think it makes the world is more alive.

Unfortunately, Netches is flying creatures and placed in world up the ground, and you can see how they fall.

If you think this is wrong, I can make a small patch, which remove them from leveled lists.

*Dead; rats, shalks, netches, scribs, mudcrabs, fishes, guars...

I will set the priority as "not a bug", with Your consent. :) © HH`12




Two thrones in Helseth`s Hall.






The cause.

This error are connected with re-saving the plug with other versions of master files.

Russian ->English in our case.

All original objects who was touched in the Plug, are duplicated on default places((

And need a time to delete this objects.

The throne was be missed. (


You need to Bound the Console and when selected the Big Throne set it as "DISABLE".


May be better to use the Console than creating a new ESP file.

New esp may make a new problems with compatibility for 3d-party plugs.

Normal picture is:











Log of the Patch's history.


Patch 001-005 for Symphony_The. (02 2016 - 06 2016)



Just drop into MW folder.


- fix BoundBox for some creatures.

It`s better in combat.


- fix Faerdamage effect.

now it's not running away from the target.


- fix the reflection on imperial shields.

More darker.


- fix Z-position for 6h-House`s Troth.

*it`s very Important fix!

Some objects has been inaccessible in the game.


- fix textures and materials for Dragon Bone cuirass.

Removed unwanted darkening on the metal parts.

For better displaying if are using MGE and MCP.


- fix UV set for Imperial chain armors.


- fix UV set for Chain Coif.


- fix texture for Imperial Shield.


Patch 005 07 2016

Fix some floating bugs.


- fix color bugs for imperial/templar armors.

*fix dark map on the boots (it`s a floating bug with the pink color)

*fix reflection maps at some shields

*small update for Night Blade`s shield

*small update for few cuirass and bracers. Fix reflections and Bump Maps.


- fix bug of the "darkness" for imperial cuirass and other.


- fix collision for Imperial gates.


- fix bug of the "darkness" for imperial teleport.


- fix bug of the "darkness" for imperial broad sword.


- fix blue color bug for some daedric weapons.


- fix blue color for few items and lamps.


ReturnLostAnimForNPC esp patch. 07 2016

Returned lost animations for NPC:

- seat animations for some NPCs (including King Hlaalu Helseth and Duke Vedam Dren)

- vampire`s attack animations.

- mannequin`s animations.

Almost 100 NPCs got back their animation!


Patch 006 07 2016

Reduce clipping for orcish armor`s skirt.

- added animation for this object.

Long wanted to do it. :D

Full correct working only with default animation(( With third-party animations may be problems with the frame synchronisation(


- for Umbra`s cuirass was added the Umbra Sword.

New object on back of the cuirass.


- for Umbra`s helmet was added the Fire eyes.

Required MCP for normal working!


- for standard orcish cuirass was added Invisible controller.


- for Scamp (standard) was fixed shield bone. Reduce clipping for shield.


- few TGA textures was converted as DDS for better looking in foggy weather.





© Miktorch








PBR experimental shaders for Steel Armor.

required: SYMPHONY_THE and MGE XE v. or more new version.


what does it:

- more darknes textures for Steel armor.

- fix some mesh with new textures.

- fix 1.st hands. Now the hands displays more correctly without fingers clipping.

- fix scirt. More smoothed.

- changed textures on the under armor layer.



And added experimental PRB Shader.

- chain mail

- steel plates

- wood part of the shield

- cloth part of this armor


And remember, this is just an experiment!








A small addition to the main Project.


This "patch" eliminates the contrast with third party plugin`s objects that be use the default meshes of weapons and creatures.

The replacer for the default meshes of creatures and weapons.

+weapons: ALL

+creatures: without Goblins, Imperfect, Fabricants and Bloodmoon creatures.



It`s replacing the original meshes!

Pay attention to it and make copies of folders R and W!

If You have it, of course!



This meshes files only! Textures are used from the basic Symphony`s BSA archives.



These models have some changes relative to the base meshes of the Symphony`s Creatures!

- some keys of the animations was removed.

That made them are not dependent from the Master Files of the Project.



These models can be working without Project`s master files.





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