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The beginning of a Tale of the Unholy Listener (Aldin Ralvori)

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Well, here you ladies and gents go, it's just a rough draft. It's not entirely completed yet. Tell me what you think. 



Note: I wanted a picture on top to see my character in  both Oblivion and Skyrim wearing the elder scrolls online new DB robes, a cloak and face mask. Aldin Ralvori's Quote: "The Unholy Listener; The Leader of the Black Hand will make the Dark Brotherhood to its former Glory and death will flow in the name of the Dread Father Sithis and our Unholy Matron, The Night Mother!" or something like, "The Unholy Listener and the most Deadliest of all the Assassins." It would be cool to see this on a video or mod haha. 

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