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No Man's Sky: 2016's Biggest Disappointment

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I've never played it.  I will eventually, I'm sure.


If you like shooters, Borderlands 2 is fun.  Tons of cool guns and good humor with many homage's.

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Something tells me alt3rn1ty is a fan of No Man's Sky...


Huuuuge :)


For me its a replacement for the Elite we have all been waiting 30 years for David Braben to release.


Over those thirty years there have been a few variations on Elite, Frontier for example on the Amiga, prior to that there was a new filled vector graphics version of the old wire frame original Elite (similar to this version), and since then little snippets of info from David Braben hinted at a new version which would take advantage of modern hardware and become the Elite we all wanted ..


I like the look and simulation that Elite Dangerous offers, the technical detail of battles and counter measures is superb, but beyond that its a bit shallow, and of course no longer single player, needs tethering to the net, cant play it on deployment (though thats not likely to happen to me these days). We have it on my daughters PS4, and since trying it I am not a fan anymore.


They dumped Elite single player at the last minute and turned it into multi-player internet dependent game, instead of the single player, play it anywhere without a connection game it was going to be for the long term fans.


They made that change of direction literally months before release and declared single player would not be possible due to technical issues and for the companies vision of how they wanted it to go


Most arse. Especially after waiting and hoping so long.



Then NMS happened, bit of a disaster at first, but I personally had my fingers crossed that Sean Murray would come through on his promises and deliver the game I hoped for .. Hellogames has done that proud. So yep, I'm a space faring number one fan :)

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