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      I have been doing some housekeeping lately and I've noticed that I had a lot of orphaned attachments. Attachments get orphaned when the PM or post is deleted without removing the attachment first. Deleting a PM or post does not delete the attachment and the file or image remain on the server. I'd like to ask all members to go through their attachments and delete any attachments you don't need anymore or those that have been orphaned. Where can I get a list of my attachments? Click on your display name in the upper right corner of the forums and pick "My Attachments" from the drop-down list. How can I tell an attachment is orphaned? If the PM has been deleted, you'll see a message like this in your attachment list: Unfortunately there is no message if the post has been deleted, so please check your old posts. We do purge old birthday threads every once in a while. Also some hosted projects have been shut down, so you may have orphaned attachments on one of those locations. Thanks!
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[RELz] Jammings off

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Jammings off

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This is an resource which using as part of Symphony project.
May be it`s be useful for separate using and we create this file entry.

What`s do it:
It`s a patch for Base Animation files.

- This files is an updated version of the BaseAnimation Files, which eliminated the jammings in narrow places to Player and NPC .
Like the doorway or other.

- Also, this files are fixed the Game crash if Player or NPC are using the Beast`s Races Armour or clothings.
Now You can using  for Human Races all armors which was created specifically for Beast Races.

- Also, all .NIF files has been optimized for decrease their size.

The files which was updated:
- Added New bones into Human skeleton.
- Decreased the size of Bounding Box.
- Removed all non used shapes\properties and other.

xbase_anim.nif - BASE ANIMATION.

xbase_animkna.nif - beast races animation.


xbase_anim_female.nif - female animation.
Xanim_dancingGirl.nif - Suran`s girls animations. Just for the complect.

1. make backup of original files.
2. paste this files into DataFiles\Meshes folder.

1. delete these files.
2. restore original from becup.

This files may working with all other .KF files!
And This Thing makes possibility to working with this files all other third-party animations plugs*.
Like the original animations or full new, or some tweaked.
Yes, all animations of  NPC are include into KF files.

The NIF and Xnif files have no the skeletons animations.

*Of course, may be the unknown problems but it`s unknown to me.

This archive contain a small tweaked  .KF file of the Base Animation.

This file is a part of Symphony, also.

So, This .KF are tweak some animation groups! It`s make the animation as more Living.

Added a new animation for these groups:
- all melee weapons and Bow Idles.
- Hand to Hand idle.
- crossbow idle and shooting. Now You can`t to bowing to ground.
- Torch Idle.
- could be something else, but I forgot it. :D

1. make copy of original KF file.
2. paste this file into DataFiles\Meshes folder.

1. delete this file.
2. restore original from the copy.


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Nice addition.  :cowboy:


I know a few places in-game that can be almost impossible for the player to go where you want and the Buckmoth Legion Fort is one those places another place is of course the Mage's Guild in Balmora.


I wonder if this mod can be installed via the Installers tab aka BAIN in Wrye Mash.  If not then let me know and I can create or show you what you need to do in order to create a BAIN archive.

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Cheers! ;)


With my pleasure!

Hope the working of this plug will be fine and without unknown issues!


I`m dino in Wrye Mash and don`t know how to make the BAIN archives or "what`s it".


If You can create this, will be very fine!

Are You need something else for it?

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