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No Man's Sky: 2016's Biggest Disappointment

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I've seen some real stinkers on Steam, and been bitten by a couple myself. Trust me, Bethesda is not the enemy, they are nowhere near as bad about bugs as people think. At least their stuff is playable. I couldn't say the same for a few things I've been burnt by. Even got one of them refunded on GoG it was so bad.

Personally I'm looking forward to Starfield and TES VI. All signs indicate new engines for both so we'll see where that gets us. I know I'll be thrilled to finally see them throw Frankenbryo out the airlock.

No Man's Sky started off pretty lean. I never saw a lot of bugs, but there wasn't much to have bugs with at first either. Barely anything to do, and that was even after the Atlas patch which is where I finally jumped in. Absolutely no replay value whatsoever. Even now with all of the changes, despite them being very welcome changes. At least with this game I haven't ever come close to "finishing" it so once I get far enough along on the MQ again it'll be like playing something new again.

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Yeah I got refunds from Apple regarding the games I was referencing in my post above. I then deleted the games. I feel sorry for Android players who can’t get refunds.

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On 8/7/2018 at 8:29 AM, alt3rn1ty said:

Personally I think they are all related to your review .. In that they point out that Sean Murray is keeping to his promise of providing everything they said they would.

Take everything not related to your review out and it becomes just a rant topic which does not document how much it has changed since that time ..

.. Unless you plan to amend the OP to reflect how much it has changed since version 1 and that link you provide of "Check out this astonishing list of things promised to be in the game but are no where to be found." (the site it was linked to is down now anyway) ?

How about adding a link to "An astonishing list of things promised to be in the game which have now been implemented .. and the rest, since version 1"


Edit : This is going to be my last post here anyway, I hardly participate anymore (lost interest in all things Bugthesda) apart from addressing the balance in this topic, so I may aswell butt out.

I wouldn't consider casual game discussion related to my review. It's a 2 year old thread with the title "No Man's Sky: 2016's Biggest Disappointment" - Not anywhere suitable to be having a positive discussion post launch. I don't plan on amending my review in any way. It still stands as a review about what happened at that time. This is a review, not a discussion thread.

If anything, I would make a new review based my experiences with the foundation update, the path finder, Atlas Rises, and NEXT, which have all been positive ones. As much as I was insulted by the game at launch, I don't, nor did I ever hate it. I understood what their release model was and how the game was going to be continually updated. They have kept good on those promises and deserve respect for that.

Honestly it sounds like you're being defensive.

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Posted (edited)

I thought Bethesda ditched the Gamebryo engine after Oblivion.  Wasn't Skyrim a custom engine--Creation Engine (I thought)?  And Fallout 4 was based off of that?  Gamebryo has it's roots in one of the Civilization games I thought?  Ancient by technology standards.

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I think Bethesda kind-of-sort-of created a new engine off of Gamebryo. Arthmoor likes to call it Frankenbryo. Still Gamebryo under the covers with a new scripting language.

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