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The beginning of a Tale of the Unholy Listener (Aldin Ralvori)

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Well, here you ladies and gents go, it's just a rough draft. It's not entirely completed yet. Tell me what you think. 


Childhood Story: Aldin Ralvori was born in Morrowind with a wealthy Main Ralvori Breach family; most powerful family in all of Morrowind until, one night on a cold winter day; Age six. When his parents were asleep, one man sneak up with a clash noise. Woke up Aldin's parents prepared with a weapon, they sensed he's drunk and a homicidal maniac. First thing, he attacked them, trying to defend themselves. However, the murderer found a way to kill them; He ran upstairs, sensing someone is asleep. He went to Aldin's room grabbed him. Aldin screamed and struggled. His parents begged for him to calm down and stop this madness. After a few moments, the murderer killed his parents and kept stabbing them over and over. After Aldin's screams, the guards came in and the murderer escaped. Aldin was found by his parent's dead bodies from a Argonian Conjurer named: Tulan Cayanes. Frighten and angered that he's parents were killed. Tulan Cayanes calmed him down and took him into the Mages Guild to take care of him, to stay and teach him about Magicka including many books, for not thinking about his parent's murderer. After many years. Age Ten, Aldin was interested in reading books, stories, articles, Notes, and Documents. He thought to himself, he wanted to learn more. During the night Aldin found a door leading to a library, he thoroughly searched many shelves to find what he was interested in. He found four books that were interesting. Titled: "Sacred Witness", "The Brothers of Darkness", "The Night Mother's Truth", and "Sithis". These four books were about the Dark Brotherhood. He was exhilarating to read them. He went to his room and started to read them, one by one, each night by himself. During the day, he trains with his mentor: Tulan Cayanes. Learning on how to master both Illusion, Alchemy and Mysticism. Few months later, at noon Turdas. Tulan gotten a message from the council to assist a certain matter. He asked Aldin to join him and he accepted. After a few miles away to the destination. They both come across a man wearing black robes. Aldin through to him that he knows that type of Robes and Tulan told him to just keep walking. The strange black Robed man walked passed them and secretly handed him a document that was sealed just for Aldin, didn't noticed. Few hours later, they've reached their destination, a little small town. However, there was a strange high elf man that couldn't see his face and looks very suspicious, recognized the little boy that mourn his parent's death. (Flashback): Aldin's parents were killed by a man named: Tyeril Camus, there was only one witness that killed his parents, his mentor. Tulan couldn't catch him, he was too fast and he was on the Wanted Posters for multiple murders, thefts and arson with a bounty than 1,000,000 Septims. Aldin wanted to get revenge for his parent's death. Felt with anger and hatred towards the man.(End of Flashback) Aldin looked away quickly and grabbed his mentor's sleeve. Tulan told him what was wrong, but didn't say anything. After meeting with Tulan's client. Sat down and heard a whisper saying, "The Dark Brotherhood will assist you" Aldin didn't know what that was but it didn't bothered him. After a few moments he reached into his pocket and felt a letter, confused. He took it out and didn't know who it was from. Aldin looked at the letter, it had a black hand crest emblem on the back of it, he tore it opened and read it. It was from the Dark Brotherhood that he was so fascinated with. (In the lore, the only way to contact the Dark Brotherhood was to do the Black Sacrament but this was an exception) It had instructions to carry out his revenge and that they were watching him the entire time. An hour later, Tulan solved the situation that he was sent to do. Quickly he took the letter in his pocket and rushed to his mentor to go back home. During the time, when they were traveling back home. Aldin felt like he was being followed, he looked back, but nothing was there. However, Tyeril Camus were secretly following them within the bushes and trees. When Tulan and Aldin reached back home at 7PM, Tyeril sneak passed heavily guarded areas to spy on them. Aldin went back to training and Tulan went to the Library, Tyeril sneak up against him backstabbing, covering his mouth and slit his throat too. While nobody noticing, with a dagger on Tulan's back, he put a note on him. Afterwards, Tyeril slip by and vanished. Few hours later, a few guards and a lot of Mages Guild members including the Arch-Mage crowded Tulan's dead body. When Aldin heard what was going on, he went up to the crowd and saw his mentor's dead body. Crying. The Arch-Mage saw the note with the dagger, he gave the note to Aldin. Saying,"I'm the one that killed your parents and now your mentor. We will see each other soon. -Tyeril Camus." Aldin was completely in anger and wanted to kill his parent's and mentor's murderer. The Arch-Mage and the Guards calmed him down and took him into his room. Saying that they will catch him for his crimes. They gave him a proper burial and aldin was crying, the Arch-Mage was holding him to calm him down. After a year of depression from the night at 11PM, Aldin couldn't stand the wait any longer. He prepared to do the Black Sacrament, he assembled from actual body parts, including a heart, skull, bones, and flesh. He must encircle that effigy with candles. However, it was hard to find a heart. The only way to find the heart was to dig the grave from his mentor and cut his mentor's chest. So he did. Saying "Sorry my best friend, please forgive me for this." When he grabbed the heart, he put back where everything was, grabbed some Nightshade plants and secretly took them into his room. Aldin, scammed the letter for any more instructions and it said,"whisper this plea: "Sweet Mother, sweet Mother, send your child unto me, for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood and fear." He proceed to stab the effigy repeatedly with a dagger rubbed with petals of a Nightshade plant and said the lines over and over. Until a few moments later, Aldin saw a figure into darkness and the operative said,"What do you require to kill, my child?" He told the operative to kill Tyeril Camus, Aldin gave the Wanter Poster to the operative and he would gladly join his inspired assassin guild. However, Aldin was too young to join. The operative told him, "Wait until you kill someone yourself my child and be older, however, you are marked by Sithis himself." Aldin didn't know what he meant. After the operative vanished, he cleaned up, burned the evidences of the Black Sacrament except for the letter and went to sleep. The next day, when he woke up, one of the members of the Mages Guild heard the news of the murderer being slain. Went into his room saying that the murderer has been killed. Aldin was delighted to hear that. He thought to himself that the operative has done his contract and he's in Sithis's hands. After the Mages Guild and the Guards found out the killer's dead body. They had to investigate on what happened that night. Witnesses say that the killer rented a room from a inn not far from the Mages Guild HQ. Telling the witness to stay in a room for a few nights and move on to a city. He signed up wrote his fake name on it: Hirmo Spellosin. A robed man walked up to the Inn Keeper, he said he was looking for his friend that might of stayed in. The Inn Keeper told him that it might be the one that just register here. The Robed man said that might be him. The Inn Keeper told him his room number and he went upstairs and did his business. Although, the robed man went into his room, looked at the Wanted Poster given from Aldin. Exactly the match, after he looked. The operative slit his throat, covering his mouth. Saying to him,"I have been sent to kill you from your worst enemy." After he killed him silently, the operative vanished. The Wanted Poster was left behind, including the killer's body. Next day, the Inn Keeper went up to his doorstep, knocked on the door and said,"Sir you need to pay your rent." No answer, he slowly opened the door, walked up to his bed. And he found his dead body piles of blood. Afterwards, he screamed and ran to the guards for help and the guards saw who did this. All that the innkeeper said to the guards is that it must have been the robed man that visited and killed him. However, they saw the Wanted Poster by him, a big red "X" on his face. The Mages Guild and the guards guessed it was the Dark Brotherhood and that they were contracted to kill him. During the investigation, the Guards were seeking who was responsible for contacting the Dark Brotherhood. They've been seeking witnesses or hear anything unusual. Some witnesses heard of a chant from within Aldin's Room. Once they've entered his room, they thoroughly investigated. Seeking clues or evidence, that Aldin was the one who contacted the Dark Brotherhood. However, underneath his bed was a piece of paper. One of the Guards reached it and read the letter. The Guard told the other Guards that he find one letter that Aldin Ralvori is the prime suspect and he was contacted. The Guards rushed into the Arch-Mage and told him about Aldin is the one. The Arch-Mage told them to find and arrest the poor boy into detention. Arch-Mage himself and a few other guards rushed in and looking for Aldin. And he was found reading in the Library. The Arch-Mage told him that he will be detention for several days. Aldin didn't know what was going on and he was scared. After he went to detention, he was being observed and counselled by the Arch-Mage. He told Aldin "Why? Why did you go such terrifying path?" Aldin told him that he couldn't take the wait for them to put him in prison. Pressure and so much depression that he lost his parents and his best friend/Mentor from a homicidal maniac that murdered them, Aldin had to contacted The Dark Brotherhood for revenge. As a moment of silence, the decision has been made. Aldin Ralvori, age 11 will be in solitude for five years until the Morrowind's Mages Guild Council decide on what to do with him. Year by year passed by; sitting on his chair, laying down crawled like ball on his bed, with food, already eaten. After five long years in solitude, one guard told him that the Mages Guild Council had made a decision. Told him to come with him to see the Arch-Mage. The rest of the council was also there, they told him that he shell be exiled and never come back again in Morrowind. The Arch-Mage told him that "you alone will decide on your own journey and begin anew." (The end of his Childhood story)
Teen story: After Aldin was exiled from the Mages Guild and Morrowind when he was sixteen, he set his journey to Cyrodiil, cloaked with four of his favorite books, in a city named Cheydinhal. He searched for a place to stay. However, there was a house boarded, "it looks abandoned" He said. Aldin went to the door and tried to open it but it wouldn't bunch, so he used lockpicking skills and he went inside the house, looking around as he walked each of the three floors, everything was a mess and ruined, after he saw the whole house except for the basement, Aldin begin to clean the entire house. Then he sat down on a chair and read his books. He used the house to live in and trained. Learning by himself how to use One-Handed Weaponry, Archery and Stealth skills including the three schools of magic that he learned when he was a child. During his past time, he adores reading books about The Dark Brotherhood. And he's been carrying those four books since childhood. After time has passed, he was hungry and he didn't have any money to buy food or water. He grabbed his bow and Arrows, went outside to hunt for food and water, out into the wild. Aldin struck a lot of deer including a few other animals. After a few hours of hunting including chopping wood. Aldin went back to the Abandoned house and prepared to cook from the fireplace. He thought to himself, he was alone and scared. However, he heard a whisper, saying "Don't be afraid." He looked around, where that was coming from. But no such luck. Then again "I am here for you, Aldin Ralvori, we are here for you." The unknown said. "Who are you?" He said. "The ones that you've been inspired with and adore, we are your family." "What do you mean," He said. Nothing after that encounter. Aldin sat down, crying that he missed his parents and mentor. When he was crying, he felt a hand on his shoulder. Aldin looked quickly and he saw a figure then disappeared the moment he saw someone. "What was that?" He said. Aldin figured that he wasn't alone after all. However, he didn't explore the depths of the basement from the house. Aldin approached the door that leads to the basement and opened it. Then walked through with no lights let, Aldin used an illusion magic to see. He explored the basement thoroughly and carefully seeing still abandoned from who the owner was. Aldin saw something amiss, there was a big hole in the wall that leads somewhere. He slowly walked through it and saw a red light and a black door. Aldin's expression was in shock. He couldn't believe his eyes. "Wow, What is this. Wait....this can't be...It's The Dark Brotherhood." He Whispered to himself. Aldin was really happy that he found them. He went back upstairs. Closed the basement door and went back to the third floor where a bed is there. He laid down "I can't believe I found them." He said. He seemed very happy and he fell asleep. A dark figure approached him, smiling and said,"We will see you soon, my little brother. You will be the one to make the Brotherhood back again to its former glory. Just wait." The Figure whispered. (End of his Teen Story)
Young Adult Story: After year by year have passed, trying to survive and learning the land that he journeyed from; Age 22. Aldin Ralvori heard a whisper, it sounded like the same voice that he heard from six years ago. "You must eliminate the target, a young man traveling to reach the city." "But why and with what?" He said, "You'll figure it out, do you remember the time when the murderer killed your parents, my child?" "Yes, sadly." He said. No response after that. Aldin grabbed his bow and a steel dagger. Went out and searching for this target. After a couple of hours trying to find his target. Aldin found him camping with his guards. "He looked like a merchant" He whispered. He observed the area to see if there any guards around him. Aldin prepared his bow and carefully aimed it at the unknown's head and released his arrow and struck him; killing him with one single blow. After that, he went back home quietly. "Well done, my child." The unknown said. A few days later, after the "incident" that took place. The Cheydinhal guards stood by the front door, knocking. "Open up!" Aldin opened the door quickly and said,"how can I help you gents?" The Guards glared at him and said,"You are under arrest for murder!" "Huh? But I didn't do anything!" After they took him and put Aldin into a prison carriage "Why am I in here and where are we going?" They told him that they were heading towards the Imperial City Prison. When they traveled towards the prison, a voice in his head said,"It's okay, you will be out in three years."  When the got close to the Imperial City, the guards opened the prison carriage and grabbed him and took him into the city and heading towards the prison. When they entered the prison, he looked around, it was kinda dark but there was one man, one of his kinsmen. Aldin thought to himself,"It looks like he's been here for a long time." The Guards unlocked his cuffs and put him into the first jail where there was light, opposite where his kinsmen was. (Oblivion begins)
Before the events of the two-hundred-year gap: The Night Mother foresaw the destruction of the Dark Brotherhood. She warned the Listener to move to safety in the mountains, caves. Aldin traveled there between Skyrim and Bruma. She immediately told him that there will be the danger during the 200 years. A Great War between two factions will come to the destruction of the Dark Brotherhood's Sanctuaries in Cyrodiil. Aldin told The Night Mother that if that transpired uphold a temporary Listener and she agreed to it. Aldin told the Night Mother that she shouldn't contact him during the event. He will survive the outbreak of the war. Aldin predicts that everything will change and the rules from the old ways will also change. "I will make myself at home in these caves and sleep during these difficult times." She will surely his safety in the hands of Sithis. "We will watch over you, my dear Listener." During the time when Aldin is asleep, she appointed a new temporary Listener to make sure the tenets and the Dark Brotherhood was secured. (200 years) 
After the events of the two-hundred-year gap: During the time of the Great war between the Thalmor and the Empire, a lot of cities were in ruined/burned to the ground except for the Imperial City; The Captial of the Empire some parts of the districts were in ruin but its still standing. "Wake up my dear Listener." Aldin awoken from his 200-year slumber. He immediately needs blood, however, there was a note saying that there is a lot of blood potions in his cupboard. He drank them all. After that, he went outside already Night. He was worried about the sanctuaries that were left to a new Listener. Aldin went to Cheydinhal first, it was completely in ruined, destroyed by the war. He was devastated that happened. "Wait what about the other sanctuaries." Aldin went to the other sanctuaries. They were all destroyed including the Stronghold that he loved so much. "No, no. This can't be. Damn you, Thalmor and the Empire!" Aldin was crying that the Dark Brotherhood is almost completely destroyed. Then he heard a whisper. "Listener, Listener come to Skyrim." "Night Mother!" He said. Aldin was very pleased that she was still there. "I am with a keeper traveling to find a new home, my old crypt was completely destroyed by the war. Find us in Falkreath Sanctuary." She said. "Alright I must find you and we will make the Dark Brotherhood rebuild and back to its former glory," Aldin said.  (Skyrim Begins) 


Note: I wanted a picture on top to see my character in  both Oblivion and Skyrim wearing the elder scrolls online new DB robes, a cloak and face mask. Aldin Ralvori's Quote: "The Unholy Listener; The Leader of the Black Hand will make the Dark Brotherhood to its former Glory and death will flow in the name of the Dread Father Sithis and our Unholy Matron, The Night Mother!" or something like, "The Unholy Listener and the most Deadliest of all the Assassins." It would be cool to see this on a video or mod haha. 

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